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Bompani Retro Nostalgia hood / cream / 90 cm / LED lighting / powerful engine

€716.17 / 2720.51 ₪
Line Retro
Commands Touch control
Flow 850 m3
Dimensions : Width 90 cm Depth 50 cm Height 77 cm

Air Force Gabrielle Scala

€1398.00 / 5310.58 ₪
Simple and beautiful ceiling fan with LED panel
Very good illumination with 17 watts
Light color adjustable from 2600 - 6000 Kelvin
Very good absorption of fats and odors
Article width: 100x50cm
Engine power: Circulation air 750 m3/h
Exhaust air 800 m3/h
Energy efficiency class: A+
Degree of fat separation: C (> 75 - 85%)
Volume: Min 48 - Max 65db(A)
Colour: stainless steel
Furnishing: remote control
Operating mode: exhaust air
circulating air
Lighting: 17 watt LED; 2600-6000K
Steering: Remote control: 5 levels
engine incl.: Yes
Odor filter incl.: no
Material: Glass stainless steel

Bosch DWF97RV20 Series 8 / Extractor hood / Chimney hood / 89 cm / Metal grease filter, dishwasher-safe

€1153.71 / 4382.60 ₪

Very quiet: best extraction performance with low noise
7-segment display with operating ring: Comfortable selection of desired output level and light by turning the control ring
Exhaust air flow: provides fast up to 730 m³ / h for an optimal kitchen climate
Home Connect: Connected home appliances from Bosch for a lighter everyday life. (only in countries where Home Connect Service is available)
PerfectAir Air Quality Sensor: Automatically controls the power level for best exhaust performance with the lowest noise

Bosch DWF97RV60 cooker hood / chimney hood / 89 cm / Silence whisper quiet

€1222.99 / 4645.77 ₪ €1299.00 / 4934.51 ₪

Extractor hood in flat design: With this design highlight, you always have your pots and pans in view.
Especially quiet: best pull-off performance with low noise
7-segment display with operating ring: Comfortable selection of desired output level and light by turning the control ring
exhaust air output: with up to 730 m³ / h quickly ensures an optimal kitchen climate
Home Connect: Networked home appliances from Bosch for a lighter everyday life. (only in countries where Home Connect Service is available)

Bosch DWK67CM60, series | 4, wall hood, 60 cm, clear glass printed black

€629.88 / 2392.73 ₪
DirectSelect operation: set the extractor hood quickly by touch.
LED lighting: for perfect illumination of the cooking area with extremely low energy consumption.
Intensive level: removes strong cooking odors particularly quickly and effectively.
Max. flow rate: 700 m3/h.
Easy-to-clean inner frame.
Device dimensions exhaust air (HxWxD): 928-1198 x 590 x 499 mm.
Device dimensions circulating air with chimney (HxWxD): 988-1258 x 590 x 499 mm.
Device dimensions, circulating air without chimney (HxWxD): 370 x 590 x 499 mm.

Bosch DWK87CM60 series 4 wall-mounted hood ,clear glass black

€615.71 / 2338.90 ₪

DirectSelect operation: The desired power level and light can be set quickly
Intensive level: removes strong cooking odors particularly quickly and effectively
High fan performance
TouchSelect operation
Appliance dimensions H x W x D (cm): 37 x 79 x 49.9

Elica PRF0167045A Hilight-X H16 IX/A/100 ceiling fan stainless steel

€1111.05 / 4220.55 ₪
Flush with the ceiling, the attractive stainless steel panel with two elegant LED light strips cleverly conceals the powerful and silent exhaust system.
Designed to guarantee maximum performance despite the greater distance from the hob.
Thanks to its typically compact size of up to 16 cm, the particularly narrow version is suitable for even the most difficult installation conditions without having to forego strong extraction performance.
Dimensions: 1000 x 570mm.
Operation: 3G+2I remote control.

Falmec LUMEN 120 Island Hood Stainless Steel Design 100184

€1195.00 / 4539.45 ₪
Lighting dimmable: no Randabsaugung: no operable by remote control: yes Dishwasher Suitable metal grease filter: yes filter saturation indicator: yes externally possible engine: yes odor sensor no ionization: no lighting fluorescent lamp operation hood pushbuttons Operating modes Extract air and recirculation mode Wide extractor hood 120 cm Blower output in m³ / h 670 4 power levels Color cooker hood stainless steel consumption A fluid-dynamic efficiency class B grease separation: 80% power consumption in the standby state 0.95 watts A fluid-dynamic efficiency of 26.3% illumination efficiency class G air flow at minimum speed in normal operation 270 m³ / h air flow at maximum speed in normal operation 470 m³ / h air flow in operation on the intensive level / high-speed stage 670 m³ / h A-airborne noise at minimum speed in normal operation 52 dB A-weighted airborne noise at maximum speed in normal operation 64 dB A-weighted airborne sound emission during operation on the intensive level / high-speed stage 71 dB Energy efficiency class C

Falmec LUMEN 120 Wall Hood Stainless Steel Design 100178

€899.00 / 3415.03 ₪
Wall cover 120 cm High-quality, brushed stainless steel (AISI 304) Stainless steel metal grease filter "Top", dishwasher-safe 4-stage electronics Neon light strip Motor and control 800 m3 / h 4-stage electronics Filter Top 285x301 mm Carbon filter type B Lighting Neon 1x28W

Franke Dawn FDW 908 IB XS Table Hood Retractable Down Power 88 cm 670 m³/h [Energy Class B]

€1228.56 / 4666.93 ₪
Control: touch control and
Lighting: LED panel - 1 x 7 W, dimmable.
Aluminium filter for cleaning in the dishwasher; motor energy.
Display of carbon filter saturation.
Child safety lock.
Dimensions 80.2 x 25 x 64.6 cm

Gorenje DTA6SY2B wall vertical Extractor hood

€399.85 / 1518.91 ₪
Venting with air extraction or recirculation
Material of housing/chimney: varnished steel / stainless steel
Colour of housing/chimney: black / stainless steel
AdaptTech venting: Memorizing intelligent system
Control setting: Simplicity knob for easy control
Filter material: Aluminium
Dimensions (W×H×D): 60 × 9.5 × 43.5 cm

Gorenje HOOD FILTER 428642

€29.55 / 112.25 ₪
Carbon filter

KKT KOLBE BICOLORE807SM Extractor Hood, 80 cm, Stainless Steel / Black Glass, WLAN, Automatic Timer, RGBW LED Lighting, SensorTouch Operation

€319.99 / 1215.55 ₪
Colour changing: thanks to the integrated RGB ambient lighting of the BICOLORE807SM cooker hood, your kitchen will shine in a completely new soft light. Enjoy your favourite colours in your kitchen during or after meal preparation.
Efficient: The energy efficiency class of A helps you to keep your energy costs low.
Power levels: the BiCOLORE807SM cooker hood from KKT piston is adjustable in 4 fan settings and frees your kitchen from cooking steams and odours of all kinds.
Touch control: with the intuitive TouchSelect sensor control, you can operate your device extremely quickly and easily through the different levels and programs.
Head-freedom: don't take care, you hit your head against it... forget it! Thanks to the 80 cm wide and oblique shape of the BICOLORE807SM hood, you can move freely and safely on the hob without headaches.
Dimensions ‎39 x 80 x 115 cm

Klarstein Beretta Island Cooker Hood 35 cm (Diameter) / 60 cm Cover, Exhaust / Recirculation 650 m³/h, Includes Activated Carbon Filters, Energy Efficiency Class C, Black

€399.99 / 1519.44 ₪
Best air in the kitchen: fire free against steam and kitchen odour: the Klarstein Beretta cooker hood brings shine to the kitchen and frees the air from steam and odours.
LUXURIOUS - Perfection for the cooking island. With the Klarstein Beretta filter cooker hood, free-standing cookers get the luxurious finishing touch, because with this island hood the name says it all.
Air circulation: in three power levels, the extractor hood circles up to 650 m³/h air tirelessly and thus frees the kitchen air from grease and odours. This makes it ideal for the large spaces of an American island kitchen.
LED lighting: in all operating levels, an switchable, integrated LED cooking surface lighting provides bright, white light. Operating levels and light are easily selected via the front control panel.
Stylish dimmer: the outer appearance of the Klarstein Beretta Island hood is absolutely elegant. The round black stainless steel case gives your cooking island a stylish shine.
Item dimensions L x W x H 97 x 43 x 43 centimetres.

Liebherr FreshAir activated carbon filter 988246000

€26.99 / 102.53 ₪
Carbon filter

MIELE DA 4208 D EXTA Island cooker hood

€2649.00 / 10062.76 ₪
Island cooker hood to combine with an external fan to reduce noise in the kitchen.
Timeless design - stainless steel canopy with a width of 898 mm
Unique ease of use - Con @
Energy-efficient and uniform illumination - 4 LED spotlights
Pleasantly quiet - Miele Silence package
Safe and easy to clean - Miele
Total hood height exhaust air and external in mm 690 - 990
Width of the hood body in mm 898
Height of the hood body in mm 70
Depth of the hood body in mm 598

Miele DA 6698 W Puristic Edition 6000 HOOD

€2099.00 / 7973.47 ₪
Wall cooker hood With energy-saving LED lighting and touch controls for easy operation. Family design - based on Miele built-in appliances Unique ease of use - Con @ ctivity Powerful - 640 m3 / h in the booster stage Energy-saving and quiet - powerful ECO motor Pleasantly quiet - Miele Silence package

Miele DA 6890 worktop extractor hood stainless steel

€1899.00 / 7213.73 ₪
Family design - tailored to the built-in device generation 6000.
Powerful - 710 m³/h in the intensive setting.
Practical - 15 minutes automatic run-on time.
Suitable for every living situation - capable of extracting and recirculating air.
Ideal for combination with a panorama hob.
Housing Properties: width (cm)91.6 minimum height (cm)65.1 max height (cm)105.1 Frame Height (cm)105.1 depth (cm)36.1.

Miele DAS 4920 flat panel extractor hood stainless steel

€849.00 / 3225.10 ₪
Classic design - stainless steel panel with a width of 90 cm.
Unique ease of use - Con@ctivity.
Uniform illumination thanks to the LED strip.
Efficient Filtering - 10-layer stainless steel metal grease filter.
Air recirculation mode with Active AirClean or Longlife AirClean filter.
Housing Properties: width (cm)89.6 depth (cm)27.3.
built-in properties: Minimum distance above gas hob (cm)65 Minimum distance above Electric hob (cm)45.