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Miele G6770 SCVi D ED230 2.0 Dishwasher Fully Integrated

€1184.99 / 4226.62 ₪
Long lasting shine for your glasses - Perfect GlassCare
/ A +++ / 213 kWh / 14 MGD / QuickPowerWash / All Dry Dry AutoOpen Drying 57 x 59.8 x 81 cm

Miele HFC 72 FlexiClip full extension runners for stove / oven accessories

€158.99 / 567.09 ₪
For the simultaneous use of additional levels in your oven.
Easy to attach to the side rails in the oven.
Convenient access to trays or grids on each individual level.
For moving sheets / grids individually to other levels.
Convenient, automatic cleaning during pyrolysis.
For devices in Generation H 2000/H 6000 with 76 L cooking chamber, as well as for all steamer with oven DGC XL.

Miele special detergent Sport 250ml

€15.94 / 56.85 ₪
Perfect for breathable sportswear.
Neutralizes unpleasant odors thanks to the built-in breakage absorber.
Maintains the dimensional stability of the textiles.
for approx. 13 wash loads.

Miele UltraWhite heavy duty detergent 2.7 kg

€19.94 / 71.12 ₪
Powerful formula with active oxygen - for shiny white laundry.
Excellent stain removal even at low temperatures.
for 42 wash loads.

Miele WoolCare Washing Machine Accessory/Special Care Complex, 1,5 L

€20.15 / 71.87 ₪
Special care complex of wheat protein and Farbschutzformel.
Highly efficient: for 37 wash loads; simply perfect.
De-matting fabric protector components.

Moulinex Subito LT261 toaster

€34.90 / 124.48 ₪
Electronic browning level control with 6 roasting levels.
Variotechnik (centers the bread slices according to their thickness).
Lift function for safe removal of small slices of bread.
Automatic shutdown if a slice of bread gets stuck.
Dimensions 32.5 x 17.3 x 20 cm.

Panasonic NN-SD27, microwave (stainless steel)

€146.53 / 522.64 ₪
Retractable rotary control, buttons, microwave power levels: 1,000, 600, 440, 300, 270, 100 watts
10 automatic weight programs, turbo defrosting program, aqua clean program
power: 6 levels
Dimensions Width: 488 mm x Height: 279 mm x Depth / length: 395 mm

Pizza oven Effeuno 509 ° C, including biscotto stone

€799.00 / 2849.87 ₪
The electric pizza oven from Italy is made of sturdy stainless steel (baking chamber, housing, switch), has a compact size and can be connected to a normal household socket with 230V.
With an output of 3 KW and a voltage of 230 volts, the stove is designed to be energy-saving.
The baking surface of 35 x 40 cm enables a round pizza with a diameter of approx. 34 cm.
The temperature can be individually regulated thanks to the top and bottom heat and two thermostats.
The working temperature can be set between 50 and 509 degrees Celsius as required.
With this pizza oven, only high-quality materials were used with stainless steel (in the baking chamber, housing, switch), triple glazing of the oven door, a forced ventilation system and the special door seal.
External dimensions: 54 x 59 x 35 cm.

Pizza oven Pizzarette Emerio PO-113255.4 Pizza raclette grill 3 in 1

€93.43 / 333.25 ₪
Small table oven for preparing mini pizza, raclette, grilling or everything together at the same time.
The terracotta coloured cover keeps the heat longer in the pizza oven underneath, saves energy and ensures quick baking results: a mini pizza is ready to eat in just a few minutes.
The raclette grill surface of the Pizzarette oven for up to 6 people is made of cast aluminium and is non-stick and equipped with grooves to prepare meat and sausages low in fat.
The pizza raclette oven includes 6 round raclette pans, 6 round pizza shovels and 1 cutter to prepare pizza dough suitable for the shovels.
Dimensions: Total diameter approx. 40 cm, baking plate diameter approx. 34.5 cm, pizza punch, pizza shovels and pans each approx. 11 cm diameter - Cable length: approx. 135.5 cm. Colour: terracotta orange.

Replacement water filter replaces Bosch 9000 225 170 9000252129 9000 252129 9000 252 129 9000672622 9000 672622 9000 672 622 9000705475 9000 705475

€26.65 / 95.06 ₪
Water filter universally compatible with many side-by-side refrigerators and all refrigerators with ultra charity cartridges
Advanced Filtration; reduces impurities such as chlorine, dirt, dust, tasteless and odor-impairing substances and offers clean, fresh water

Replaces Following original parts : Bosch Ultra Clarity, 9000077104, BT-644845, BT644845, 499850, D570104, D405434, 101443, 101443-A, WF25 640436, 641425, 643019, 643046, 644845, 00644845, 667256, 7134220, 740560, 740560, 0074020 00740571, 740570, 740572, 00740572, 740574, 00740574

Ritter E 16 DUO-Plus food slicer, electric with ECO motor

€97.90 / 349.19 ₪
Duo Plus: with additional smooth ham / slicing knife for wafer-thin slices.
Removable slicing carriage, carriage path approx. 18 cm.
Slice thickness adjustment up to approx. 20 mm.
Safety momentary and permanent switch.
A quality product made in Germany.
Dimensions L x W x H 33.5 x 22.5 x 23 centimetres.

ROSMARINO Stainless Steel Induction Mocha Jug 900ml - Modern Turkish Cezve Coffee Pot with 3-Layer Steel Base (900ml)

€16.99 / 60.60 ₪
Excellent quality: the popular impact-resistant 3-layer base will not disappoint. A thick layer of premium stainless steel, an aluminium core for good heat conduction and 18/10 premium stainless steel on the outside for durability, resilience and effective cooking. The completely flat base ensures maximum contact with the hob and thus ensures perfect heat distribution with lower energy consumption.
Traditional all-rounder: Although it has the shape of a traditional Turkish coffee pot, it can also be used for heating water or milk, for preparing tea, for cooking eggs or for preparing cocoa.
Easy care and cleaning: do not use coarse tools to clean just a kitchen sponge and a little washing-up liquid.
Works perfectly with induction and all other heat sources. Use the mocha pot on the most suitable hob ring - your food cooks more evenly and reduces the risk of damaging the handles and sides.

Siemens 3-way telescopic pull-out HZ638300, oven pull-out

€94.99 / 338.81 ₪
Thanks to the Siemens 3-way telescopic pull-out HZ638300, baking trays, grids or universal pans can be pulled out of the oven on three levels.
The HZ638300 is simply and safely inserted into the oven wall and then offers a stable pull-out device.

Siemens glass pan HZ636000, baking tray (transparent)

€55.99 / 199.71 ₪
Glass bowl for ovens.
Suitable for 60 cm ovens .
Dishwasher safe.
Dimensions: 455 x 365 x 25 mm.

Siemens universal pan enamelled HZ632070, baking tray

€31.37 / 111.89 ₪
Item dimensions L x W x H 47.5 x 43 x 5 centimetres.

Siemens BI630CNS1 iQ700 Heat Drawer / Stainless Steel

€398.20 / 1420.30 ₪
Easy to open the heat drawer thanks to push/pull function.
The heat drawer can be installed separately, combined with a classic oven or 45 cm compact device.
The heated glass plate can be adjusted in 4 temperature settings of approx. 30°-80°C regulate glass surface temperature.
Product Dimensions ‎59.4 x 54.8 x 14 cm.

Siemens BI630ENS1 built-in accessory drawer iQ 700 / stainless steel

€219.00 / 781.13 ₪
The 14 cm high accessory drawer is ideal for combining with a 45 cm compact device.
Easy grip opening of the heat drawer thanks to push/pull function.
perfect storage space for cookware, pot holders and other small cooking utensils and can be opened easily and without handles thanks to the push / pull function.
With a net capacity of 21 liters, it can be loaded with a maximum of 64 espresso cups or 14 plates with a diameter of 26 cm.

Siemens enamelled baking tray HZ631070

€35.94 / 128.19 ₪
Dimensions of the packed device (H x W x L): 45 x 430 x 470 mm.

SIEMENS EX975KXW1E induction hob (912 mm wide, 5 hobs)

€1525.99 / 5442.90 ₪ €1331.85 / 4750.44 ₪
powerMove Plus: intuitive control thanks to three heating zones with different temperatures - activated on contact.
bratSensor: automatically keeps the desired pan temperature constant after heating so that nothing burns.
cookingSensor Plus - capable: the additionally available sensor prevents overcooking thanks to precise temperature control.
Home Connect: Information about your hob, no matter where you are - with the easy-to-use Home Connect app.
Dimensions Niche size, minimum: 880 mm / 51 mm / 490 mm
Controls: TouchControl Panic detection: Yes Residual heat indicator: Yes
Security features: Key Lock, child safety lock, power management function, safety shutdown, pan detection Child safety device: Yes Connected load: 11100 Watt

Siemens EX975LXC1E iQ700 hob electric / ceramic / ceramic glass / 91,2 cm / Power Boost function / black

€1078.00 / 3845.01 ₪
Cooking zone types: Flexible / Vario induction
Number of hotplates: 5
Touch control, with slider, arranged at the front Display
Boost, reStart, QuickStart, PowerManagement, PowerBoost, countDown, powerMove, TouchSlider
Power supply 220-240 V.
Width 91.2 cm Height 5.1 cm Depth 52 cm