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    Производитель: Hammer Muehle

    fruit muesli gluten free

    €3,79 / 14,10 ₪
    400g. Fruit-Muesli Gluten-free with 35% fruit content
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    Jacobs Espresso for Nespresso Machines

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    Alnavit Bio Seed Bread Mix gluten free

    €2,99 / 11,13 ₪
    500g Gluten-free bread baking mixture with cornstarch, sunflower seeds and linseed (bio) The Bio Saatenbrot Backmischung has a particularly short walking time of only 15 minutes and even succeeds without a walking time if it has to be really fast. So you can easily conjure a hearty crispy bread

    Haribo Gummy Bears- mini's pack

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    10 mini packs. 250 gr.

    Alnavit Organic Bread Mix Mildes

    €3,99 / 14,85 ₪
    500g The special thing about the mild sunflower seed bread is the natural pastry - juicy and with a loose crumb it becomes a real pleasure. The gluten-free bread from organic agriculture can be quickly baked in the oven or sliced ​​in the toaster crispy. "Bio Mildes" contains 6% sunflower seeds and is rich in fiber. In the practical double pack, the gluten-free bread remains fresh for a very long time and is therefore also ideal for small households.

    Biscotti con cioccolato Gluten-free biscuits

    €1,95 / 7,26 ₪