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    Dishwasher Deo - Limone & Lime

    €1.75 / 7.33 ₪
    Finish Deodorante Limone & Lime. 5X power actions.

    Finish All in One Max 110 Lemon - 1800g

    €15.23 / 63.78 ₪

    Finish All In 1 Max 110 Tabs: Thanks to its 10 phases, the Finish All in One Tabs can effortlessly remove even encrusted food particles.
    Special pre-cleaning agents remove even the most difficult encrustations such as egg and gravy. < Special cleaning ingredients remove even the most stubborn stains, such as tea or coffee stains, for thorough cleaning of all dishes.

    The Finish Powerball Technology with your Action Rinse Aid removes any residue and eliminates stains. for brilliant results.
    Special active ingredients protect your glasses against glass corrosion, also available in the version Regular.

    Finish / Calgonit Classic economy pack, dishwasher tablets, dishwasher, dishes, dishwasher, rinse, cleaning, 154 tabs

    €22.35 / 93.59 ₪

    For optimum results, the Powerball softens even the hardest soiling Cleaning results are additionally used with a special salt finish.
    For the best drying results, the additional use of Finish rinse aid is recommended.

    Finish Quantum, Dishwasher Tabs, XXL Pack, 52 Tabs

    €9.99 / 41.83 ₪

    Finish Quantum provides the best finish cleansing and shine.
    Phosphate-free multifunction tabs with integrated rinse and salt function.
    Powerful dishwashing with gel and powder power to resist the most stubborn dirt.
    With glass protection , Low temperature system, fat dissolving power, extra boost against protein and starch and dried-on food particles.
    Without unpacking the individual tabs. In resealable stand-up pouch.

    Finish rinse aid with gloss and glass protection, XL pack)

    €1.79 / 7.50 ₪

    With glass protection technology.
    The gloss elixir makes the water run evenly and combats water residues, deposits and lime film.
    Ensures fast drying of your dishes.
    5 times the power for radiant Gloss.
    For optimum rinse results use Finish Rinse Aid along with Finish Rinse Machine Tabs.

    Special salt finish 1.2 kg

    €0.89 / 3.73 ₪

    Finish special salt for powerful limescale protection in dishwasher, filters and spray arms.
    Protects crockery and cutlery from limescale.

    Special salt supports an effective water softening system of your dishwasher.
    For one clean dishwasher and clean dishes.
    For optimum cleaning results, the additional use of Finish Dishwasher Tabs and Finish Rinse Aid is recommended.


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