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    Children's wooden play kitchen - "Denise" 6523

    €57,31 / 229,42 ₪
    A beautiful children's kitchen made of varnished, solid laminate and solid wood. A small learning clock, pot and pan with fried egg and knob with click sounds give space for realistic playing! Three wooden kitchen utensils as well as a potted glove are held in place with magnets and a stainless steel bowl is used for dishwashing. Dimensions: approx. 58 x 30 x 77 cm, working height approx. 50 cm

    Children's wooden play kitchen in a suitcase - "Profi" 4732

    €35,50 / 142,11 ₪
    kitchen in the case, made of wood. inclouds a pan, a quick cooker, two wooden cans with lid, two kitchen helpers, a fried egg and a potholder. Dimensions: apprx. 39 x 30 x 36 cm


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