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AQUARIO Neo Flow In-/Outflow Set Premium, L - 13mm (12/16 mm)

€59.90 / 213.65 ₪
Shatterproof In-/Outflow Set made of PETG.
Compact design.
Stays transparent constantly.
Premium Set inclusive Neo Skimmer and Neo Reliever.

AQUARIO Neo Flow In-/Outflow Set Premium, L - 17mm (16/22 mm)

€59.90 / 213.65 ₪
Shatterproof In-/Outflow Set made of PETG.
Compact design.
Stays transparent constantly.
Premium Set inclusive Neo Skimmer and Neo Reliever.

Bayer Bolfo collar for dogs

€13.40 / 47.80 ₪
The waterproof vermin collar protects dogs from infestation by ticks and fleas. The powder-based active ingredient used in it lets fleas and lice come out of their loopholes, exposing them to the insecticide. It is continuously released from the band and is distributed through the skin fat all over the body. Fleas and ticks that try to nest on the dog are thus safely killed. The vermin collar is effective against fleas for about 5 months and against ticks for about 10 weeks. With its 65 cm length it fits almost every dog, because it can be shortened as desired and has an adjustable automatic closure. Also works against other parasites such as mites, hair lice and lice

Bayer Seresto collar for dogs

€30.63 / 109.25 ₪
application For dogs field of use skin complaint against fleas, against hair pieces, against ticks

Bissell 2138 Spinwave Scrubby Pads Pack of 4

€17.99 / 64.17 ₪
The Spinwave scrubby pads when installed starke,, dirt. The pads can be washed in the washing machine. This set includes 4 pieces.

Bolfo 81282014 °FÃ1/4r Cats and Small Dogs Flea Killer 35 cm

€15.55 / 55.46 ₪
Item Weight 18.1 g Package Dimensions 11 x 11 x 2.2 cm Item model number 81282014

bosch biscuit lamb & rice

€16.59 / 59.17 ₪
5 Kg

Bosch Goodies Hair & Skin

€8.78 / 31.32 ₪
Savings package Bosch Goodies Hair & Skin 3 x 450 g

Bosch Goodies Light

€8.98 / 32.03 ₪
Savings package Bosch Goodies Light 3 x 450 g

Bull pizzle ends dog snack, 5 x 500 g

€21.98 / 78.40 ₪
The bull pizzle ends are used for dental care . Since this product is the end pieces of the bull pizzle, these pieces are also suitable for small and medium-sized breeds. They are ideal as training snacks and represent a natural alternative to heavily processed industrial snacks.

Canina 741656 Petvital Verminex Shampoo 250 ml

€13.98 / 49.86 ₪
Pest protection against pests PH neutral Gentle on hair and skin Removes unpleasant odours

Canina BARFER's Oil 500 ml.

€17.16 / 61.21 ₪
Canina Barfer's oil Canina Barfer's oil is used as a perfect dietary supplement at Barf lining and delivers essential fatty acids for the entire metabolism of the dog and particularly also the health of skin. More and more walker for the come. Barfer's oil is derived from natural, cold pressed hemp at low temperatures and anschließender mechanical filtration. On a raffination damping is omitted. Hempseed oil delivers essential fatty acids for the whole of the metabolism of the dog and particularly also the health of skin (Gamma Linolenic Acid). It's good digested and due to its Nussartigen taste dogs love. Hemp oil contains essential fatty acids and therefore the dog's body does not produce even using the food Zugefüttert. With its vital ingredients has Hempseed Oil it is a must have for dogs with with the Barf Rohfleisch system nourishes, a great addition. Combined with Canina Barfer's best covers for Barfer's oil the entire For Daily Use And Complete so each lining – Raw or Cooked Meat. Composition of Canina Barfer's oil: Hempseed oil (Natural cold-pressed). Ingredients per kg: Fat 100%, of which saturated fatty acids 11% Easy to take with you wherever you're going, fatty acids 13%, fatty acids 76% (Gamma Linolenic Acid 3%). Energy content per 100 g for Barfer's oil: 900kcal/3.700kj Recommended dosage by day and toy: 1 teaspoon (approx. 5 ml) per 10 kg of body weight.

Canina Petvital Bio Activator Vet. 20 ml

€12.99 / 46.33 ₪
Petvital Bio-Activator contains a complex of oligopeptides, essential amino acids and trace elements. Improves feed conversion Strengthens the immune system Activates cell metabolism Increases the oxygen uptake capacity Promotes muscle growth and counteract electrolyte deficiency-related muscle tension Optimizes blood circulation Stabilizes the heart and circulation Accelerates regeneration after high physical stress Promotes vitality, performance and general well-being Composition / Ingredients / Additives: Composition: animal by-products. Ingredients: crude protein 0.06%, crude fat 0.00%, lysine 0.55%, methionine 1.55%. Water 97.77%, crude fiber 0.00%, crude ash 0.07%. Additives per kg: iron 900 mg, zinc 500 mg, formic acid. Feeding recommendation per animal and day: Over a period of 4 weeks daily 20 drops with the food, then 2 weeks break.

Choco Nose H128 Patented No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle

€26.56 / 94.73 ₪

US Patented leak-proof nozzle/No Drip Small Pet Drinking Bottle/BPA free/11.2 ml capacity
Mini sized nozzle (10 mm) is recommended for guinea pigs, ferrets, hamster, bunny

Eheim Hose grey 16/22 3,0 m

€23.50 / 83.82 ₪
The material is phenol free, flexible and guarantees a safe connection.