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2x Melitta Espresso Machines 202034 Perfect Clean Milk System Cleaner 250ml

€14.99 / 59.38 ₪
Easy to remove the and thoroughly milk outlet Gelage posts in the milk system
High strength formulation is particularly thoroughly and gently, you are guaranteed to a, hygienic cleaning
Bottle capacity: 250ml

Algenkiller Protect, algae killer for garden and swimming ponds

€28.62 / 113.37 ₪
Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
Avoid release to the environment.

Karcher Floor care RM 535 wood oiled / waxed 500 ml

€11.97 / 47.42 ₪
Gives a silky matte shine.
Streak-free cleaning.
Effective removal of running marks.

Karcher Floor Care Wood Sealed RM 534

€12.39 / 49.08 ₪
Pleasant, fresh citrus fragrance
Gives a silky matte shine
Streak-free cleaning

Karcher Glass cleaner concentrate RM 503 (500 ml)

€12.39 / 49.08 ₪
Can be used both with a battery window cleaner and manually.
Streak-free cleaning, removes lime stains from shower cubicles, mirrors and glass surfaces.
Helps rain to run off quickly and delays dirt building up.
Fresh and pleasant fragrance.

Karcher Multi Purpose Floor Cleaning (500 ml)

€15.49 / 61.36 ₪
Universal floor cleaner for thorough cleaning.
Removes marks on footwear and ensures a streak-free cleaning result. With moisture protection and lemon scent.

Melitta Anti Calc liquid descaler for fully automatic coffee machines 250 ml

€9.19 / 36.40 ₪
Melitta ANTI CALC Espresso Machines liquid descaler, is suitable for all fully automatic coffee machines and espresso machines. Particularly simple and thorough - for the perfect care of your device.
The liquid descaler is optimally tailored to your Melitta device, is safe and easy to use, and thoroughly and powerfully decalcifies the system of your device.
Application: Pour 125ml (half a bottle) Melitta Anti Calc liquid descaler into the water tank. Depending on the machine type, dilute with 375ml tap water according to the instructions for use. Start the descaling program. Finished! Further areas of application: coffee pad machines, capsule machines, portafilter machines.
The decalcifying solution contains natural raw materials, is 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Ingredients: citric acid, lactic acid, corrosion inhibitors. Regular use of the Melitta Anti Calc liquid limescale agent ensures a longer service life and better energy efficiency.

Melitta Anti Calc powder for fully automatic coffee machines, 2 x 40g

€3.69 / 14.62 ₪
Melitta Anti Calc Espresso Machines, Espresso Machine Descaling Powder, 2 x 40g.
Especially gentle and effective - for perfect results. Melitta anti calc descaler gently and thoroughly removes all lime scale deposits with the concentrated power of citric acid - especially for fully automatic coffee makers.
The Melitta perfect clean milk system cleaner for fully automatic coffee makers:

Melitta Perfect Clean Care Set for fully automatic coffee machines

€33.49 / 132.66 ₪
Complete care for your coffee machine - love your coffee maker inside and out!
Maintenance kit includes liquid descaler, cleaning tablets, brush, filter cartridge and microfibre polishing cloth

Melitta Perfect Clean cleaning tabs for fully automatic coffee machines

€4.76 / 18.86 ₪
Cleaning tablets rid your coffee machine of coffee deposits and the natural build-up of oils in the inner workings of the machine.
Safe, efficient, ideal for use in conjunction with Melitta's descalent for coffee machines and milk system cleaner.

Melitta PRO AQUA filter cartridge for fully automatic coffee machines

€20.09 / 79.58 ₪
The PRO AQUA filter cartridge reliably filters lime and other substances from the water.
PRO AQUA filter cartridge for the fully automatic coffee machine to prevent calcification of the device.
Regular descaling of your device leads to less stubborn limescale deposits and thus to better temperature transfer, since the limescale cannot form an insulating layer. An energy-saving functionality of the device is thus guaranteed and its service life is increased overall.

Morgan Blue Professional Kit Bike-Wash

€56.90 / 225.39 ₪
e Morgan Blue Professional Kit comes in an 10 liter pail and contains: Chain Cleaner 1000 ml Bike Wash 1000 ml Race Oil 125 ml Chain Keeper Cleaning glove Cloth Quick & Clean Brush Chain Brush Wheel Brush Cassette Brush

NIKWAX Down Proof gentle down impregnation, 300 ml

€13.29 / 52.64 ₪
Renews and adds water repellency and invigorates breathability.
Preserves the insulation and thus keeps YOU warm.
Ideal for: All feather and down lined clothing and equipment.

Nikwax Down Wash Direct, 300ml

€13.88 / 54.98 ₪
for sleeping bags and clothing.
improves the water-repellent properties of normal and hydrophobized down.
maintains the "loft" of the down.

Vicloon Telescopic Duster, Microfiber Duster, Dust Brush, Colour: Gray

€8.99 / 35.61 ₪
The microfibre head covers a large area, is freely deformable, can be bent and disassembled. It can wipe down small cracks that are hard to reach and can be easily twisted and wiped clean. The bendable head can be shaped at any angle and is easy to clean in hidden areas.
Retractable handle: Extendable stainless steel rod, telescopic length 73 cm - 245 cm. No ladder or step stool is required for cleaning. Easy to clean ceilings, cobwebs, walls, ceiling fans and high lamps make cleaning safer.
Super vacuuming ability: microfibres with a strong electrostatic adsorption capacity during use, which adsorb small dust and hair, reduce dust removal time by half. They do not dust during cleaning, do not lint and are suitable for cleaning the slot angle.

Denkmit Linen perfume caps Sensual Fresh, 15 pcs

€3.48 / 13.78 ₪
Unique, long-lasting fragrance experience
With fresh scents
Child-proof bag
Also for microfibre as well as sports and functional clothing

Mr Muscle Cera-fix glass ceramic cleaner, (1 x 200 ml)

€6.99 / 27.69 ₪

For ceramic hobs
Cleans, maintains and protects
With burn-in protection