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Balea Hand cream chamomile, 100 ml

€0,91 / 3,34 ₪
Skin soothing care.
With natural chamomile.
For sensitive hands.

Balea Hand cream daydreamer, 100 ml

€0,91 / 3,34 ₪
With an enchanting dream fragrance.
Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

Balea Liquid soap coconut & lotus blossom, 500 ml

€0,69 / 2,53 ₪
Formulation without microplastics & water-soluble, purely synthetic polymers
Moisture formula

Balea Liquid soap milk & honey, 500 ml

€0,69 / 2,53 ₪
Moisture Care formula
Moisture formula
With manuka honey extract

Balea Liquid soap My Summer Paradise, 500 ml

€0,69 / 2,53 ₪
With vanilla extract and the smell of velvety peaches
Maintains the skin's natural moisture balance

Balea Liquid soap raspberry & magnolia refill pack, 750 ml

€0,80 / 2,93 ₪
Moisture Care formula
Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

Balea Liquid soap sensitive with aloe vera, 500 ml

€0,69 / 2,53 ₪
Moisturizing ingredients
With aloe vera
Gentle scent

Balea Liquid soap Vamos a la Playa, 500 ml

€0,69 / 2,53 ₪
With watermelon extract and the scent of dragon fruit and mango
Maintains the skin's natural moisture balance

Balea Lovely rose hand cream with rose water, 75 ml

€1,55 / 5,68 ₪
Protects the skin from drying out.
Formulation without microplastics and water-soluble, purely synthetic polymers.
or a silky-soft skin feeling.

Balea Magic Forest hand cream, 100 ml

€0,80 / 2,93 ₪
With a fairytale scent.
For dry hands.

Balea Shower Gel Family Fresh Energy, 500 ml

€0,75 / 2,75 ₪
For every day Gives energetic momentum Fruity scent

sera 07018 KOI Professional Summer Food 7 kg - For extra energy at temperatures above 17 ° C with a balanced protein / fat ratio

€40,99 / 150,25 ₪
sera KOI Professional - the first co-extruded Koi feed
Ring: Seasonally optimized feed mix for a diet naturally needed by Koi.
Core: Contains the sera Vital Immune Protect formula, produced in the particularly gentle low-temperature process.
Optimum fatty acid composition with omega-3 fatty acids. Balanced carbohydrate content, rich in high-quality fish protein.
For high usability, less water pollution and clear water

sera Vipachips 10 liters - food specialty for all bottom fish with spirulina algae

€59,95 / 219,75 ₪
Suitable for Lower water level fish, shrimp, fresh water
composition: Fish meal, wheat flour, corn starch, wheat germ, Hermetia (4%), brewer's yeast, whole egg powder, fish oil (including 49% omega fatty acids), milk powder, mannan oligosaccharides, herbs, alfalfa, nettle, green-lipped mussel, parsley, seaweed, paprika, spirulina, Spinach, carrots, Haematococcus algae, garlic.
analytical components: Crude protein 35.0%, crude fat 7.5%, crude fiber 4.6%, moisture 5.0%, crude ash 6.4%.