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Snack for cats, filled nibbling pillows for skin and fur, 50 g

€0.78 / 2.78 ₪
The contained hemp and salmon oil as well as yeast and flaxseed can support good skin and a beautiful, shiny coat
The pillows with poultry and beef have a crisp shell with a delicious filling.
hey are made without the addition of grain and are easy to digest.

Snack for cats, KnabberMix Dreikäsehigh, 40 g

€0.78 / 2.78 ₪
3 delicious flavors per pack
Contains proteins, vitamins and omega 6 fatty acids

Snack for cats, KnabberMix Hof & Wiese, 40 g

€0.78 / 2.78 ₪
3 delicious flavors per pack
Contains proteins, vitamins and omega 6 fatty acids

Snack for cats, KnabberMix milk mouths, 40 g

€0.78 / 2.78 ₪
3 delicious flavors per pack
Contains proteins, vitamins and omega 6 fatty acids

Snack for cats, KnabberMix Original, 40 g

€0.78 / 2.78 ₪
3 delicious flavors per pack
Contains proteins, vitamins and omega 6 fatty acids

Snack for cats, nibbles with cheese, 65 g

€0.76 / 2.71 ₪
With calcium
Less than 2 kcal per piece

Snack for cats, nibble-stick mix, with 90% meat, 50 g

€1.10 / 3.92 ₪
Nibble sticks mix with 90% meat
No added sugar

Snack for cats, snack bags with cat grass, 65 g

€0.78 / 2.78 ₪
No added sugar
Less than 2 kcal per piece

TecTake 800673 Trimming Table for Dogs / Cats with Height-Adjustable Boom Collapsible with Scratch-Resistant Rubber Surface 360° Rotating Tether Various Colours

€61.89 / 220.75 ₪
Stress-free clipping at a comfortable working height: This is what the multifunctional grooming table from TecTake offers // Total dimensions (WxDxH): approx. 98 x 60 x 88.5 - 156.5 cm // Table height: approx. 76 cm.
The robust dressing table has a stable stand and is designed for a high load capacity // load capacity: 60 kg // diameter of table leg: approx. 25 mm.
When folded, the compact table can be easily transported or stowed // Table dimensions folded (WxDxH): approx. 90.5 x 60 x 11 cm.
Comfortable for humans and animals: the practical grooming table from TecTake.

Trixie Alicia 44430 Cuddly Cave for Cats with beech wood feet, 48 × 48 × 38 cm Light Grey / Mottled Grey

€66.13 / 235.87 ₪
with plush cover, sisal scratch surface.
Cave equipped with plush.
Colour: light grey/grey mottled.
Dimensions: 48cm × 48cm × 38cm.

Whiskas Snack for cats, dentabites with chicken, 40 g

€1.23 / 4.39 ₪

Dentabites are small dental care snacks with a special surface that can effectively support dental health.

Whiskas Snack for cats, Knuspertaschen ™ with beef, 60 g

€1.23 / 4.39 ₪

Cat snacks with added vitamins and minerals, without artificial flavorings - with only 3 Kcal per piece

Winston Milky cups with beta-glucan

€1.99 / 7.10 ₪
Winston Milky Cups with beta-glucan is a particularly tasty snack for your connoisseur, which is also enriched with vitamins D3, E and taurine. Beta-glucan can help to stimulate the body's defenses in the gastrointestinal tract and thus support the immune system.

Yaheetech Dog Grooming Table, Trimming Table for Dogs, Dog Grooming Table, Dog Bath Table, Poodle Grooming Table, Height Adjustable, Non-Slip, Maximum Load 100 kg

€59.99 / 213.97 ₪
Adjustable arm✂️For simplicity, the arm is height adjustable and removable by turning the screw buttons. The maximum height is 78 cm. You can adjust the arm freely high and low depending on your pet's body shape.
Folding table legs: The pet care table has a foldable leg design. This allows the table legs to be folded back in the middle to save space. It is easy to open/close, transport and store.
Durable materials: the durable materials of the non-slip care table are 18 mm MDF, PU leather, aluminium and iron. The table top is made of 18mm MDF panels covered in non-slip PU leather and edged with aluminium. The table legs are made of iron. Durable and solid materials are designed to ensure a long service life.
Maximum load capacity: the dog beauty table is supported by iron tubes with a maximum load capacity of up to 100 kg. For normal and safe use, make sure the table can keep your pet calm before ordering.
Non-slip and waterproof: the table surface of the dry table for dogs and cats is non-slip, waterproof and comfortable, structured for the comfort of your pet and can be easily wiped clean. Dogs or cats will not slip or hurt.

YATEK Foldable dog carrier with side and top entrances with high visibility, comfort and safety for your pet, various sizes

€47.95 / 171.03 ₪
Suitable for dogs, cats and other animals, with super comfortable plush rug, washable and removable, with 2 practical pockets for carrying additional items.
Waterproof backing (essential for pet indoor), made of waterproof materials, easy to clean.
With metal frame inside, the mesh sides can be rolled up and fastened with Velcro to keep them open, with rounded edges to avoid damage to the car.
Fully foldable and portable, can be folded very easily in seconds, with double carry handle at the top with Velcro closure for carrying without creases.
Large air circulation through side mesh sides, with zip openings, front and top.

ALKOTE Multi Mix Seasonal Food for Koi Carp, Floating Pellets for Summer Months, Complete Feed, 13.5 KG,Length: 6mm

€67.95 / 242.36 ₪
In summer: Floating main food for Koi over 25 cm at a water temperature of over 12 degrees
Adapted to the special nutritional needs in summer - raw material composition with spirulina, paprika and wheat germ
Low proportion of raw ash and high raw material quality: Easily digestible, low water pollution, intensification of the color scheme

AL-KO-TE, 3-season feed for Kois, spring to autumn, floating pellets, staple food professional mix Length: 6 mm

€61.99 / 221.11 ₪
For spring, summer and autumn: Floating main food for Koi over 25 cm at a water temperature over 8 degrees After hibernation or to build up energy reserves in autumn: With high-quality wheat germ, spirulina, fish meal and beta-gluance Low proportion of raw ash and high quality of raw materials: Easily digestible, low water pollution, promotion of healthy growth, improvement of condition Feeding recommendation: As much as fish in 5 min. take up Length: 6 mm 13,5 kg

API 5 in 1 Tester for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums

€12.80 / 45.66 ₪
Harmful in contact with skin Harmful if swallowed Causes severe skin burns and eye damage May be corrosive to metals Causes serious eye damage Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Causes serious eye irritation Harmful if inhaled