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alverde NATURKOSMETIK Mineral Puder porcelain 01, 10 g

€4.15 / 14.60 ₪
Suitable for all skin types
Fixed liquid foundations

Lego 10813 Big construction site

€68.98 / 242.64 ₪

Lego 10913 Duplo Classic Brick Box, Construction Kit with Storage Space, Plastic, Colourful

€24.94 / 87.73 ₪
The set includes 65 colourful bricks and familiar elements to stimulate the mind of toddlers, including a car with moving wheels, a roof, a window and flowers
Also includes 2 Duplo minifigures and numbered stones to learn numbers 1, 2, 3. 15 simple building ideas for an easy start
With safe, colourful, easy to use stones and sharing, this learning toy brings development benefits for toddlers and preschoolers
Dimensions 0.37 x 0.18 x 0.18 cm
Manufacturer recommended age 18 months and up

Lego Building Bigger Thinking 10404 - On the Seabed, Cool Children's Toys

€32.05 / 112.74 ₪

Contains two minifigures
Contains a mix of bright and colorful LEGO bricks for endless, creative play, special elements such as wheels, shapes and eyes, and a special plate to celebrate the 60th anniversary of LEGO bricks
With this LEGO set in the anniversary edition, your child will find answers to the biggest questions in the world
Allows you to build models of varying degrees of difficulty to suit every builder.
This cool children's toy in the anniversary edition is for Children from 5 years suitable

LEGO Classic 10713 - Building blocks basic case, sort colors

€18.87 / 66.38 ₪
Robust yellow suitcase with practical compartments and a selection of colorful elements (stones, shapes, wheels, eyes)
A fantastic entry-level set for budding LEGO builders
This LEGO Classic construction kit provides fun and creativity and stimulates the imagination
The case is 26 cm high, 28 cm wide and 6 cm deep
This toy is suitable for fans aged between four and 99 years

LEGO Creator 10242 MINI Cooper

€249.90 / 879.05 ₪

With doors, bonnet and boot to open, spare wheel in separate compartment, detailed engine and 2 fog lights
Accessories include picnic basket, bottle and blanket
Authentic replica of the MINI-Cooper Mk VII
Classic green and white color scheme with white side mirrors and racing stripes.
Open the bonnet and look at the detailed engine

LEGO Creator 10257 Carousel

€349.90 / 1230.81 ₪

Contains seven minifigures: a ride operator, a mother, a father, a boy, a girl, a grandmother and a grandfather.
The carousel has a large textile roof, round mirror bands with blue and gold ornaments, reflective center column panels and a two-tiered deck consisting of a raised access platform with railing and a turntable with five buildable animal figures. The animals include a white swan and four moving animals - an elephant, a tiger, a flamingo and a frog.
A sturdy buildable pedestal is also included to easily transport the model.
Buy yourself Pick up a ticket at the ticket booth, climb up to the boarding platform and sit on your favorite animal.
Turn the crank to circle and experience the carousel as the elephant, tiger, flamingo and frog paces up and down move.

Lego creator 10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United

€263.18 / 925.76 ₪
3898 pieces

LEGO DUPLO Steam Railway 10874 Toy Train

€53.99 / 189.92 ₪

Contains a train driver and a child as LEGO DUPLO figures and a squirrel as an additional animal figure.
Contains a constructible "Push & Go" loco with lights and noises, a passenger coach, 5 color-coded function stones, a train station, one Charcoal tipper, a tree and 16 track segments
Accessories include a canister for refueling, a suitcase, bread and a scoop
Toddlers can let the steam train ride forward or backward by gently pushing. To stop the train, just put one hand firmly on the loco.
Show your child how to position and move the 5 colored function stones along the rails to control the train to sound a signal leaves the lights on, refueled, the direction of travel changes or stops

LEGO Juniors Airport 10764 Classic toy

€55.99 / 196.95 ₪

Contains 5 minifigures: 2 pilots, 2 airport workers and 1 tourist.
Load the suitcases and parcels on the conveyor belt and turn the wheel to transport them to the baggage car.
Throw the propellers at the cargo plane and fly to deliver your next cargo.
LEGO Junior's kits include easy-to-build models with a larger-sized baseplate and simple instructions to help kids get started building and playing fast.
The Airport terminal is 15 cm high, 19 cm wide and 6 cm deep.

LEGO Juniors escape from the Pteranodon 10756

€24.98 / 87.87 ₪
Contains 2 minifigures: a tracker and a pilot.
Includes a helicopter with spinning rotor, rope and simple bodywork.
The set also includes a small radio station, a small volcano with lava and 2 buildable lava balls as well as a buildable pteranodon figure with movable wings and opening beak.
Lower the rope from the helicopter and rescue the tracker from the lava balls.
This cool toy is suitable for ages 4 and up.

LEGO Juniors rescue truck for the Raptor 10757 entertainment toy

€35.42 / 124.59 ₪
Contains 2 minifigures: Owen and a tracker.
Contains an off-road truck with a simple body and space in the back for a detachable cage with a door for the buildable Raptor.
Lure the Raptor with one Chicken thigh on the stick in the cage.
Includes easy to build models. Thanks to the simple basic models and the simple instruction manual, the children can start building and playing very fast.
This entertainment toy is suitable for children from the age of 4 years.