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GreenOrganic: bio Almond Flour, 400g

LOW-CARB our partially-almond almond flour is optimal for the carbohydrate-reduced or ketogenic diet with healthy fats for a balanced diet.
HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE - to traditional flour, without many carbohydrates and gluten, versatile for baking or refine your favorite recipes with a delicious sweet and aromatic touch.
100% ORGANIC AND NATURAL - creamy white organic almond flour in high-quality EU-ECO standard
PREMIUM QUALITY - made of fresh almonds, gentle dried, finely ground - of course without added sugar, preservatives or additives
HEALTH AND ENJOYMENT - our flour is the healthy plus for your diet - vegetarian, low in carbohydrates, lactose-free by nature, without cholesterol + a gluten-free food.
Weight: 0.60 kg(s)
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