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Alopexy 2%, 3x60 ml solution

€59.90 / 229.50 ₪

Alopexy 5%, 3x60 ml solution

€43.90 / 168.20 ₪

Alpecin Shampoo Coffein C1, 250 ml

€6.95 / 26.63 ₪
The caffeine shampoo stimulates the hair roots while washing. It prevents hereditary hair loss and helps you feel more hair. Without silicone.

alverde NATURAL COSMETICS Conditioner moisture organic coconut milk, 200 ml

€2.04 / 7.82 ₪
Dry damaged hair.
Vegan, certified natural cosmetics.

alverde NATURAL COSMETICS Conditioner Repair organic avocado, organic shea butter, 200 ml

€2.04 / 7.82 ₪
Dry damaged hair.
Vegan, certified natural cosmetics.

Balea MEN Beard oil, 50 ml

€5.29 / 20.27 ₪
Is quickly absorbed without greasing.
For every beard length.
The beard feels softer and more manicured.

Braun 52B (Series 5)

€21.90 / 83.91 ₪ €31.99 / 122.57 ₪
Shaving head, shaving knife. Compatibility: 5040s, 5030s, 5020s

Ducray Anaphase+ Shampoo 200 ml

€18.49 / 70.84 ₪

GERNETIC Medul Shampoo 200ml

€36.39 / 139.42 ₪
This shampoo restores and maintains the health and volume of the hair and scalp.

Hair styling Cream- Nivea Men 150 ml

€3.99 / 15.29 ₪
For a malleable hold and well-groomed hair: With hold level 4, Nivea Men Styling Cream makes it easy to change the hairstyle.

Nivea Women Roll Deodorant, 50 ml

€114.00 / 436.78 ₪
Scalp Concentrate with PHT Active Ingredient Complex for Treating Tonsurs and Secret Corners, Stimulates New Hair Growth.
100 ml bottle with applicator for precise application on the scalp, suitable for daily use.
Used in genetically (hereditary) or caused by stress and tension and after pregnancy.
Stop&Grow PHT complex was studied by the dermatological clinic at the University of Lübeck: up to 23% more hair growth - this is up to 14,000 visible new hair after 90 days. Up to 7 times stronger effect than other hair growth active ingredients.
Often used after intensive treatment with Stop & Grow Elixir and in combination with Stop & Grow Shampoo or Tonic.

Hairdreams Stop & Grow pht elixir, hair integration solutions

€238.00 / 911.87 ₪
a highly effective, patented method that combats hair loss and at the same time promotes new hair growth.
Highly concentrated intensive treatment with the 2-phase system.
The special applicator is an innovative construction with 2 chambers.
The addition of a taurine powder to the active concentrate is done at the touch of a button and allows precise dosing and application.
1 applicator contains 12 ml, 1 application usually 4 ml (depending on scalp condition). One applicator is designed for up to 3 applications. 1 set = 10 pieces applicators.
1 set = 10 applicators, corresponds to the need for 1 month (normal case) for home use 1-2 times a day.

Nivea Women Roll Deodorant, 50 ml

€29.95 / 114.75 ₪

Kérastase Genesis Homme Medium Hair Loss Bundle

€88.75 / 340.04 ₪
The Kérastase Genesis Homme Medium Hair Loss Bundle protects your hair from hair loss and strengthens the hair.
The bundle contains a Kérastase Genesis Homme Bain de Force Quotiden 250 ml, a Kérastase Genesis Home Cire D'Épaisseur Texturisante 75 ml and a Kérastase Genesis Homme Serum Fortifiant Anti-Chute 90 ml.

Kerastase Nutritive Ban Magistral Shampoo 250 ml

€20.34 / 77.93 ₪
fundamental nutrition shampoo for severely dried-out hair.


€27.45 / 105.17 ₪
Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense Cheveux Epais For Thick Hair is a deeply nourishing hair masque intended to intensively strengthen and soften dry, thick or sensitised hair.

Nivea Men Strong Power Shampoo 250 ml

€2.29 / 8.77 ₪
As shampoo with sea minerals and active power system, for every day.
Strengthens the hair measurably, gives the hair fullness and strength, cleans the hair thoroughly and is mild on the scalp.