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    Manufacturer: Rossmann

    enerBiO Bio Erdnuss-Mandel Riegel

    €1.69 / 6.59 ₪
    Bolt from peanuts, almonds, raisins and pumpkin seeds. 75g - 3 pieces 25g each. with honey refined, gluten free, lactose free, from organic farming
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    enerBiO sesame brittle-coconut bars

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    Sesame Brittle-coconut bars 28 g 4 pieces gluten free, from organic farming

    Pausa ciok Gluten Free Tart

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    Nespresso capsules

    €4.10 / 16.00 ₪
    10 capsules package, Original capsules Nespresso brand.
    Due to packaging limitations we now offer at least 10 sleeves (100 capsules) of your choice per order.

    Bellarom Ristretto Espresso capsules

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    Dove Original deo roll

    €1.55 / 6.05 ₪
    50ml The Dove Softfeel Deo Roll-on provides a special pampering experience: His warm, powdery fragrance was developed by one of the largest perfume houses in the world and gives a feeling of security and purity. In addition, the anti-perspirant provides 48h protection and maintains the delicate underarm skin with ¼ cream.