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Balea Day Cream Aqua Moisturizing Cream Gel, 50 ml

€2.09 / 7.00 ₪
Detectable intense moisture for 24 hours
With blue algae extract and thermal water
For radiant freshness
Dehydrated skin

Balea Hand cream urea, 100 ml

€1.01 / 3.38 ₪
Intensive moisturizing care
5% urea
Reduces feelings of tension
Stiftung Warentest GUT (2.1)

Balea Hydrogel mask eye amethyst, 2 pcs

€1.88 / 6.30 ₪
For a radiant eye area.
With the special power of precious stones.
With amethyst powder.

Balea Q10 Anti-Falten Serum, 30 ml

€2.09 / 7.00 ₪
Verifiable wrinkle depth reduction after just 2 weeks.
With natural Q10 and vitamins C & E.
For a firmer complexion.
Formulation without microplastics and without water-soluble, purely synthetic polymers.

Balea Serum Aqua Moisture, 30 ml

€3.16 / 10.59 ₪
Intense moisture with hyaluronic acid
For dehydrated skin
Strengthens the skin's barrier function
Vitamin E protects against free radicals

Balea VITAL Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 15, 50 ml

€2.09 / 7.00 ₪
Verifiably reduces the depth of wrinkles
Tension & elasticity
With argan oil and Elastonyl
SPF 15
Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

Balea Vital+ Ceramid Serum, 30 ml

€5.29 / 17.72 ₪

Regenerating & moisturizing
Firms skin in 98% of testers*
Reduces dryness wrinkles & lines**
Recipe without microplastics & water-soluble, purely synthetic polymers
With calcium, hyaluronic acid & soybean oil

Balea Vital+ day cream, 50 ml

€4.23 / 14.17 ₪
Increase in skin firmness.
With calcium & vitamin complex.
Recipe without microplastics and without purely water-soluble synthetic polymers.

Satina Day cream nourishing, 150 ml

€2.09 / 7.00 ₪
The SATINA skin care cream supplies your skin with moisture and strengthens its natural protective function.
Sensitive and stressed skin becomes soft and supple again thanks to vitamin B5.
Dermatologically tested.
Without colorings and preservatives.

Vichy Neovadiol Compensating Complex Remodellier-Serum (30ml)

€27.24 / 91.27 ₪
The rich serum with hyaluronic acid provides mature skin with intensive moisture and binds the moisture in the skin.
The hyaluronic acid acts like a moisture reservoir and thus ensures more elasticity and firmness
Pro-Xylane can compensate for the effects of the decreased hormonal activity on mature skin.
The thermal water contained also nourishes the skin with 15 pure minerals.

Vichy Serum 19 supreme

€40.00 / 134.02 ₪