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    Vtech Adventure Game Table

    €36,99 / 149,52 ₪
    With the adventure game table by vtech the child learns and learns first numbers, letters, shapes and colors. Play table including demo batteries Numbers, letters, colors, shapes, animals, telephone Automatic shut-off, 2-level volume control From 12 months to 3 years Colorful plastic Many elements for pushing, rotating and pressing with 3 sung songs and 10 melodies invite the child to explore and play. The moveable steering wheel with horn and shift knob just like the 3 illuminated buttons with shapes and the operable letter wheel provides for fun while learning and playing. In addition there is a book and bicycles as well as a book page for turning. Even the smallest can play with the removable feet with the adventure table on the ground.

    VTech 80-192623 Toet Trolley in (in Dutch)

    €58,20 / 235,25 ₪

    Batteries included
    Funny toys with funny colors
    Suitable for children over 1 years

    Vtech Baby - Steering Wheel Crazy, Toy for Baby (3480 - 166622)

    €35,00 / 141,47 ₪

    10 melodies and 2 songs
    3 game modes: animals, driving and music
    Interactive steering wheel with voice


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