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Babolat Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racket , Unstrung

€169.95 / 681.02 ₪
Head size (cm²): 645
String pattern: 16/19
Length (mm) 685
strung: No

Cébé Snow goggles

€12.00 / 48.09 ₪

Wezde SKI HELMET H 300

€24.00 / 96.17 ₪

YJF-CJZ Premium Breathable Lumbar Support Cushion Memory Foam Lower Back Cushion for Home, Office Chair and Car Ergonomic Memory Foam Design

€46.50 / 186.33 ₪

Lumbar curve double back construction: shaped lumbar vertebrae according to ergonomic principles, the use of a circular surface construction so that the back feels the support, the pressure of the spine on the left and right Latissimus dorsi, relieves pressure on the spine. The raised edges are bent backwards.
Well-design: this lumbar support relieves back pressure and pressure and ensures that your spine stays aligned in your desk, chair, car, pickup, wheelchair or any other place you are staying on. It can work as a back brace at home or on the go.
COMFORTABLE FABRIC NET FOR MORE COMFORT: The sturdy ABS support base supports your back comfortably without stress, and like a mesh office chair, a breathable mesh fabric ensures your back stays cool and comfortable.
Ergonomic: the waist and back support system reduces and prevents back pain. The innovative double blade contour and orthopaedic design reduce back support, reduce fatigue and relieve pain by relieving pressure on the spine and improving posture. . This lumbar support transforms any office chair into an ergonomic table and chair.