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Felco 21 two-hand pruning shears

€126.06 / 448.33 ₪
Strength and cutting force result from the durable construction with an alloy of forged aluminum and a strong lever arm.
The straight cutting head enables precise and powerful cutting, as the serrated counter blade holds branches, while the hardened steel blade cuts cleanly through 35 mm diameters.
Two-hand pruning shears with 63 cm long handles.
Blade and counterblade made of hardened stee.
Toothed nut for easy adjustment of the cutting head.

Textile protection

€47.00 / 167.16 ₪

Naphtha (petroleum), treated with hydrogen, heavy. Benzene <0.1%; 2-propanol.
Content (ml) 473.

2x Melitta Espresso Machines 202034 Perfect Clean Milk System Cleaner 250ml

€14.99 / 53.31 ₪
Easy to remove the and thoroughly milk outlet Gelage posts in the milk system
High strength formulation is particularly thoroughly and gently, you are guaranteed to a, hygienic cleaning
Bottle capacity: 250ml

Algenkiller Protect, algae killer for garden and swimming ponds

€28.62 / 101.79 ₪
Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
Avoid release to the environment.

AL-KO-TE Profi Mix 3-Season Spring to Autumn, Floating Pellets, (1er Pack), Length: 6 mm.

€56.82 / 202.08 ₪
For spring, summer and autumn: floating main food for koi over 25 cm at a water temperature above 8 degrees.
After winter rest or for building energy reserves in autumn: with high-quality wheat germs, spirulina, fish meal and beta gluance.
Low raw ash content and high raw material quality: easily digestible, low water pollution, promotes healthy growth, improves condition.
Feeding recommendation: as much as fish in 5 minutes. recording.
Box contents: 1 x 9 kg bag AL-KO-TE, 3 season food, professional mix, for koi and pond fish, 6 mm.

AL-KO-TE, 1 Season Koi & Ornamental Fish Summer Month Floating Pellets 6mm Multi Mix Main Food 9kg

€51.95 / 184.76 ₪
In summer: floating main food ideal for koi from 30 cm at a water temperature above 12 degrees .
Adapted to the special dietary needs in summer - raw material composition with spirulina, peppers and wheat germs.
Low raw ash content and high raw material quality: protects the filter, easily digestible, low water pollution, supports the digestive system, natural colour intensification, better condition.
Feeding recommendation: as much as fish in 5 minutes. Record.
Box contents: 1 x 9 kg bag (resealable) AL-KO-TE, 1 season food, multi mix, for koi and pond fish, 6 mm.

Amefa Baguette Cutlery Set for 6 People, 24 Pieces, Polished Stainless Steel and Rustproof, Dishwasher Safe

€56.63 / 201.40 ₪
24-piece cutlery: the cutlery set includes 6 dinner forks, table spoons, table knives and coffee spoons. An ideal basic equipment or addition to the kitchen.
High-quality dinner cutlery for 6 people: high-quality cutlery made of 18/10 stainless steel. The knives are serrated for easy and fatigue-free cutting. High-quality packaging: the cutlery set comes in a cutlery tray for safe and gentle storage.

Arredamenti Italia 518 GASTONCINO Kitchen Trolley Beech Wood Cherry 48 x 88 x 34 cm

€186.69 / 663.96 ₪
Frame made of solid beech wood, 4 sliding baskets made of powder-coated metal.
Solid worktop made of beech wood treated for food, convertible from 48cm to 96cm.
Easy to move thanks to the swiveling wheels that do not get dirty Equipped with 3 side hooks for tea towels or other kitchen utensils.
Product pre-assembled - Dimensions: OPEN: 96 x H88 x 34 cm. CLOSED: 48 x H88 x 34 cm.

Atlas safety sandal TX 360 2.0 ESD S1 work shoe safety shoe 83000

€78.69 / 279.86 ₪
MPU tip protection.
SportLine upper material.
MPU Light sole technology.
aktiv-X functional lining.
3D cushioning system.
clima-stream concept.
Suitable for the insole supply-DGUV 112-191.

Automatic garage opener

€320.00 / 1138.08 ₪
Connect your Model 3 to your garage door, gate system and other radio-controlled locking devices via the fully integrated Homelink module.
This upgrade of the automatic garage opener is compatible with all Model 3 vehicles.

AXOR Starck single lever kitchen mixer 270 with pull-out spray, chrome

€327.36 / 1164.26 ₪
2 spray types: normal spray (round, air-enriched spray), shower spray (air-enriched, powerful spray for washing fruit and vegetables).
Shower jet can be determined: the jet is automatically reset when the water jet is stopped.
Removal of limescale deposits on the silicone nozzles by lightly wiping (QuickClean).
Swivel spout, swivel range adjustable in 2 steps: 110 °, 150 °.
With pull-out spray.
Magnetic shower bracket (MagFit).
Handle can be positioned on the right or left.

Baier bdn Turbo Booster for BDN 452/453/463/466

€93.00 / 330.75 ₪
Up to 40% more extract performance with suitable to the Turbo Segments Ausgerichtetem purge channel.
Baier BDN Turbo Booster for the BDN 452/453/463/466.
Less contraction between turbo pane and Abzutransportierendem material.
Made in Germany.

BBQ, snack for cats, nibble sticks with chicken, 40 g

€0.10 / 0.36 ₪
Without colorings and flavorings
No added sugar