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    Jacobs Barista Editions Crema Mild, Coffee Whole Bean, 1 kg

    €17,98 / 71,98 ₪

    Barista inspired coffee: high quality blend from the best growing areas in the world.
    Mild and fruity, with a touch of spice
    Carefully and gently roasted in the drum roaster
    First choice for caffè crema , Caffè Latte or Café au lait. Included in delivery 1x 1000g package

    Jacobs coffee whole bean, 1 kg

    €14,89 / 59,61 ₪

    Balanced taste with fine acidity
    Perfect coffee enjoyment with the unique pampering aroma
    Ideal for fully automatic coffee machines
    Suitable for preparing caffe crema and specialty coffees such as latte macchiato or cappuccino.
    1 x 1000g package

    Jacobs Espresso for Nespresso Machines

    €4,29 / 17,17 ₪
    20 pcs

    Jacobs Instant Kaffee Espresso 100g

    €4,59 / 18,37 ₪

    Enjoy pure Italian joie de vivre - with the typically powerful Jacobs espresso. Simply add hot water and enjoy! Fast preparation and particularly easy handling - for perfect espresso enjoyment.

    Jacobs Type Espresso Sticks

    €2,19 / 8,77 ₪
    (25 pcs)


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