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    Bosch Goodies

    €9.48 / 39.70 ₪
    Savings package Bosch Goodies 3 x 450 g

    Jack's dog snack Twist 'n' Roll

    €5.89 / 24.66 ₪
    Jack's dog snack Twist 'n' Roll 3x3x12,5cm for small dogs

    21 boxes Milka Chocolate Drops

    €24.90 / 104.27 ₪
    the sweet Milka Snack for in between.
    Crunchy envelope with melting Milka Kern

    28/30 German pig intestine 18m waist

    €22.94 / 96.06 ₪
    MADE IN GERMANY - Ideal for making big sausage or currywurst
    FREE BREADWATER RECIPE on the packaging - Simple instructions for making a sausage on the packaging
    HIGH QUALITY pig intestine in very good quality
    18 METER LENGTH - The waistband has a total length of 18m (18 meters). The goods are salted and airtight packed. We recommend max. 6 months.

    3 x Multi Silicone Grease Lubricant OKS 1110 Silicone Grease

    €23.89 / 100.04 ₪
    OKS Multi Silicone Grease For the Care and Maintenance of Coffee Machine Food Safe 3*10 g


    €22.59 / 94.60 ₪
    5 x ANTHON MOUNTAIN PLUM IN MADEIRA 192g Chocolate with marzipan (38%) and stuffing (30%) with plum in Madeira The original of Anthon Berg
    Danish specialty


    €27.90 / 116.83 ₪
    Chocolate with marzipan (38%) and filling (30%) with strawberry in champagne

    A. Vogel Herbamare herbal sea salt, 500 g, bio

    €8.75 / 36.64 ₪
    Herbamare fresh herbal sea salt is the aromatic alternative to regular table salt. The finest sea salt from the Camargue.
    Made in the traditional process of salt maceration with 12 fresh herbs and vegetables

    A. Vogel Herbamare Salt 500g, bio

    €9.80 / 41.04 ₪
    Ingredients: Sea Salt, 94%, Vegetables and Herbs 6% (Celery *, leek *, Cress *, onions *, Chives *, Parsley *, lovage *, garlic *, basil *, Marjoram *, rosemary *, thyme *), seaweed kelp. * From organic farming

    AAKG 10,000 SHOT 500ml bottle

    €34.99 / 146.52 ₪
    Food supplements. Concentrate for active people, such as athletes. With vitamin B6, amino acids and caffeine. With sweeteners. Increased caffeine content (640mg / 100ml). Direction of taste: Multifruit.

    ALESTO nut-fruit mix

    €2.90 / 12.14 ₪
    from walnut kernels, whole almonds, sultanas and dried, sweetened cranberries. 200g.

    Almased Vital Powder

    €18.69 / 78.26 ₪

    Almond croissants Gluten-free

    €3.49 / 14.61 ₪

    almond Mix Deluxe

    €8.10 / 33.92 ₪
    Ingredients: ALMONDS, Salt, sugar, chilli powder, curry spice mixture (turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, paprika, allspice, mustard , chilli, ginger, fennel, garlic, cardamom), drinking water, flavor enhancer E621, antioxidant E301, LACTOSE, YEAST EXTRACT , spices ( among others CELERY ), smoke flavoring, citric citric acid, antioxidant E301, E150c dye

    Alnavit Bio Seed Bread Mix gluten free

    €2.99 / 12.52 ₪
    500g Gluten-free bread baking mixture with cornstarch, sunflower seeds and linseed (bio) The Bio Saatenbrot Backmischung has a particularly short walking time of only 15 minutes and even succeeds without a walking time if it has to be really fast. So you can easily conjure a hearty crispy bread

    Alnavit Organic Bread Mix Mildes

    €3.99 / 16.71 ₪
    500g The special thing about the mild sunflower seed bread is the natural pastry - juicy and with a loose crumb it becomes a real pleasure. The gluten-free bread from organic agriculture can be quickly baked in the oven or sliced ​​in the toaster crispy. "Bio Mildes" contains 6% sunflower seeds and is rich in fiber. In the practical double pack, the gluten-free bread remains fresh for a very long time and is therefore also ideal for small households.

    Animonda Gran Carno Dog Feeding mix 2

    €8.99 / 37.65 ₪
    6 x 800g

    Animonda Gran Carno Dog Food

    €8.99 / 37.65 ₪
    6x800g Mix

    Aobosi Vacuum Sealer Automatic Vacuum Sealer

    €39.99 / 167.46 ₪
    Keep food fresh longer】 Extract air from the bag, the vacuum packaging machine makes food storage convenient. Keep food fresh for up to 7x longer. Close all the great aromas and nutrients. Do not be afraid of buying food in large quantities on the weekend or before the party.Prepare meal with fresh food every time!
    【Versatile application】 Aobosi vacuum sealer sous vide is not only perfect for saving food, but also good for clothes and other household items, such as photos, jewelry, important paperwork. Vacuum waterproofing clothing for traving, save a lot of space for your draw-bar box. For camping and hiking, keep your matches, cards, and food dry and compact /> 【Sous Vide Cooking Assistant】 The sealed food is ready for Sous Vide cooking. No air environment ensures efficient heat transfer when cooking, blocking in nutrients and flavor. Achieve cooking results with much better textures and delicacy. Treat yourself, friends or family with Delicious sous vide steak, salmon and vegetables.
    【Starter kit included and warranty】 In addition to the multifunctional vacuumizer midlife l, there is a sous vide vacuum-sealed bag roll (3M * 0.28M) in the pack. The bag roll is BPA FREE, Freezable and Boilable. We offer 1 year warranty and excellent after sales service.
    【4 in 1 multifunction vacuum vacuum sealer】 Christmas big sale to express thanks for all customers. The Aobosi Fully Automatic Food Vacuum Sealer has the following features: Cutting, Welding, Vacuuming & Welding, Cancel. You can make perfect size for your food. No trash! For a powerful engine, the vacuum sealing process is less than 25 seconds and takes only 5-10 seconds to seal a bag.

    API care product for tap water

    €11.69 / 48.95 ₪

    API Tap Water Conditioner, 4 ounce
    4 oz.

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