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    K2 Kids Inline Skate Saver SK8 Hero Pro Jr Pad Set Black - Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wristguards - Prodectors Skateboard Protective Gear

    €11,99 / 46,66 ₪

    Recycled Material PET Mesh Fabric, Lining and Laces
    Stability Plus Cuff: The Lightweight Evolution of the K2 Stability Cuff Reinforced Stiff Cuff Offers Low-Weight Support TEC Composite Rail: This profiled medium length Rail made of composite material provides both
    Ideal power transmission and even absorption
    Color: Black / Sizes: XS, S

    Micro Mobility MicroSprite

    €73,99 / 287,96 ₪

    Micro Scooter Maxi Deluxe

    €119,05 / 463,33 ₪ €139,99 / 544,83 ₪
    Age class: Kids 5-12 years Product Kind: Kickboard Size of wheel: 120 mm Maximum Load: 70 kg (Deluxe Version) Special Features: Height-adjustable handlebar

    Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter

    €75,99 / 295,75 ₪
    The mini micro is a kickboard® for children from 3 years. It has been specially developed in collaboration with Swiss specialists for preschool children, because it promotes movement, motor skills, coordination and balance. A kickboard® with special axle steering and removable T-handle bar, which is equipped with a child safety lock

    Skateboard black

    €18,90 / 73,56 ₪
    Skateboard black Hudora

    Skateboard green

    €18,90 / 73,56 ₪
    Skateboard light green Hudora

    Skateboard orange

    €18,90 / 73,56 ₪
    Skateboard orange Hudora


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