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Finish Dishwasher tabs all-in-1 storage pack, 75 pcs

€8.99 / 34.40 ₪
Powerful dishwashing with the 1st rinse.
Against the most stubborn grease stains.
With integrated gloss technology, rinse aid and salt function.
Biodegradable citrate from renewable raw materials.
75 pieces.

Finish Dishwasher tabs Quantum Ultimate storage pack, 60 pcs

€9.99 / 38.22 ₪
Three chambers for clean dishes.
Powder against dried-in, gel against grease soiling & liquid Powerball for shine.
With glass protection, silver protection and integrated rinse and salt function.

Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Dishwasher Tabs, Megapack, 60 pcs

€8.99 / 34.40 ₪
For cleaning and shine.
Powerful against the most stubborn dirt.
Three chambers for clean dishes: powder against dried-up items, gel against grease residues & liquid Powerball for shine.
Multifunctional tabs with glass protection, low temperature system, silver protection and integrated rinse and salt function.