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Felco 21 two-hand pruning shears

€126.06 / 443.43 ₪
Strength and cutting force result from the durable construction with an alloy of forged aluminum and a strong lever arm.
The straight cutting head enables precise and powerful cutting, as the serrated counter blade holds branches, while the hardened steel blade cuts cleanly through 35 mm diameters.
Two-hand pruning shears with 63 cm long handles.
Blade and counterblade made of hardened stee.
Toothed nut for easy adjustment of the cutting head.

Atlas safety sandal TX 360 2.0 ESD S1 work shoe safety shoe 83000

€78.69 / 276.80 ₪
MPU tip protection.
SportLine upper material.
MPU Light sole technology.
aktiv-X functional lining.
3D cushioning system.
clima-stream concept.
Suitable for the insole supply-DGUV 112-191.

Baier bdn Turbo Booster for BDN 452/453/463/466

€93.00 / 327.14 ₪
Up to 40% more extract performance with suitable to the Turbo Segments Ausgerichtetem purge channel.
Baier BDN Turbo Booster for the BDN 452/453/463/466.
Less contraction between turbo pane and Abzutransportierendem material.
Made in Germany.

Bernina bernette swiss design sewing machine b35

€298.72 / 1050.78 ₪
23 stitches
1 step car buttonhole
Drop feed
Needle Threader
LED sewing light

Bosch X-LOCK diamond metal disc 125mm, cutting disc (Ø 125mm x 22.23)

€25.89 / 91.07 ₪
Long service life: the diamond cutting disc has a service life of up to 100 times longer than standard composite discs.
Compatibility: The X-LOCK diamond cutting discs also fit standard angle grinders.
Areas of application: for cutting multi-metal materials such as cast iron, reinforcing steel, steel and stainless steel. Cuts profiles and sheets with a wall thickness of up to 4 mm for steel and 3 mm for stainless steel; also non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, etc. and fibreglass.
Box contents: 1 x diamond metal wheel X-Lock – disc diameter: 125 mm, hole diameter: 22.23 mm.

Bosch diamond dry drill easy Dry 8mm (2608587141)

€33.90 / 119.25 ₪
Diameter: 8 mm
Optimum speed: 1500 rpm
Self-sealing drill bit, coolant does not leak

Bosch Drilling and Drive Bit Set, MS4091

€37.00 / 130.15 ₪ €49.99 / 175.84 ₪
91 pcs

Bosch Professional Standard Diamond Cutting Disc (Universal, X-LOCK, Bore Diameter: 22.23 mm, cutting width 2 mm)

€12.15 / 42.74 ₪
Standard for Universal diamond cutting disc - for reliable cutting in general building materials.
Particularly suitable for applications in pumice stone, curbs, screed stone, limestone, clinker brick, mortar, aerated concrete, sandstone and brick.
Also suitable for concrete, roof tiles, limestone plaster, marble, fireclay bricks, slate bricks, composite bricks and cement bonded fibre boards.
Diameter: 125 mm, bore diameter: 22.23 mm, cutting width: 2 mm, segment height: 10 mm.

Bosch windscreen wipers, Aerotwin A945S, 650 mm/400 mm, 3 397 007 945

€20.76 / 73.03 ₪
Minimal wind noise due to the reduced flow surface area.
Integrated aerodynamic spoiler.
Highly resistant to insects and tough dirt.

Bosch Wood Speed 50 Saw Blade with NanoBlade Technology for EasyCut 12 50 AdvancedCut 18 and AdvancedCut 50

€16.95 / 59.62 ₪
Suitable for wood, PVC, plexiglass, composite materials and laminate.
Maximum cutting depth: 50 mm.
Suitable for Bosch Easy Cut 12, Easy Cut 50, AdvancedCut 50 and AdvancedCut 18.
Ideal for fine cuts and plunge cuts in laminate, for example to sawing cut-outs for heating pipes.
For light plunge cuts and precise cutting angles with much less vibration when sawing. The SDS technology allows quick and easy replacement of the saw blades.

Bosch X-Lock cutting disc Expert for Inox + Metal AS 60 T INOX BF Ø 125 mm

€6.50 / 22.86 ₪

Cutting disc Expert for Inox and Metal - for high demands in application
Particularly suitable for aluminium alloy, brass/bronze, copper, angular stainless steel and steel profiles and rust and acid resistant steels
Also suitable for unalloyed and alloyed structural steels, structural steels with high strength and tool steels
Diameter: 125 mm, bore diameter: 22.23 mm, thickness: 1 mm

BRESSER 3D printer, with WLAN function

€479.00 / 1684.93 ₪
Print with the 3D printer on a flexible, heatable printing platform.
You can follow the printing of your models through the viewing window or via the app.
Print large 3D elements - up to 150 x 150 x 150 mm.
Heatable, flexible printing platform.
Viewing window and integrated surveillance camera.
Simply change the extruder thanks to Easy Change.
Easy working with touch control panel.
W x H x D: approx. 39 x 41 x 34 cm.

**Offer valid while stocks last**

Dewalt Dg5641 19 Socket Casing Framer 'combo Apron with Straps

€114.30 / 402.06 ₪
Dewalt DG5641 19-Pocket Framer's Combo Apron with Suspenders "

DeWalt powerful 250 mm circular table saw - DWE7492-QS

€647.91 / 2279.09 ₪
Racks guided rip fence on both sides with eccentric locking lever for high precision.
Effective, AirLock-compatible dust extraction (without hose) for a dust-free workplace and active health protection.
Easy adjustment of cutting depth and inclination via large control elements.
Recessed grip integrated in the saw table for easy carrying.
Extremely robust construction with: Specially coated saw table, glass fiber reinforced housing and protective frame.
Large emergency stop switch and zero voltage switch for more safety in the workplace.
Special protective hood for even more protection, even for smaller workpieces, and at the same time significantly more efficient extraction.
Input power 2,000 W Idle speed 4,800 U7min.

Dolphin E30 Automatic Pool Cleaning Robot Handy, lightweight and easy to clean vacuum cleaner. Ideal for recessed and ground-level pools

€1064.20 / 3743.43 ₪
Super lightweight, portable pool vacuum cleaner for small swimming pools up to 12 m in length.
Highly efficient: this pool vacuum has a fast 2-hour cleaning cycle and offers industry-leading energy efficiency. With the PowerStream Mobility System, the device moves quickly and cleverly through the pool and covers all surfaces.
Easy to use: leaves, dirt and debris are collected in the easy to use filter basket. Lightweight design makes it easy to lift and handle.
Deep cleaning: dual-active brushes remove the deposits on all surfaces and ensure flawlessly clean floors, walls and water line. You can choose between two types of filters: one filter for coarse dirt and one for fine dirt particles.

Dyson HP02 pure hot + cool link air purifier white / silver

€489.00 / 1720.11 ₪
Additionally with fan heater and fan mode.
Remote control, sleep timer function and night mode.
Motor power 2,000 watts (heating mode).
Standby power <0.5 watt.
Airflow settings 10 levels.
Heating temperature 1 - 37 ° C.
HEPA air purifier.
App control with Dyson Link app Information on air purification, filter life, remote control and other functions. The indoor air quality can be checked while on the move.
Product Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 63 cm. automatically removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants down to 0.1 micrometer * and 99.97% down to 0.3 micrometer.
Dyson 360 ° HEPA filter with glass fibers HEPA filter with activated carbon layer filters pollen, allergens, bacteria, mold spores, industrial and car exhaust fumes, odors and vapors, skin particles from pets as well as potentially harmful, microscopic particles.

Edge milling machine Festool MFK 700 EQ-Set, 574364 720 W, 6-8mm, with collet, router table and case

€548.53 / 1929.51 ₪
Increased variety of applications thanks to exchangeable milling tables.
Electronic speed control for optimal adaptation to the material.
Temperature monitoring of the motor for a long service life.
130 mm long router table support for precise routing results.
Power: 720 watts.

Einhell GCH 2000 W Convection Heater

€74.95 / 263.64 ₪
The Einhell GC-EC 750 T electric pole pruner is a powerful device with which higher branches can be pruned quickly and effortlessly from the ground.
Adjustable and Ergonomic additional handle ensures a safe and comfortable use.
Light Motor and evenly balanced ratio with adjustable fibre optic telescopic handle extends 1.85 – 2.80 m.
Practical adjustable shoulder strap for hard-wearing and effortless work and cable strain relief for the safe use.
Dimensions 175 x 17.8 x 11.6 cm.