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    Dryer Miele TCE630WP Eco T1 heat pump dryer with A +++ and EcoDry technology for highest efficiency - a device life long

    €958,00 / 3786,78 ₪
    EcoDry technology Save, a dryer life long The filter system and the maintenance-free heat exchanger keep energy consumption and runtime constantly low. Best A +++ performance: highest efficiency and optimum results. Maintenance-free heat exchanger Well protected: A filter protects the heat exchanger and makes its cleaning superfluous. Energy efficiency class (A +++ - D) A +++ Annual electricity consumption in kWh 171 Runtime in the standard program in min 177 Noise in the program cotton full load in db (A) re1pW 66 Condensation efficiency class A Electricity consumption in the standard program Cotton Cupboard dry at full load in kWh 1.41 Maintenance-free heat exchanger EcoDry technology ProfiEco engine Dimensions in mm (width) 596 Dimensions in mm (height) 850 Dimensions in mm (depth) 636

    DA 4208 D EXTA Island cooker hood

    €2649,00 / 10470,97 ₪
    Island cooker hood to combine with an external fan to reduce noise in the kitchen.
    Timeless design - stainless steel canopy with a width of 898 mm
    Unique ease of use - Con @
    Energy-efficient and uniform illumination - 4 LED spotlights
    Pleasantly quiet - Miele Silence package
    Safe and easy to clean - Miele
    Total hood height exhaust air and external in mm 690 - 990
    Width of the hood body in mm 898
    Height of the hood body in mm 70
    Depth of the hood body in mm 598

    DGC 6800 Steamer with full oven function XL - the Miele all-rounder for the highest demands.

    €3899,00 / 15411,97 ₪
    Product details - DGC 6800 EAN: 4002515277997 / Material number: 09505210 design Steamer with oven function • design Pure Line • device color Obsidian Black enjoy benefits Electronic temperature control oven operation in ° C 30 - 225 Electronic temperature control Steam cooking in ° C 40 - 100 External steam generation • air sensor • Individual adjustment of the humidity in the Combigaren • Menu cooking without taste transfer • Wireless food thermometer • Automatic programs with individual adjustment of the cooking result • keeping warm • modes thawing • automatic programs over 200 Country-specific automatic programs • Combination mode • steaming • Sous-vide • Heat • Grill big • Barbecue small • hot air plus • intensive bake • Cake special • Two-sided heat • top heat • under heat • under heat • under heat • Fan grill • special applications • ease of use Multilingua • MyMiele • Help function • Search function automatic programs • Search function automatic programs • Steam cooking at up to 3 levels at the same time • Motorized opening and closing lift cover • Automatic menu cooking with steam • Quantity-independent cooking • Steam reduction before the end of cooking • Daytime display • Polyphonic beeps • Display date • Timer • Time memory in h 200 Time memory in h 200 Start-stop programming • Start-stop programming • Automatic shutdown • Automatic shutdown • Actual temperature display • Recommended temperature • Beep when the setpoint temperature is reached • Beep when reaching the setpoint temperature • Own programs 20 Sabbath program • Individual settings • door CleanGlass door • By glazed door • doorstop below doorstop below oven XL oven • Cooking space volume in l 48 PerfectClean stainless steel cooking chamber • Number of shelf levels 3 Marking of the shelf levels • Removable cradles with PerfectClean • Number of halogen lighting doubly Number of halogen lighting doubly Convenient care Cooking space with PerfectClean • External steam generator • Care program soaking • Care program rinsing • Oven-drying program • Quick plug closure for receiving grid • Automatic descaling • Steam technology and water supply Multi team • Water supply for about 90 minutes cooking time • Fresh water tank • Condensate tank behind motor lift panel • Sieve • Efficiency and sustainability Energy saving lighting • Energy saving lighting • fast heating • fast heating • Home appliance networking Miele @ home • Miele @ home • Required replaceable accessories XKM 3100W DG_NEC_ACCESSORIE XKM 3100W WiFiConn @ ct • WiFiConn @ ct • SuperVision display • SuperVision display • security Device cooling system with cool front • Device cooling system with cool front • System lock • safety switch-off • Fume cooling system • Door switch • Door switch • Technical specifications Niche width in mm 560 - 568 Niche height in mm 450 - 452 Niche depth in mm 555 Device width in mm 595 Device height in mm 456 Device depth in mm 572 Weight in kg 41.5 Total connection value in kW 3.4 Tension in V 230 Frequency in Hz 50-60 Hedging in A 16 number of phases 1 included supply Number of universal sheets with PerfectClean 1 CombiRost with PerfectClean 1 FlexiClip full extension with PerfectClean • Mounting grid with PerfectClean • Number of perforated stainless steel cooking containers 2 Number of unperforated stainless steel cooking containers 1 grease filter • power plug • Entkalkungstabletten • Entkalkungstabletten • DGClean cleaner •

    Dryer Miele TMG 440 WP

    €1315,00 / 5197,93 ₪

    K 2901 Vi MasterCool refrigerator for top-class design and technology in large format.

    €7699,00 / 30432,61 ₪
    Built-in device integrated Niche width in mm 914-918 Niche height in mm 2,134-2,164 Niche depth in mm 629 Device width in mm 908 Device height in mm 2,127 Device depth in mm 629 Climate class SN-T Total useful content 567 L

    Miele SMLL0 Triflex HX1 Comfort 3 in 1 Bagless Battery Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Automatic Mode

    €603,40 / 2385,12 ₪

    Innovative 3-in-1 function for all needs - floor, furniture, ceiling
    Replaceable Varta Li-Ion battery
    28 cm wide electric brush with automatic coating detection for effortless, fast and efficient cleaning

    Miele 10563710 Washing Machine Accessories Twin-Dos-Care, 1.5 L

    €12,94 / 51,15 ₪

    For rinsing the TwinDos dosing lines
    To be used before a longer period of use (at least 2 months)
    To be applied before changing the product
    Ensures the optimum function of the automatic dosing system
    High yield - for 4-5 rinses

    MIELE 41996572 GN Hyclean 3D

    €16,59 / 65,58 ₪

    4 dust bags, 1 motor protection filter, 1 exhaust air filter
    Color of the dust bag holding plate blue
    Pack dimensions (WxHxD) (cm): 165 mm / 95 mm / 230 mm

    Miele AQUA fragrance flacon, 12.5 ml For 50 drying cycles

    €12,81 / 50,64 ₪
    For a fresh fragrance that lasts up to four weeks
    Beautifully fragrant laundry – without fabric conditioner
    AQUA: total purity, fresh scent and deep cleanliness
    Specially developed for Miele by perfumers from in the Provence

    Miele Blizzard CX1 Comfort Vacuum Cleaner

    €349,00 / 1379,53 ₪
    Powerful cleaning performance through Vortex technology - 550 W Comfort handle with integrated control Maximum air hygiene through HEPA AirClean Lifetime Filter Outstanding and efficient cleaning with EcoTeQ Plus nozzle Gentle to sensitive hard floors - flexible Parquet Twister XL

    Miele Blizzard CX1 Parquet EcoLine vacuum cleaner (without bag, EEK A +, 2, 5 liter dust bag volume, 550 Watt, 11 m radius of action, incl. Flexible, floor-protecting parquet brush and HEPA filter) blue

    €309,00 / 1221,42 ₪

    Powerful cleaning performance through Vortex technology 550 Watt
    Maximum air hygiene through HEPA Airclean Lifetime Filter
    Outstanding and efficient cleaning with EcoTeq Plus nozzle
    Gentle on sensitive hard floors, flexible Parquet Twister nozzle

    Miele Blizzard CX1 PowerLine vacuum cleaner, plastic, 2 liters

    €309,00 / 1221,42 ₪

    Huge airflow - Vortex technology allows the bagless Miele vacuum cleaner to deliver airflow in excess of 100km / h for the best cleaning results
    Wide range of action - This vacuum cleaner makes it easy to vacuum larger areas, cables Hygienic draining - The Miele vacuum cleaner is bagless, but has a dust container that can be emptied hygienically Coarse and fine dust separated
    Easy to operate The vacuum cleaner can be operated via the suction tube and hose the knob. The cable can be easily rewound using the foot switch or keytip.
    Practical delivery - Miele Blizzard CX1 PowerLine, bagless vacuum cleaner, operating radius: 11 m, upholstery and crevice nozzle, suction brush (enclosed loosely) 890 W, gray

    Miele Cartridge Set 4161

    €68,99 / 272,70 ₪
    Twindos liquid set Waschmittel Ultra phase 1 and 2 for your washing machine W1 with Twindos 2 component detergent for colorful and white 3 cartridges Ultra phase 1 oz 1.5 L 2 cartridges Ultra phase 2 oz 1.5 L

    Miele control cable 12 m (STL-DA 12)

    €94,00 / 371,56 ₪
    Control line necessary to connect an external blower to the hood.

    Miele CS 7612 FL SmartLine hob with induction

    €1198,90 / 4739,01 ₪
    Type of device: built-in device Colour: black Dimension in mm (width): 378 Dimensions in mm (width) with outer packaging: 480 Niche width in mm (min - max.): 358 - Dimension in mm (height): 51 Dimensions in mm (height) with outer packaging: 202 Dimension in mm (depth): 520 Dimensions in mm (depth) with outer packaging: 588 Niche depth in mm: 500 Product weight in kg: 6.6 Product weight in kg with outer packaging: 7.6 Included Accessories: connection cable Connector Type: Schuko plug with grounding Length of connecting cable in cm: 145

    Miele DA 3668 flat panel cover stainless steel EEK: A ++

    €1629,00 / 6439,11 ₪
    Filigree design - extremely flat Wrasenschirm in 592 mm width Unique ease of use - Con @ ctivity 2.0 / 3.0 Energy-efficient and uniform illumination - 2 LED spotlights Powerful - 635 m3 / h in the booster stage Energy-saving and quiet - powerful ECO motor

    Miele DA 6698 W Puristic Edition 6000 HOOD

    €2099,00 / 8296,93 ₪
    Wall cooker hood With energy-saving LED lighting and touch controls for easy operation. Family design - based on Miele built-in appliances Unique ease of use - Con @ ctivity Powerful - 640 m3 / h in the booster stage Energy-saving and quiet - powerful ECO motor Pleasantly quiet - Miele Silence package

    Miele DASD 150

    €89,00 / 351,80 ₪
    Silencer to reduce air and engine noise. Component for reducing noise in extractor hoods Noise reduction up to 4.5 db (A) re 1 pW Length 250 mm has a 150 mm connecting piece on each side


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