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Siemens studioLine LR99CQS25 ceiling fan, 90 cm, white

€2306,89 / 8763,18 ₪
Design fully automatic extractor hood For ceiling mounting over kitchen islands Rotatable fan, air outlet possible from all four sides Edge suction Glass filter cover Infrared remote with LED display design Workplace lighting with 1 x 17.8 W LED panel softLight Dimming function Illuminance: 439 lux Adjustable color temperature (2,700 K - 5,000 K) available for adaptation to room lighting via Home Connect Operating mode and performance Double-flow high-performance blower Optional exhaust air or recirculation mode A cleanAir air recirculation module (special accessory) is required for air recirculation mode Exhaust air output according to EN 61591: Max. Normal operation 450 m³ / h Intensive level 900 m³ / h Circulating air output: Max. Normal operation 410 m³ / h Intensive level 640 m³ / h 3 power levels + 2 intensive levels Max. Capacity: 900 m3 / h Intensive level with automatic reset Automatic fan run-on Noise levels according to EN 60704-3 and EN 60704-2-13 with exhaust air operation: Max. Normal level: 56 dB (A) re 1 pW (44 dB (A) re 20 µPa sound pressure) Intensive level: 70 dB (A) re 1 pW (58 dB (A) re 20 µPa sound pressure) Noise levels in recirculation mode: Max. Normal level: 63 dB (A) re 1 pW (51 dB (A) re 20 µPa sound pressure) Intensive level: 72 dB (A) re 1 pW (60 dB (A) re 20 µPa sound pressure) Environment and safety Energy-saving operation with iQdrive motor technology Energy efficiency class: A (on an energy efficiency class scale from A ++ to E) Average energy consumption: 43 kWh / year * Fan efficiency class: A * Lighting efficiency class: B * Grease filter efficiency class: E * Min./max. Normal level: 41/56 dB Comfort Air quality sensor Saturation indicator for metal grease and activated carbon filters Metal grease filter, dishwasher safe cookConnect system (with suitable hob) The Home Connect functionality can be expanded by integrating numerous applications from external cooperation partners (partnering) Interval function: available via Home Connect Silence function: available via Home Connect Voice control possible using common voice assistants Easy to clean inner frame in white Dimensions Total connected load: 250 W. Length of connecting cable: 1.3 m with plug Unit dimensions (WxD): 900 x 500 mm Installation dimensions (HxWxD): 299 x 888 x 487 mm Exhaust air connector ø 150 mm

Siemens SX87YX01CE iQ700, dishwasher, Fully integrated

€1099,00 / 4174,77 ₪
For safe and gentle cleaning of your most valuable glasses - glassZone.
For up to three times as fast a program run time, can be activated at any time and from anywhere thanks to the Home Connect app and varioSpeed ​​Plus on demand.
For maximum ease of use, effective glass protection and fast loading and unloading - flexComfort Pro baskets and drawers.
Upper basket with three height-adjustable levels - rackMatic.
Attractive lighting of the interior of your dishwasher - emotionLight.
Dishwasher with zeolite drying can hold up to 14 place settings
Eight different washing programs and five additional functions are available.
Conveniently controlled anytime and anywhere using the Home Connect app
Dimensions Width: 598 mm x height: 865 mm x depth / length: 550 mm
Niche dimensions width at least 600 mm height 865 to 925 mm

Siemens SX97T800CE iQ700 Fully integrated dishwasher 60 cm XXL

€2162,00 / 8212,79 ₪
varioSpeed ​​Plus – wash and dry dishes up to three times faster.
Our most energy efficient dishwasher - energy efficiency class A.
The intelligent program - A tailor-made dishwashing program that responds to your feedback.
flexComfort Pro – easily accessible baskets specially designed for glasses.
glassZone - the special zone that protects your glasses.
Capacity: 14 place settings.
Noise: 43 dB(A) re 1 pW.
8 programs: Eco 50 °C, Auto 45-65 °C, Intelligent, Intensive 70 °C, Speed ​​60° 60 °C, Glass 40 °C, Silence 50 °C, Favorite.
5 special functions: Remote start, Shine & Dry, intensiveZone, HygienePlus, VarioSpeedPlus.
Home Connect-capable via WiFi.
Device dimensions (H x W x D): 86.5 cm x 59.8 cm x 55.0 cm.

Siemens TI9558X1DE EQ.9 plus connect s500, fully automatic machine, stainless steel

€1704,99 / 6476,75 ₪
One-touch preparation: Ristretto, Espresso, Espresso Macchiato, Doppio, Caffe Crema, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Milky Coffee, Americano, Flat White, Cafe Cortado, XL Coffee at the touch of a button.
baristaMode: Additional aroma settings for real connoisseurs.
Beverage temperature can be set individually: coffee: 6 levels, hot water: 6 levels.
Color TFT display with interactive menu navigation.
Removable water tank for easy filling (2.3 l volume).
Ceramic (2 discs): Low-noise premium grinder made of wear-free ceramic.
Water pump with 19 bar pressure.
Integrated milk container: easy to remove, fits in the refrigerator door, dishwasher-safe.
Control your fully automatic coffee machine from anywhere with the innovative Home Connect app.
Dimensions of the device (mm): 392 x 299 x 470 mm.

Siemens TI9573X9RW EQ.9 s700, fully automatic machine

€1799,00 / 6833,86 ₪
The Siemens "EQ9 Plus Connect s700" top-of-the-line automatic coffee machine with 2 integrated coffee grinders invites you to discover and enjoy coffee-style drinks.
Choose from integrated recipes for the most popular coffee drinks, prepared with one touch: from ristretto, espresso to latte macchiato, flat white, cappuccino or a whole pot of coffee.
In the smart application you will find 17 additional coffee recipes that you can prepare using the application from your phone.
The DualBean system allows the use of two bean containers for different varieties. Separate grinding units ensure pure taste and aroma.
The Barista Mode function allows you to choose the desired strength, size, temperature, coffee to milk ratio and even brewing speed for each coffee drink you want to prepare.
Discover the world of coffee with the Home Connect app. Prepare coffee drinks straight from your phone or tablet.
10 users can program and save their individual settings for different recipes.
The integrated milk container can be conveniently stored in the fridge (when not in use).
.The extremely quiet grinder is made of high-quality ceramics and, compared to other devices on the market, emits much less noise when grinding grains.
Water tank volume: 2.3 l.
Coffee bean hopper size: 260 g.
DIMENSIONS: Depth: 47 cm Height: 39.2 cm Width: 31.6cm

Siemens TW86103P kettle with keepWarm sensor and sensorControl Heat-up, 1.5 liters - black

€67,84 / 257,70 ₪
Sensor Control Heat-up: temperature selection 70 degrees C, 80 degrees C, 90 degrees C and boiling.
KeepWarm Sensor: Maintains the desired temperature for up to 30 minutes.
Triple safety: automatic switch-off, overheating and boil-dry protection, lift switch-off.
One-hand operation with lid opening at the push of a button .
1.5 L capacity

Siemens VB558C0S0 Oven Electric / Built-in IQ500

€1295,99 / 4923,08 ₪
product type: built-in oven series Siemens: iQ 500 90 cm Built-in oven with 10 heating modes: hot air, top / bottom heat, circulating air, convection grill system, large grid grill, small grid grill, pizza stage, separate bottom heat, thawing, top / bottom heat gentle Electronic temperature control of 50 ° C - 280 ° C oven capacity: 85 liters accessory rail / pull-out system vario clip excerpt design light control: illuminated control knobs email gray cleaning side walls with a catalytic coating, catalytic back wall full glass inner door comfort LCD display white with temperature display rapid heating electronic clock hinged door Halogen linear luminaire cooling fan oven handle made of solid stainless steel accessories enamelled 1 x baking tray, 1 x combination grid, 1 x universal pan environmental and safety Low door temperature child safety safety shutdown residual heat indicator door contact switch Technical Info Power cable length: 115 cm Rated voltage: 220 - 240 V Power consumption Power: 3.1 kW Energy efficiency class ( according to EU No. 65/2014): A + (on an energy efficiency class scale from A +++ to D) Energy consumption per cycle in conventional mode: 0.74 kWh Energy consumption per cycle in recirculation mode: 1.11 kWh Number of cooking chambers: 1 Heat source: electrical Interior volume : 85 l Dimensions of device dimensions (HxWxD): 475 x 896 x 572 mm Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 480 mm x 860 mm x 560 mm "Observe dimensions and installation instructions for this device in accordance with the technical drawing"

Siemens VB578D0S0 Oven Electric / Built-in IQ500

€1699,00 / 6453,99 ₪
Quick heating
Extra large cooking space: 112 l
Automatic self-cleaning A +++ D / 89.6 cm / Digital Display 57 x 89,6 x 59,4 cm activeClean® - self-cleaning automatic

Siemens WD 14 U 540 EEK: A 9/6 kg 1400 tours

€980,58 / 3724,93 ₪ €989,00 / 3756,91 ₪
Consumer information: Energy efficiency class (EU - scale from A +++ to D, best value: A +++): A Energy consumption in kWh (washing, spinning and drying): 6,12 Energy consumption in kWh (washing and spinning): 0.99 Washing performance class (scale from A to G, best value A): A Spin efficiency class (scale from A to G, best value: A): not specified residual moisture remaining in% after the spin-drying process (proportion of the dry weight of the laundry): 44 Spin speed: 1400 tours Nominal capacity in kg (washing, cotton 60 ° C): 9 Nominal capacity in kg (cupboard dry, cotton): 6 Water consumption in liters (l) (washing, spinning, drying): 120 Water consumption in liters (l) (washing and spinning, cotton 60 ° C)): 69 estimated annual energy consumption of a four-person household always using this washer-dryer for drying, in kWh (200 standard cycles): 1224 Estimated annual water consumption of a four-person household, which always uses this washer-dryer for drying, in l (200 standard cycles): 24,000 Estimated annual energy consumption of a four-person household never using this washer-dryer for drying, in kWh (200 standard cycles): 198 Estimated annual water consumption of a four-person household never using this washer-dryer for drying, in l (200 standard cycles): 13800 Noise emission in dB (A) re 1 pW (washing): 47 Noise emission in dB (A) re 1 pW (spin): 71 Noise emission in dB (A) re 1 pW (drying): 61 Technical specifications: wash & dry 9 / 6kg iSensoric Performance and consumption Label: Energy efficiency class A on an energy efficiency rating scale from A to G / Washing efficiency class A Energy consumption washing and drying 6.12 kWh, water consumption Washing and drying 120 l in the label / standard program Capacity: 9 kg washing - 6 kg drying Non-stop washing and drying programs for normal household load up to 6 kg Whirlwind tours: 1400 - 400 rpm Noise level washing in dB: 47 Noise value Spin in dB: 71 Noise value drying in db: 61 programs Standard programs Wash: Cotton, Easy Care, Fine / Silk, Wool / Hand Wash Special Programs Washing: Hygiene, Drum Cleaning (with reminder function), Super 15, Towels, Shirts / Business, Mix, MyTime, Outdoor / Impregnate, Rinse / Spin / Drain All common washing programs can also be used as a pure drying program or as a combined washing and drying program Standard programs Drying: Cotton, Easy care Special Programs Dry: Refresh, My Time, Wash & Dry 60 ' options varioSpeed: Up to 65% shorter washing time Washing Options: Anti-crease, EcoPerfect, Extra Rinse, Child Lock, Favorite Programs, Quiet Wash, SpeedPerfect, Prewash, Water Plus Options Drying: Iron Dry, Eco, Night Dry / Dry Dry, Solo Dry, Speed, Cupboard Dry, Cupboard Dry +, Wash + Dry Drying option for most washing programs autoDry function, time programs Comfort and safety Refill function: Interrupt the already started washing process in order to put more laundry items in the drum. Exceptionally comfortable control thanks to beveled control panel for better readability and more ergonomics aquaStop with lifelong protection against water damage iQdrive: energy-saving and quietest engine technology, iQdrive: energy-saving and quietest engine technology Large, clear DirectSelect touch LED display for program execution, temperature selection, max. Spin speed, remaining time display and 24 h end time preselection, load recommendation and consumption display soft drum: particularly gentle laundry care Drum interior lighting: LED integrated 32 cm porthole white, black with 130 ° door opening angle waterPerfect Plus: resource-saving water management anti-vibration design: more stability and smoothness sound insulation foam detection balance control Signal at the end of the program selfCleaning Condenser childlock Porthole with glass cover Porthole stop on the left Metal closure hook comfort closure Technical information can be pushed from 85 cm niche height Device dimensions (H x W): 84.8 cm x 59.8 cm Device depth: 62.0 cm Device depth incl. Door: 64.5 cm Device depth with open door: 114.2 cm

Siemens WM14N123 iQ300 7 kg front-loading washing machine, 1400 rpm, speedPack L, LED display, outdoor program, iQdrive, white

€546,62 / 2076,45 ₪
speedPack L – accelerate programs or wash in just 15 minutes. You have the choice.
LED display simpleTouch - Displays all relevant information clearly and is easy to use thanks to the sensor keys.
Outdoor program – gentle cleaning for water-repellent textiles, seams and membranes.
iQdrive - Efficient, durable and quiet.
Special programmes: Drum cleaning (with reminder function), shirts/business, hygiene, outdoor, easy-care plus, spin/drain, quick/mix, rinse, quilts, super 30'/15', delicate/silk, wool hand wash.
varioSpeed: washing times reduced by up to 65%.
touchControl buttons: prewash, ready in, temperature, varioSpeed, start/pause with refill function, speed selection/without spin.
Device dimensions (H x W): 84.8 cm x 59.8 cm.

Siemens WM14N177 iQ300 washing machine 1400 rpm

€496,98 / 1887,88 ₪
Accelerate your programs or wash in just 15 minutes - speedPack L for washing machines.
Displays all relevant information clearly and is easy to use thanks to the sensor keys - LED display simpleTouch.
Gentle cleaning of high-quality outdoor clothing - outdoor program.
Efficient, durable and quiet - iQdrive.
anti-vibration design: more stability and smoothness.
Fully electronic one-button operation for all washing and special programs.
Large display for temperature, speed, remaining time, 24-hour end time preselection and load recommendation.
30 cm porthole, grey, white with 180° door opening angle.
Dimensions (H x W D): approx. 84.8 x 59.8 x 55.0 cm.

Siemens WM14VE43 iQ800 Washing Machine / 9 kg / A / 1400 rpm / i-Dos Dosage / Smart Home Compatible via Home Connect / Anti-Stain System

€1158,80 / 4401,93 ₪
Home Connect: The smart washing machine finds the optimal washing program: choose laundry colour, material and degree of dirt in the app – you will get the best results with every wash.
i-Dos: the automatic dosing system determines the right amount of detergent and water you need – this protects valuable resources and also your wallet.
speedPack XL: speed up the washing process with the time-saving varioSpeed option. For more flexible plannability and more time in everyday life.
Display: with the digital multi-touch LED display, the washing machine can be controlled intuitively and with the highest precision. This makes the right setting a breeze.
aquaStop: the aquaStop system effectively prevents water damage: if leakage is detected, it immediately stops the water inlet.
Product Dimensions ‎59 x 59.8 x 84.8 cm.

Siemens WM14VG94 iQ800, washing machine, front loader, 9 kg, extra class

€993,91 / 3775,57 ₪
speedPack XL – accelerate programmes, set the duration or wash in just 15 minutes.
Anti-stain system - reliably removes 16 of the most stubborn types of stains.
multiTouch TFT display - extremely simple operation and maximum functionality.
Outdoor program – gentle cleaning for water-repellent textiles, seams and membranes.
Laundry capacity (kg): 9.
Housing Properties pluggable deviceYes width (cm)59.8 height (cm)84.8.

Siemens WT47W5W0 iQ700 heat pump dryer / A +++ / 8 kg / Large display with end time preselection / white

€752,88 / 2859,97 ₪

Dryer type: Condensation with heat pump technology
Nominal capacity for standard cotton program when fully filled: 8 kg cotton wash
AutoDry: Moisture-controlled drying programs
Illuminated program selector with integrated on / off switch

Siemens WT47XE40 9 kg A +++ heat pump dryer, intelligentCleaning system, anti-crease, softDry

€1138,90 / 4326,34 ₪
Filter cleaning only after every 20th cycle - intelligentCleaning system.
Control and operate your dryer while you are out and about - with the Home Connect app (Android and iOS).
The right drying program automatically - intelligentDry.
Iron significantly less - smartFinish.
Dries extremely efficiently - A +++.
Energy consumption of 193.0 kWh / year based on 160 drying cycles for the standard cotton program with full Filling and partial filling as well as the consumption of the operating modes with low power consumption.
AutoDry: humidity-controlled drying.
Device dimensions (H x W x D): 84.2 cmx59.8 cmx59.9 cm.

Siemens WT47XE90 iQ800 Heat pump dryer 9 kg

€1163,20 / 4418,65 ₪
Control and access to your dryer, no matter where you are - with the easy-to-use Home Connect app. (Available for iOS and Android).
Reduces even strong creases before ironing: the smartFinish program for suits, shirts and blouses.
A +++: dries particularly efficiently.
The comfortTouch TFT display offers the highest level of ease of use with the greatest variety of functions.
Sensor-controlled autoDry technology prevents laundry from shrinking while drying.
Outdoor program for the gentle drying of functional textiles for sports and outdoor activities.
Capacity (kg): 9.
Type of dryer: condensation.
Housing properties: insertable device: Yes Width (cm)59.8 Height (cm)84.2 Height adjustment: Yes Height adjustable by x cm1.5 Depth (cm)59.9.

Silvercrest hot air fryer, with 8 programs

€54,94 / 208,70 ₪
For deep-frying without additional oil or fat.
Flexible use: deep-frying, grilling, baking and cooking.
LED touch display with 8 preset programs.
Temperature setting from 80 ° C to 200 ° C.
Timer setting: 0 - 60 minutes.
Stainless steel heating element with fan and overheating protection.
With quick start function.
Removable frying basket, non-stick coating (ILAG® Corflon ULTRA) and dishwasher-safe.
Capacity: max. 2.3 l.
Power: 1400 W.

Silvercrest kettle SWKC 3000, 3100 W.

€24,94 / 94,74 ₪
With high quality stainless steel housing.
Automatic safety switch-off and dry-boil protection.
With removable limescale filter and water level indicator.
360 ° rotating base.
Filling quantity: max. 1.8 l.