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Siemens iQ700 EX875LYC1E Induction Cooker (Dual LightSlider Operation, Glass Ceramic), Blac

€814.70 / 2897.48 ₪
Induction hob with innovative features for more flexibility when cooking. varioInduktion Plus adapts the cooking zones to cookware with a diameter of up to 30 cm - for more flexibility. With the dual lightSlider, the hob can be operated easily and intuitively. powerMove Plus: intuitive control thanks to three heating zones with different temperatures - activated on contact. bratSensor: automatically keeps the desired pan temperature constant after heating so that nothing burns

Gorenje NRC6193SXL5 Combined Freestanding refrigerator, A +++,

€699.00 / 2485.99 ₪
NoFrost Plus No icing technology NoFrost Plus
IonAir with Multiflow 360 ° - circulation of ionized air through 14 IonAir ventilation holes creates negatively charged ions inside the appliance, which are evenly distributed in the refrigerator thanks to the new MultiFlow 360 ° system
AdaptTech technology for saving energy and prolonging the freshness of food Every time you open the refrigerator
CrispZone vegetable drawer with SmartHumidity automatic humidity control This spacious, low-temperature drawer with automatic humidity control
XtremeFreeze: very intensive freezing of food in the upper basket When this function is activated, food placed in a special drawer in the freezer compartment will be frozen much faster, which will ensure better quality of frozen food.
Temperature indicator SensoTech switch - separate temperature control in the refrigerator and freezer
Door open indicator Audible door open alarm
Total net volume of the unit (l) 326 l
Door Hinge location Right reversible
Height (mm) 1850 mm Width (mm) 600 mm Depth (mm) 663 mm

SIEMENS EX875KYW1E induction hob (812 mm wide, 4 cooktops)

€1160.00 / 4125.54 ₪
Dimensions niche size, minimum: 750 mm / 51 mm / 490 mm Controls: TFT touch display Plus, touch screen, front Quick heating: Yes Pan detection: Yes Residual heat indicator: Yes Security features: pan detection, power management function, automatic safety shutdown, child safety lock, wiping protection Connected load: 7400 watts

Siemens CM678G4S1 iQ700 built-in compact steam oven with microwave function, 45l, 60 cm wide

€1408.99 / 5011.07 ₪

Compact oven with microwave with 15 heating.
Cooking space volume: 45 l
Oven door with softMove for damped opening and closing.
varioSpeed: up to 50% time savings when preparing meals.
TFT touch display plus: best readability and intuitive usability.
activeClean: automatic self-cleaning / pyrolysis for effortless cleaning.
Meat thermometer and baking sensor: prepare exactly to the point.
ookControl Plus: Works well with a variety of dishes.
Device dimensions (HxWxD): 455 x 594 x 548 mm.
Recess dimensions (HxWxD): 455 mm x 560 mm x 550 mm.
Frequency: 60, 50 Hz.

Liebherr IRBdi 5180-20 Peak BioFresh, built-in refrigerator

€2364.98 / 8411.05 ₪
BioFresh with HydroBreeze: HydroBreeze will inspire you: The cold mist, combined with the temperature in the safe around 0 ° C, gives food that extra kick for longer shelf life.
Fruit & Vegetable Safe: The temperature in the “Fruit & Vegetable Safe” is close to 0 ° C.
InfinitySpring: The water dispenser enables drip-free water tapping and provides fresh, cold water.
The LightTower show food in the best possible light and they are positioned in such a way that your filled refrigerator is always illuminated over a large area.
SmartDeviceBox enables the device to be controlled and other services to be used via computers and mobile devices.
SmartSteel on the inner door and the rear wall give your Liebherr a noble look.
Thanks to the SoftSystem, the refrigerator door closes softly and safely, as well as comfortably lightly and quietly.
Total volume: 296 l.
Niche dimensions (height / width / depth): 177 , 2 - 178.8 / 56 - 57 / 55.0 cm.