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    AL-KO-TE, 1-season feed for Kois, summer months, floating pellets, staple food Multi Mix, Length: 6 mm

    €48,90 / 191,82 ₪
    In summer: Floating main food for Koi over 25 cm at a water temperature over 12 degrees *Adapted to the special nutritional needs in summer - raw material composition with spirulina, paprika and wheat germ. *Low proportion of raw ash and high quality of raw materials: Easily digestible, low water pollution, intensification of color design. *Scope of supply: 1 x 13.5 kg bag AL-KO-TE, 1-season feed, multi mix, for koi and pond fish, Length: 6 mm.

    AL-KO-TE, 3-season feed for Kois, spring to autumn, floating pellets, staple food professional mix Length: 6 mm

    €62,86 / 246,58 ₪
    For spring, summer and autumn: Floating main food for Koi over 25 cm at a water temperature over 8 degrees After hibernation or to build up energy reserves in autumn: With high-quality wheat germ, spirulina, fish meal and beta-gluance Low proportion of raw ash and high quality of raw materials: Easily digestible, low water pollution, promotion of healthy growth, improvement of condition Feeding recommendation: As much as fish in 5 min. take up Length: 6 mm 13,5 kg

    API 5 in 1 Tester for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums

    €12,80 / 50,21 ₪
    Harmful in contact with skin Harmful if swallowed Causes severe skin burns and eye damage May be corrosive to metals Causes serious eye damage Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Causes serious eye irritation Harmful if inhaled

    Bayer Bolfo collar for dogs

    €9,99 / 39,19 ₪
    field of use skin complaint against fleas, against hair pieces, against ticks

    Bayer Seresto collar for dogs

    €30,63 / 120,15 ₪
    application For dogs field of use skin complaint against fleas, against hair pieces, against ticks

    Bissell 2550 Multi-Surface Pet Cleaner with Febreze Fragrance, Specially Designed for Pet Dirt, for Crosswave, Crosswave Pet Pro and Spinwave, 1 x 1 L

    €17,98 / 70,53 ₪

    Concentrated Cleaner for Your Crosswave Pet Pro, Crosswave or Spinwave Removes embedded dirt, mud, paw prints and other pet dirt; leaves no streaks; Brings fresh scent to your home
    Removes Febreze-freshening odors: The contained molecules capture and bind volatile hydrocarbons, eliminating odors and refreshing the entire room during cleaning
    Multi-surface cleaners for Hardwood Floors, Tiles, Laminate and Carpets (Rugs only in combination with Crosswave or Crosswave Pet Pro - Spinwave is only for hard floors)
    BISSELL Pet Multi-Surface Cleaner contains no heavy metals, phosphates or coloring ingredients and is safe to use in your family or pet household as well as for the environment

    Bolfo 81282014 °FÃ1/4r Cats and Small Dogs Flea Killer 35 cm

    €15,55 / 61,00 ₪
    Item Weight 18.1 g Package Dimensions 11 x 11 x 2.2 cm Item model number 81282014

    bosch biscuit lamb & rice

    €16,59 / 65,08 ₪
    5 Kg

    Canina 741656 Petvital Verminex Shampoo 250 ml

    €13,98 / 54,84 ₪
    Pest protection against pests PH neutral Gentle on hair and skin Removes unpleasant odours

    Canina BARFER's Oil 500 ml.

    €17,16 / 67,31 ₪
    Canina Barfer's oil Canina Barfer's oil is used as a perfect dietary supplement at Barf lining and delivers essential fatty acids for the entire metabolism of the dog and particularly also the health of skin. More and more walker for the come. Barfer's oil is derived from natural, cold pressed hemp at low temperatures and anschließender mechanical filtration. On a raffination damping is omitted. Hempseed oil delivers essential fatty acids for the whole of the metabolism of the dog and particularly also the health of skin (Gamma Linolenic Acid). It's good digested and due to its Nussartigen taste dogs love. Hemp oil contains essential fatty acids and therefore the dog's body does not produce even using the food Zugefüttert. With its vital ingredients has Hempseed Oil it is a must have for dogs with with the Barf Rohfleisch system nourishes, a great addition. Combined with Canina Barfer's best covers for Barfer's oil the entire For Daily Use And Complete so each lining – Raw or Cooked Meat. Composition of Canina Barfer's oil: Hempseed oil (Natural cold-pressed). Ingredients per kg: Fat 100%, of which saturated fatty acids 11% Easy to take with you wherever you're going, fatty acids 13%, fatty acids 76% (Gamma Linolenic Acid 3%). Energy content per 100 g for Barfer's oil: 900kcal/3.700kj Recommended dosage by day and toy: 1 teaspoon (approx. 5 ml) per 10 kg of body weight.

    Canina Biotin Forte Tablets for dogs, 1 Pack (1 x 2 kg)

    €124,90 / 489,95 ₪
    with a natural vitamin B content
    Biotin for healthy skin, crusty coat, optimal pigmentation & solid claws
    biotin content per kg 1500mg

    Canina Canhydrox GAG Tablets, 2 kg

    €158,79 / 622,89 ₪
    especially for large and heavy breeds
    provides for the supply of connective tissue, joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and teeth.
    Training of a strong dentition
    Training of a stable skeleton

    DENKMIT Textile freshener, 750 ml

    €1,49 / 5,84 ₪
    With fresh scent With innovative Neutraroma technology Neutralizes odors For textiles, shoes, carpets, upholstered furniture and curtains Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

    Easy Life Easystart Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Starter

    €12,88 / 50,52 ₪

    'Eyes Angels' Eyes Natural Supplement For Dogs

    €17,22 / 67,55 ₪
    Anti-Tear Stain Formula without Antibiotics
    Recommended for Both Shedding a Non-shedding Breeds
    Extremely Palatable
    Proudly Made in the USA
    100% Freeze Dried Beef Liver

    Febreze fabric Freshener against animal odors Spray Bottle

    €4,35 / 17,06 ₪
    Removes stubborn odors and refreshes textiles
    Patented and proven Febreze technology: Eliminates odors for a long time without covering them
    Excellent for clothes, curtains, bed, pillows, rug, couch, sports equipment 500 ml

    flexi New Neon Dog leash, M / L

    €18,98 / 74,45 ₪
    Reflective 5 m harness for dogs up to max. 50 kg
    Made in Germany

    FRONTLINE® Ampules for dogs 10-20 kg. for ticks, fleas and lice

    €18,85 / 73,94 ₪
    FRONTLINE® is a highly effective contact antiparasitic for the reliable control of ticks, fleas and lice. 3 Ampules included.

    Hoka Mix Dog's powder

    €27,00 / 105,91 ₪

    Pets accessories

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