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SIEMENS BF634LGS1 iQ700 Microwave (900 Watt)

€479,00 / 1791,89 ₪
Dimensions (W / H / D) / Weight: 594 mm x 382 mm x 318 mm / 19 kg Special features: TFT display, cookControl, side-opening revolving door, left stop, cookControl, number of automatic programs: 7 pcs, LED Interior light, info button, button to open the door Color: Stainless steel Dimensions cooking space (W / H / D): 350 x 220 x 270 mm Product type: Microwave Form factor: Built-in power Microwave: 900 Watt


€2198,99 / 8226,20 ₪
Compact oven with microwave with 15 heating types : 4D hot air, hot air gentle, top / bottom heat, top / bottom heat gentle, convection grill system, large area grill, small area grill, pizza setting, coolStart, separate bottom heat, intensive heat, slow cooking, preheating, drying, keeping warm.
varioSpeed: up to 50% time savings thanks to the integrated microwave; Rapid heating: faster to the desired baking temperature.
Home Connect: Control and access to your oven, no matter where you are? with the easy-to-use Home Connect app.
TFT touch display plus: best readability and intuitive usability.
ActiveClean: the automatic self-cleaning / pyrolysis for effortless cleaning.
Device dimensions (HxWxD): 455 x 594 x 548 mm.
Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 455 mm x 560 mm x 550 mm.

Siemens ER3A6BD70D iQ700 Domino Hob / 2 Heating Elements / 30.2 cm / Glass Ceramic

€388,94 / 1454,99 ₪
stepFlame Technology: Regulation and control of the flame in nine precise stages.
The easy-to-read digital display provides information about the selected burner level.
High cleaning convenience thanks to the modern, dishwasher-safe pan supports.
Quality in material and workmanship - the continuous pan supports made of cast iron.
Particular ease of use thanks to high-quality sword toggles.
Dimensions 30.2 x 52 x 4.5 cm

Siemens ER7A6RD70D iQ700 hobs / 5 heating elements / 75 cm / glass ceramic

€922,25 / 3450,05 ₪

StepFlame Technology: Regulating and controlling the flame in nine precise steps
The easy-to-read digital display provides information on the selected burner stage
The dual-burner dual-flame and 4.2 kW wok burner is ideal for a wide variety of meals in large quantities
High cleaning comfort due to the modern, dishwasher-safe pot supports
Valuable in materials and workmanship - the continuous cast iron pan supports

Siemens EX375FXB1E iQ700 hob electric / ceramic / glass ceramic / 30,2 cm / Power Boost function / black

€410,00 / 1533,77 ₪

induction 30 cm width
Power Move Plus
Vario induction

Siemens EX645FEC1E iQ700 hob electric / ceramic / ceramic glass / 58.3 cm / Flexible cooking zone - vario induction cooking zone / black

€568,95 / 2128,39 ₪

Timer with off function
Power Boost function
Brat Sensor Plus Manufacturer Siemens model identifier EX645FEC1E product dimensions 51.3 x 58.3 x 5.5 cm model number EX645FEC1E item number 4242003716748 Number of heating elements 4 colour black Batteries included No Batteries necessary No

Siemens EX645LYC1E iQ700 Hob Electric / Ceramic / Ceramic Glass / 58.3 cm / Power Boost function / black

€606,00 / 2266,99 ₪

Timer with switch-off function
Digital Display
Frying sensor

Siemens EX801FVC1E iQ700 hobs / glass ceramic

€872,00 / 3262,06 ₪
bratSensor: automatically keeps the desired pan temperature constant after heating so that nothing burns.
Flexible cooking thanks to the innovative vario induction cooking zone and the 2 classic cooking zones.
Thanks to the touchSlider operation, the temperature is controlled by directly tapping or swiping along the operating scale with just one finger.
Connection220-240V 50 / 60Hz mains connection
Built-in properties Width, cutout (cm)78 Depth, cutout (cm)50 Height, cutout (cm)5.6

Siemens EX801LVC1E iQ700 hobs / 79.2 cm / glass ceramic

€869,00 / 3250,84 ₪

The dual lightSlider makes cooking easy and intuitive to use

BratSensor: maintains the desired temperature of the pan after heating automatically constant, so that nothing burns

Siemens EX901LXC1E iQ700, self-sufficient induction hob

€1048,63 / 3922,82 ₪
Five induction cooking zones with PowerBoost function for all hobs.
17 power levels can be selected via touch control
Two-stage residual heat indicators indicating whether and which of the five cooking zones is still emitting heat in order to prevent burns
Dimensions Width: 892 mm x height: 56 mm x depth / length: 512 mm

Siemens iQ700 HS636GDS2 built-in steam oven 60 x 60 cm stainless steel

€1190,45 / 4453,35 ₪
Steam oven with 13 types of heating.
Faster to the desired baking temperature - rapid heating. Perfect and quick results without preheating the oven - coolStart.
Spend less time cleaning the oven - ecoClean.
Pre-installed settings and sensors ensure excellent results - cookControl Plus.
User-friendly menu navigation with practical display functions - TFT touch display.
Electronic temperature control from 30 ° C - 250 ° C.
Meat thermometer Plus with multi-point measurement.
LED interior lighting, can be switched off.
Flap door, with softMove, soft opening and closing.
Device dimensions (HxWxD): 595 mm x 595 mm x 548 mm.
Recess dimensions (HxWxD): 585 mm - 595 mm x 560 mm - 568 mm x 550 mm.

Siemens WT47W5W0 iQ700 heat pump dryer / A +++ / 8 kg / Large display with end time preselection / white

€752,88 / 2816,45 ₪

Dryer type: Condensation with heat pump technology
Nominal capacity for standard cotton program when fully filled: 8 kg cotton wash
AutoDry: Moisture-controlled drying programs
Illuminated program selector with integrated on / off switch