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    Leifheit 51113 Window cleaner

    €54,99 / 222,74 ₪

    Leifheit Cabino Squeegee Cleaning Shower Cubicle

    €12,79 / 51,81 ₪
    Ideal for shower enclosures of whether glass, acrylic, or tiles.

    Leifheit Comfortline Y-peeler

    €5,99 / 24,26 ₪
    The Y-peeler scores with an ergonomic and very comfortable two-zone grip of two plastic types. The white zone of the handle provides stability and the red soft zone guarantees strength and slip resistance during use. The annoying slipping with wet hands can thus be avoided. Leifheit is a three-year warranty on the product. - Leifheit Y-Peeler - dual-zone grip - of two plastic types - Stability, strength and slip resistance

    LEIFHEIT Cordless vacuum cleaner Regulus Aqua PowerVac

    €239,00 / 968,07 ₪ €269,00 / 1089,58 ₪
    Without bag and cable - no expensive bag purchase and annoying cables: as bagless vacuum cleaner with durable 24 V lithium-ion battery, it sucks for up to 22 minutes - approx. 65m2
    Two-tank system - the separation of fresh and dirty water allows for a particularly hygienic cleaning. Easy to remove water tanks for easy filling and emptying
    Practical - the suction mop is suitable for cleaning tile, plastic, stone and sealed wooden floors. It features a self-cleaning system and tank control technology
    Eco and Turbo - For even more power, the suction power of the cleaner can be changed from Eco to Turbo. The rotating microfibre rollers with 3000 revolutions per minute easily removes stains

    Leifheit Gourmet 3-in-1 Egg Slicer

    €14,99 / 60,72 ₪
    Leifheit's 3-in-1 Egg Slicer makes 3 different slices for eggs exactly the way you want them. Made of quality materials that last, this egg slicer is Leifheit, so you know it's good.

    Leifheit wall and dust broom

    €19,90 / 80,60 ₪
    Practical hand tool for effective cleaning Special shape for thorough cleaning of corners With Easy-Click system to use the separately available Leifheit telescopic handles

    Leifheit Window Cleaner 51003 Dry & Clean

    €48,90 / 198,07 ₪

    Leifheit Window Slider, Scraper

    €14,79 / 59,91 ₪

    LEIFHEIT window vacuum cleaner Nemo

    €64,28 / 260,37 ₪
    streak-free suction without drops with automatic suction function
    17 cm nozzle for vacuuming small areas
    including special bath nozzle with white pull-off lip
    45 minutes running time at 100m² thanks to the stand-by automatic
    waterproof housing according to IPX7

    Leifheit 51019 Window Cleaner

    €43,80 / 177,41 ₪

    Leifheit 51163 Washer Window Washer Washer, PP, PS, PA, Turquoise; white, 28 x 20 cm

    €11,19 / 45,33 ₪

    All-round cover cleans windows, frames and corners in one step
    2-fiber mop cover with double cleaning power: protruding special bristles dissolve coarse dirt, fine microfibre picks it up
    High water and dirt absorption
    Also suitable for large windows thanks to the wiping width of 26 cm
    Equipped with the Leifheit Click system and thus compatible with all Click-System stems

    Leifheit 52052 Set Clean Twist Mop with trolley (without splash guard)

    €40,19 / 162,79 ₪

    The new generation of sling pug with revolutionary rotation mechanism in the handle
    Water and dirt are ejected from the mop - without cumbersome foot operation and with minimal effort
    Individually dosed moisture of the microfiber pug
    With retractable handle and built-in stop mechanism
    Included in set: Mop with spin mechanism and strips of absorbent microfiber; Universal bucket; Trolley and hauling sieve

    Leifheit 81455 Classic Tower 340 tower dryer

    €32,95 / 133,46 ₪

    small space requirement: 146 x 69 x 69 cm (HxWxD)
    three dry levels with a drying length of 34 meters
    frame for half-page use hinged
    lattice individually foldable for large laundry
    mobile with 4 wheels

    Leifheit 81534 small parts holder Pegasus set of 2

    €5,99 / 24,26 ₪

    To hang small parts without clips
    Space for 27 small parts
    In the set of 2

    Leifheit AirBoard Solid Ironing Board

    €59,99 / 242,99 ₪

    For steam irons - This steam ironing board can be used for ironing with conventional irons and steam irons
    Time-saving ironing - A special cover with Thermo-Reflect technology ensures a two-sided ironing effect
    Stable and safe - the ironing board with socket is on a frame with a large footprint, which flexibly compensates for uneven floors
    Leifheit ironing board Air Board M Solid Plus, round tube base made of metal, ironing surface made of special plastic with blue cover measures 120 x 38 cm

    Leifheit french fries cutter with 2 knife inserts 3206

    €16,98 / 68,78 ₪
    47.7 x 19.9 x 29.4 cm

    Leifheit Microcut Vegetable Grater Coarse

    €10,95 / 44,35 ₪

    Extra spicy - the Microcut blades of the Vegetable Grater are extra sharp and stand out for their durability.
    Material - The blades of the kitchen rasp are made of stainless steel, the casing of black plastic. The handy vegetable cutter can therefore be easily cleaned in the dishwasher
    Coarse Grater - the planer is ideal for coarse grating cheese, butter or potatoes. Precise shredding of hard and soft items
    Efficient - the grater surface of the kitchen grinder is curved inwards for even more efficiency and speed when rubbed
    Scope of supply - Leifheit Microcut Vegetable grater coarse, with extra sharp blades, dishwasher safe, Art No. 3013

    Leifheit mop cover Profi micro duo made of microfibre with special bristles, absorbent and cleaning-strong floor mop replacement cover, wiper replacement cover for smooth floors

    €9,95 / 40,30 ₪

    Innovative finish - The floor wiper cover is made of microfibre with rows of slightly raised special bristles for clean, even in the joints.
    Perfect cleaning - The tiled wiper cover is extremely absorbent and very easy to clean All dirt and dust particles can be picked up and held securely.
    Versatile - Whether for wiping in the bathroom, living room or in the kitchen - the Leifheit floor wiper replacement cover is ideal for all smooth floors throughout the home. > Washable several times - The bottom wiper cover can be washed at 60 ° C without losing its absorbency. So it can be easily reused.
    Practical delivery - Leifheit mop micro duo, wiper cover made of microfiber, with special bristles, 75% polyester with 25% polyamide, article number 55120

    Leifheit Set wiper press Profi XL with floor wiper and rollers For cleaning with clean hands & without stooping, wiper for results How handwritten

    €48,99 / 198,43 ₪

    Back wiper set - Thanks to the technique that can be operated standing, backwashing is possible with the wiper set without bending over.
    How to move the hand - With the floor wiper set, the water is wrung out of the mop cover by pressing down the press jaws Floor dries in no time.
    Clean hands - The hands do not come into contact with the wiper water through the floor wiper set and thanks to the large wiping surface, even large rooms can be cleaned quickly.
    Simple operation - The mop cover by foot from Leifheit Release the wiper, place it in the press and press it. The bucket is easy to move thanks to rollers.
    Practical delivery - Leifheit wiper press set Profi XL with floor wiper and rollers, scrubber with a wiping width of 42 cm, article number 55096

    Leifheit Sleeve Board

    €18,95 / 76,76 ₪

    For ironing sleeves and smaller items
    Folds flat when not in use
    50 x 12 cm


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