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Tetra pH/KH Minus 250 ml

€12.28 / 43.80 ₪
For tropical-like aquarium water with a pH value below 7.5 and hardness value around 4 °dH.
The hardness value is set accurately and hence the pH value is constantly regulated.
Plant growth is boosted by the release of CO2.

Tetra PhosphateMinus 250ml

€11.78 / 42.02 ₪
Reliably lowers high phosphate values and thus prevents algae growth.
Does not cloud the water and leaves no deposits on the substrate.
Improves water quality.

Tetra TetraAqua EasyBalance 250 ml

€12.69 / 45.26 ₪

Simplifies aquarium maintenance
Optimizes water quality
Stabilizes the most important water values ​​KH and pH reliably for up to 6 months
Reduces nitrate (NO3) and phosphate (PO4)
Adds valuable vitamins and minerals, important for healthy fish and plants

TetraVital 500 ml

€17.98 / 64.13 ₪

Naturally active B vitamins provide more vitality and reduce stress
Magnesium increases well-being and promotes healthy growth
Panthenol cares for the mucous membranes, iodine for increased mating readiness and spawning success
Promotes the growth of plants and microorganisms - Suitable for all freshwater aquariums

The Healthy Wholistic Dog

€18.99 / 67.73 ₪
The Healthy Wholistic Dog explores the many natural remedies and therapies suitable for the problems faced by today's pets. Written in concise, easy to follow protocols, the book is an important addition to any pet library. Within these pages, you will find formulas and botanicals used worldwide that offer natural solutions to real problems. ISBN: 9780976515500 216 pages

TOP Dog Bovine Panties - Tripe

€51.90 / 185.12 ₪

Trixie 24468 drinking fountain Vital Flow Mini, ceramic, 0.8 l, white

€32.15 / 114.67 ₪
Hygienic ceramic bowls Donates Fresh, Running Water Encourages more frequent water intake Allows The Animal To Drink Sparkling Or Calm Water From A Bowl Cools Naturally Through Water Circulation

Versele-Laga Nutribird P15 Tropical

€8.96 / 31.96 ₪
1 kg

Vesper Cat Furniture "High Base" walnut - Cube Cave with two platforms

€99.99 / 356.64 ₪

Cube cave with platform
Simply removable cushions and scratches by Velcro
Scratch columns wrapped in seaweed
Sturdy construction
Easy installation

Vetericyn Plus Ear Rinse for Pets 3 ounces

€27.00 / 96.30 ₪
Soothes and provides relief for dry, itchy, and irritated ears while also controlling bad odors.
Veterinarian -recommended for maintaining your pet's ear health and cleanliness
Non-toxic and alcohol free formula for easier, irritation-free application Safe for all animals at all life stages

Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash for dogs - 90 ml

€15.98 / 57.00 ₪
Cost-effective, pain-free alternative to medicated eye drops
Veterinarian-recommended maintenance solution to keep your pet's eyes clean and prevent tear stains and other eye issues
Provide relief for your pet's burning, irritated, or red eyes Safe for all animals at all life stages

Wahl attachment comb set (5, 9, 13mm)

€21.48 / 76.61 ₪

Choice comb attachment set 1247 7445 (Pack of 3) Stainless Steel in 6 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm

Yarra Valley Pets Natural Cranberry Treat Supplement for Dog Urinary Tract Infection

€24.17 / 86.21 ₪
UTI Symptom Relief with Probiotics - 60 Chews