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€558.90 / 2239.62 ₪
Drum capacity with internal lighting for drying 8 kg of laundry
The control is user-friendly, using a central controller with LED touch screen
This dryer with the IonTech function dries the laundry with ionized air, thus minimizing creasing and maximizing the freshness of the laundry. It uses TwinAir's patented two-way airflow system
It offers 14 drying programs and AutoDrain - the possibility of direct condensate drainage
There is also the option of setting the drying level, Anticrease anti-crease system and SoftSound sound signal to end drying.
Color: white Width: 60 cm Height: 85 cm Depth: 62.5 cm

Miele AQUA fragrance flacon, 12.5 ml For 50 drying cycles

€12.81 / 51.33 ₪
For a fresh fragrance that lasts up to four weeks
Beautifully fragrant laundry – without fabric conditioner
AQUA: total purity, fresh scent and deep cleanliness
Specially developed for Miele by perfumers from in the Provence

Miele Cartridge Set 4161

€68.99 / 276.46 ₪
Twindos liquid set Waschmittel Ultra phase 1 and 2 for your washing machine W1 with Twindos 2 component detergent for colorful and white 3 cartridges Ultra phase 1 oz 1.5 L 2 cartridges Ultra phase 2 oz 1.5 L

Miele DL-pro filter 9164761

€18.90 / 75.74 ₪
suitable for Miele foam filters such as 9164761 207x155mm plinth filter on heat exchanger condenser dryer
Suitable for Miele TKK600-50 TKK650WP TKL450WP TKL650WP TKL800-50 TKL850WP TKLELITE TKR300-50 TKR350WP TKR400-50 TKR450WP TKR600-50-50 TKR65 0WP TKR800-50 TKR850WP TKS300-50 TKS350WP TKS600-50 TKS650WP TKS800-50 TKS850WP TMB100-40 TMB140WP TMB300-40 TMB30 40WP TV. MB540WP TMB600-40 TMB640WP TMC547WP TMC640WP TMG400-40 TMG440WP TMG600-40
Suitable for Miele TMG640WP TMG800-40 TMG840WP TML440WP TML600-40 TML640WP TML800-40 TML840WP TMM440WP TMM640WP TMM840WP TMM843WP TMR600 -40 TMR640WP TMR800-40 TMR840WP TMR843WP TMV800-40 TMV840WP TMV843WP TWE600-20 TWE620WP TWE720WP TWE727WP TWF600-20-20 TWF62 0WP.

miele Fragrance bottle

€9.95 / 39.87 ₪
12.5 ml for 50 dryer aisles.

Miele Intense Clean

€12.95 / 51.89 ₪
200g for hygienic cleanliness in dishwashers and washing machines. Removes fats, bacteria and resulting odors Effective basic cleaning - Special Miele formulation Use 1-3 times a year   Best care for many years Reliability

Miele Laundry Detergent Caps Collection, Pack of 6

€13.15 / 52.69 ₪
CottonRepair ensures the renewal of textiles
The special detergent is suitable for down, wool and sportswear
The booster stain remover works with the highest stain removal force
The Aqua fabric softener provides fresh laundry fragrance
The pack is enough for 6 applications - can be used in all types of washing machines

Miele special down detergent (250 ml)

€16.94 / 67.88 ₪
Down does not clump together and remain fluffy
Capacity: 250 ml for 13 WL

Miele TEJ 675 WP heat pump dryer lotus white / A +++

€1449.00 / 5806.43 ₪
Save for the life of the dryer - EcoDry technology
Two favorite fragrances can be changed quickly - FragranceDos²
Particularly large loads of 1-9 kg
Display plus convenient operation at the touch of a finger - ComfortSensor
Smart laundry care with WiFiConn @ ct
Type: freestanding tumble dryer
NEW dryer type: condensation
Housing properties: Width (cm)59.6 Height (cm)85 Depth (cm)63.6

Miele TMV 843 WP heat pump dryer / energy class A +++ (193kWh / year) / 9kg Gentle drum / steam function for ironing the laundry / fragrance bottle for freshly scented laundry / connectable via WiFiConnect

€1899.00 / 7609.67 ₪

Intuitive operation thanks to comfortable touch displays
Fragrant laundry the way you like it - FragranceDos
The quick steam ironing ironing set - SteamFinish.
Smart laundry with simple meshing - WiFiConn @ ct
Intuitive operation thanks to comfortable touch display.

Miele washing machine WDD 035 WCS 8kg Series 120 + service package energy efficiency class A +++

€830.00 / 3325.98 ₪
Design: Column-compatible, side-by-side, slide-in Door hinge: right Design type: Front loader Max. Spin speed: 1,400 Rinse hold: Yes Function "without spinning": Yes Device color: Lotus white Aperture color: Lotus white Door design: Aluminum silver Color of rotary switch: Lotus white Aperture design: aslant Operation type: Rotary selector switch Display: DirectSensor yellow, 7-segment Cleaning performance: CapDosing Gentle on laundry: Gentle drum Load in kg: 8.0 Ease of use: Delay start up to 24h, remaining time display, AutoClean dishwasher Energy efficiency class (A +++ - D): A +++ more economical than the limit value of energy efficiency class A +++: 10% Annual electricity consumption in kWh: 177.00 Annual water consumption in l: 10,120 Spin efficiency class: B Noise when washing in db (A) re1pW: 50 Noise when spinning in db (A) re1pW: 74 l: 49 kWh: 0.90 Automatic quantity control: Yes Low temperature washing "cold" and "20 ° C": Yes Water flow meter: Yes Foam regulation: Yes ProfiEco motor: Yes Washing programs: Cotton, Easy Care, Delicates, Shirts, Wool (hand wash), Express 20, Dark / Jeans, Outdoor, Impregnation, Eco Cotton, Rinse / Starch only, Pump / Spin Washing options: Short, prewash, water plus, additional rinse cycle, pre-ironing Suds container: stainless steel Enameled front: Yes Cast iron counterweights: Yes Safety: Water control system, PIN code locking, optical interface Dimensions in mm (width): 596 Dimensions in mm (height): 850 Dimensions in mm (depth): 636 Device depth with the door open in mm: 1,054 Weight in kg: 85 Total connected load in kW: 2.10-2.40 Voltage in V: 220-240 Protection in A: 10th Frequency in Hz: 50 Length of the electrical supply line in m: 2nd

Miele washing machine WWR 860 WPS

€1465.00 / 5870.55 ₪
Washing machine type front loader Noise level very quiet Large household size (5+ people) Energy efficiency class A +++ Delay start 24 h Display touch display Smart home WiFi

Miele washing machine WWV980 WPS Passion Passion 9KG

€2337.00 / 9364.83 ₪
MTouch - control via direct keying or simple swiping Best liquid detergent system at the push of a button - TwinDos It doesn't get any quicker clean - QuickPowerWash Smart laundry care with WiFiConn @ ct Saving electricity with an additional connection for hot water

Miele WWI 860 WPS PWash & TDos & 9kg freestanding washing machine front loader lotus white / A +++

€1390.89 / 5573.57 ₪
The best liquid detergent system at the push of a button - TwinDos
It couldn't be cleaned faster - QuickPowerWash
The perfect addition for special applications - CapDosing
Display plus convenient operation at the touch of a finger - ComfortSensor

Smart laundry care with WiFiConn @ ct
Housing propertie: Width (cm)59.6 Height (cm)85 Depth (cm)63.6

Set Miele UltraPhase 1 and 2 Half-Year Supply Miele Laundry Detergent

€61.95 / 248.25 ₪
Consisting of 3 x UltraPhases 1 and 2 x UltraPhases 2 For bright colors and bright white linen Excellent stain removal even at low temperatures Highly yielding - for 111 wash loads For all Miele W1 washing machines with TwinDos

Set Sensitive Miele UltraPhase 1 and 2 Sensitive Half-Year Supply Miele Sensitive Detergent

€72.80 / 291.72 ₪
Consisting of 3 x UltraPhases 1 and 2 x UltraPhases 2 For bright colors and bright white linen Excellent stain removal even at low temperatures Highly efficient - for 108 laundry loads For all Miele W1 washing machines with TwinDos

Siemens WD 14 U 540 EEK: A 9/6 kg 1400 tours

€980.58 / 3929.38 ₪
Consumer information: Energy efficiency class (EU - scale from A +++ to D, best value: A +++): A Energy consumption in kWh (washing, spinning and drying): 6,12 Energy consumption in kWh (washing and spinning): 0.99 Washing performance class (scale from A to G, best value A): A Spin efficiency class (scale from A to G, best value: A): not specified residual moisture remaining in% after the spin-drying process (proportion of the dry weight of the laundry): 44 Spin speed: 1400 tours Nominal capacity in kg (washing, cotton 60 ° C): 9 Nominal capacity in kg (cupboard dry, cotton): 6 Water consumption in liters (l) (washing, spinning, drying): 120 Water consumption in liters (l) (washing and spinning, cotton 60 ° C)): 69 estimated annual energy consumption of a four-person household always using this washer-dryer for drying, in kWh (200 standard cycles): 1224 Estimated annual water consumption of a four-person household, which always uses this washer-dryer for drying, in l (200 standard cycles): 24,000 Estimated annual energy consumption of a four-person household never using this washer-dryer for drying, in kWh (200 standard cycles): 198 Estimated annual water consumption of a four-person household never using this washer-dryer for drying, in l (200 standard cycles): 13800 Noise emission in dB (A) re 1 pW (washing): 47 Noise emission in dB (A) re 1 pW (spin): 71 Noise emission in dB (A) re 1 pW (drying): 61 Technical specifications: wash & dry 9 / 6kg iSensoric Performance and consumption Label: Energy efficiency class A on an energy efficiency rating scale from A to G / Washing efficiency class A Energy consumption washing and drying 6.12 kWh, water consumption Washing and drying 120 l in the label / standard program Capacity: 9 kg washing - 6 kg drying Non-stop washing and drying programs for normal household load up to 6 kg Whirlwind tours: 1400 - 400 rpm Noise level washing in dB: 47 Noise value Spin in dB: 71 Noise value drying in db: 61 programs Standard programs Wash: Cotton, Easy Care, Fine / Silk, Wool / Hand Wash Special Programs Washing: Hygiene, Drum Cleaning (with reminder function), Super 15, Towels, Shirts / Business, Mix, MyTime, Outdoor / Impregnate, Rinse / Spin / Drain All common washing programs can also be used as a pure drying program or as a combined washing and drying program Standard programs Drying: Cotton, Easy care Special Programs Dry: Refresh, My Time, Wash & Dry 60 ' options varioSpeed: Up to 65% shorter washing time Washing Options: Anti-crease, EcoPerfect, Extra Rinse, Child Lock, Favorite Programs, Quiet Wash, SpeedPerfect, Prewash, Water Plus Options Drying: Iron Dry, Eco, Night Dry / Dry Dry, Solo Dry, Speed, Cupboard Dry, Cupboard Dry +, Wash + Dry Drying option for most washing programs autoDry function, time programs Comfort and safety Refill function: Interrupt the already started washing process in order to put more laundry items in the drum. Exceptionally comfortable control thanks to beveled control panel for better readability and more ergonomics aquaStop with lifelong protection against water damage iQdrive: energy-saving and quietest engine technology, iQdrive: energy-saving and quietest engine technology Large, clear DirectSelect touch LED display for program execution, temperature selection, max. Spin speed, remaining time display and 24 h end time preselection, load recommendation and consumption display soft drum: particularly gentle laundry care Drum interior lighting: LED integrated 32 cm porthole white, black with 130 ° door opening angle waterPerfect Plus: resource-saving water management anti-vibration design: more stability and smoothness sound insulation foam detection balance control Signal at the end of the program selfCleaning Condenser childlock Porthole with glass cover Porthole stop on the left Metal closure hook comfort closure Technical information can be pushed from 85 cm niche height Device dimensions (H x W): 84.8 cm x 59.8 cm Device depth: 62.0 cm Device depth incl. Door: 64.5 cm Device depth with open door: 114.2 cm

Siemens WT47W5W0 iQ700 heat pump dryer / A +++ / 8 kg / Large display with end time preselection / white

€752.88 / 3016.94 ₪

Dryer type: Condensation with heat pump technology
Nominal capacity for standard cotton program when fully filled: 8 kg cotton wash
AutoDry: Moisture-controlled drying programs
Illuminated program selector with integrated on / off switch