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    Gray Hokamix powder 800 g

    €28,00 / 111,90 ₪

    herbal blend

    Hoka Mix Dog's powder

    €27,00 / 107,91 ₪

    Hoka Mix Skin & Shine

    €24,99 / 99,87 ₪
    For skin and coat problems Omega fatty acids are a good health essential, because the body can be they don't make it yourself. Omega fatty acids have to be provided with the food and mostly included (complete) food for dogs is not enough of these fatty acids. In addition, these generally suitable lost during production and the conditions of fatty acids from falling into the appropriate feeds are not ideally balanced.

    Hokamix Barf Combi Mix

    €23,90 / 95,52 ₪

    Supplement with a fresh meat feed

    Hokamix tablets - 400 pieces

    €49,99 / 199,79 ₪
    herbal blend


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