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Blue adapter - 16A

Combined with the Gen 2 Universal Mobile Connector, charging at single-phase high-voltage connections.
Connector diameter: 42 mm.
Max. Charging current: 3.7 kW.
Вес: 0,75 pdfproductcatalog.weight.kgs
€50,00 / 183,28 ₪
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Model 3 all-weather trunk matt

€130,00 / 476,52 ₪
The Model 3 all-weather trunk mats are made from a resilient thermoplastic elastomer that effectively protects the floor from moisture and dirt.
100% recyclable and free of cadmium, lead, latex and PVC.

Model 3 roof rack

€480,00 / 1759,44 ₪
The roof rack of the Model 3 was uncompromisingly designed for the highest aerodynamic efficiency in order to minimize airflow noise and impact on the range.
The ultra-compact assembly mechanism guarantees extremely convenient assembly at home and blends in perfectly with the look of the vehicle.
The aluminum cross struts of the roof rack have T-shaped slots so that compatible accessories such as ski, bike racks or luggage boxes can be mounted seamlessly.
Load capacity: 68 kg.

Model 3 glass roof sun visor

€85,00 / 311,57 ₪
made of light mesh fabric with a hinged rigid frame reduces the heat transfer into the passenger compartment by blocking two thirds of the solar thermal load.
The easily removable sun protection is mounted on the inside of the glass roof using the clips supplied.
The sun protection folds up after removal and can be stowed in a practical bag.

Model 3 all-weather interior mats high-walled

€210,00 / 769,76 ₪
The Model 3 all-weather indoor floor mats are made of thermoplastic elastomer material for ultimate protection and spatial coverage.
The vertical walls ensure maximum protection of the footwell carpet and ensure easy cleaning. With an exclusive grid pattern - designed by the Tesla Design Studio.
100% recyclable and free of cadmium, lead, latex and PVC.