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Quick cooker 3,0l Perfect Plus

Manufacturer: WMF
Weight: 3.00 kg(s)
€149.00 / 529.92 ₪
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ROSMARINO Stainless Steel Induction Mocha Jug 900ml - Modern Turkish Cezve Coffee Pot with 3-Layer Steel Base (900ml)

€16.99 / 60.42 ₪
Excellent quality: the popular impact-resistant 3-layer base will not disappoint. A thick layer of premium stainless steel, an aluminium core for good heat conduction and 18/10 premium stainless steel on the outside for durability, resilience and effective cooking. The completely flat base ensures maximum contact with the hob and thus ensures perfect heat distribution with lower energy consumption.
Traditional all-rounder: Although it has the shape of a traditional Turkish coffee pot, it can also be used for heating water or milk, for preparing tea, for cooking eggs or for preparing cocoa.
Easy care and cleaning: do not use coarse tools to clean just a kitchen sponge and a little washing-up liquid.
Works perfectly with induction and all other heat sources. Use the mocha pot on the most suitable hob ring - your food cooks more evenly and reduces the risk of damaging the handles and sides.