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Красота и Здоровье


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Abtei Silica Biotin Plus Depot (Zinc, Copper), 56 Tablets - 78 g

€4,45 / 17,83 ₪
For healthy skin, beautiful hair & strong nails.
With Copper for normal, solid connective tissue.
With high dose Biotin and Zinc.

Alopexy 2%, 3x60 ml solution

€59,90 / 240,03 ₪

Alopexy 5%, 3x60 ml solution

€43,90 / 175,92 ₪

Balea Serum VITAL+ Intensiv, 30 ml

€5,29 / 21,20 ₪
with calcium and soybean oil
strengthens and nourishes intensively

Beurer MP 100 Electric Manicure/Pedicure Professional, 10 Sapphire and Felt Tips, Nail Dust Protective Cap, 20,000 RPM

€144,29 / 578,20 ₪
Powerful care: With the maximum power of 20,000 revolutions per minute, the electric nail care set offers professional nail and foot care for home, also suitable for artificial nails.
Completed equipped. The set contains 10 durable attachments made of materials such as sapphire and felt, as well as 30 disposable sandpaper attachments that allow individual nail care possible.
Comfortable to use: The non-slip grip surface of the electric manicure station together with the continuous control of the speed ensures easy operation and a beautiful care result.
Clean and safe. Thanks to the safety lock and additional protective cap for nail dust, the use is safe and provides professional nail care, for permanently beautiful hands and feet.

Black Musk perfume oil 20 ml

€32,95 / 132,04 ₪
This perfume oil is a blend of our most intense, darkest and most sensual musk fragrance. The sweet notes of Bambinella pear, pink pepper and bergamot contrast with the wild black musk. Combine it with other Black Musk products to emphasize the scent.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3020s electric shaver, rechargeable shaver men, black

€67,81 / 271,73 ₪
Three independently moving razor elements adapt to your contours and thus ensure better comfort.
The special MicroComb captures more hair with every pull, for a faster and smoother shave; compared to the previous Series 3. Tested on 3-day beards.
45 minutes of shaving without loss of performance. A quick charge of five minutes is sufficient for a shave.
Built-in extendable precision trimmer for shaping mustaches and sideburns.
Made by Braun in Germany. Robust and waterproof razor.

Canina GREENLIP ARTHRO FORTE GAG capsules- 200pcs

€30,88 / 123,74 ₪
Diet food for special medical purpose. 200 capsules, 110 gr.

Clinique Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream (50ml)

€69,12 / 276,98 ₪
The Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream from Clinique helps to create a gentle lifting effect in the cheeks and chin area, to improve the contour and to make the neck area appear softer and smoother.

Colgate Toothbrush total all-round cleaning medium, 2 pcs

€1,98 / 7,93 ₪
Thorough cleaning thanks to micro-fine bristles

Dermacolor Camouflage Creme (25 ml) D 4 1/2

€25,89 / 103,75 ₪

Dermacolor's Camouflage Cream covers color abnormalities, scars and even tattoos on the face and neck.
The particularly pigmented make-up is waterproof after setting with the appropriate powder and spray and protects the skin from harmful UV radiation.
All skin types.
Color : D 4 ½

Dontodent Mouthwash antibacterial, 125 ml

€1,02 / 4,09 ₪
Extra fresh breath


€9,93 / 39,79 ₪
To prevent tooth decay, to support the treatment of initial caries and to treat hypersensitive tooth necks.

Gillette Venus shaving razors- 4 pack

€9,37 / 37,55 ₪
4 pack of 3 blades razors.