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    Karcher FC 5 hard floor cleaner Premium

    €231,95 / 921,93 ₪
    he 2-in-1 function of the hard floor cleaner FC 5 enables both wet and dry dirt to be wiped and vacuumed in just one single step. This will save you the hassle of forcing your eyes - and wiping is more effortless, more thorough and faster than ever before. The automatically moistened, rotating microfiber rollers absorb the dirt and at the same time the water-dirt mixture is continuously sucked off from the rollers. This practical self-cleaning function keeps the rollers fresh and ready for use at all times. But the hard floor cleaner delivers even more convincing arguments: Compared to conventional methods, the FC 5 saves up to 85 percent of water and additionally offers a considerably better cleaning performance. Whether wood, stone or plastic: Includes 2 additional wheels (worth € 10 Euro) and 30 ml cleaning fluid

    Kärcher Puzzi 10/1

    €629,90 / 2503,66 ₪
    Area capacity max. 20 - 25 m² / h Power Turbine (1 ~ / 230 V) 1250 W spray pressure 1 bar vacuum 220 mbar air flow 54 l / s Spray rate 1 l / min Fresh / dirty water tank 10/9 l Power pump 40W Power brush motor - W length 0.709 m width 0.323 m height 0.439 m advertising Carpet surfaces well maintained. BaRaGr

    AR HI-14793 Pressure Washer 5.0 Twin Flow 160 Bar Double Pump

    €251,60 / 1000,03 ₪

    Maximum pressure 160 bar
    Double pump
    Complete stop system
    Including drainage container for detergent, lance and five-nozzle

    Battery for Kärcher battery box

    €26,80 / 106,52 ₪
    K55 3000mAh NiMH, 4,8V, NiMH

    BISSELL 20522 Spinwave Electric Mop for Hard Floors, 105 W

    €159,00 / 631,98 ₪ €158,00 / 628,00 ₪

    No more cleaning on your hands and knees or with a cumbersome mop and bucket: Spinwave does the wiping and polishing of your floors for you.
    On-Demand Sprayer controls the amount of cleaning solution you spray on your sensitive hardwood floors .
    Panning Control: Easily maneuver your Spinwave over your floors.
    Easily fill the solution tank.
    2 sets of Washable Spin Pads: Soft pads for daily cleaning and Scrubby Pads for stubborn, sticky dirt.

    Bissell 2131 Spinwave Soft Pads, Set Of 4

    €17,98 / 71,47 ₪
    The Spinwave soft pads gently clean your hard floors. The pads can be washed in the washing machine. This set contains four.

    Bissell 2138 Spinwave Scrubby Pads Pack of 4

    €17,99 / 71,50 ₪
    The Spinwave scrubby pads when installed starke,, dirt. The pads can be washed in the washing machine. This set includes 4 pieces.

    BISSELL 2225N Crosswave Pet Pro 3-in-1

    €349,99 / 1391,11 ₪
    Suck and wash floors in one step; Crosswave Pet Pro includes special pet detergent that removes animal odors.
    Especially for cleaning pet mishaps: Crosswave Pet Pro features multi-surface brush roll, 1 liter multi-purpose cleaner for pets, cleaning dish and pet hair filter for easy cleaning Floor Cleaner, for hard floors & carpets, sucks & washes floors simultaneously, 1.44 l, 560W Model Number 2225N Colour Titanium und Bosonova Blau Item Weight 5.2 Kg Product Dimensions 23 x 30 x 116.8 cm Capacity 1.44 litres Power / Wattage 560 watts

    BISSELL 2380 CrossWave Hard Floor Brush Roll

    €12,98 / 51,59 ₪

    For use with the BISSELL Crosswave 3-in-1 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
    This brush roll has microfiber bristles that wipe floors while gently removing dirt from hard floors
    Suitable for wood floors
    Easy to clean and replace
    Can be cleaned by hand with the help of tap water and detergent

    Bissell Crosswave (17132)

    €229,99 / 914,14 ₪
    Product type wet / dry vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner suitable for outdoor use, hard floor, carpet Colour blue

    Bissell multi-surface brush roll 1866F

    €16,98 / 67,49 ₪

    Bosch athlete runtimeplus 25.2 V

    €239,99 / 953,89 ₪

    BOSCH athlete runtimeplus 25.2 V batteries Voltage: 25.2 V
    Time, power reserve: 75 min.
    Charging time: 6 hours

    Bosch Professional Cordless Vacuum Cleaner GAS 18V-10 L without battery and charger

    €129,00 / 512,74 ₪

    The powerful Bosch Professional vacuum cleaner - for versatile dry and wet applications
    The Rotational Airflow technology provides uninterrupted suction power over a longer period of time
    The vacuum cleaner is easy to transport thanks to its compact design and weight of 4.7 kg
    Thanks to the extensive accessories and the design without bag, the vacuum cleaner offers a variety of applications in dry and wet working conditions.
    Scope of delivery: GAS 18V-10L, flat pleated filter, floor nozzle, crevice nozzle, 3 pcs. Suction tube set, header pipe, 1.6 m hose (delivery without battery and charger)

    Bosch Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner GAS 18 V 1 Solo

    €66,72 / 265,19 ₪
    The Bosch Professional handheld vacuum cleaner GAS 18V-1 - handy and powerful
    Thanks to two rotating airflows that prevent filter blockage, a long-lasting suction power can be guaranteed
    High comfort thanks to ergonomic handle and easy disassembly of Filter and collector
    An optimized motor ensures a long runtime of the vacuum cleaner.
    Scope of delivery: GAS 18V-1, quality hose, suction tube, crevice nozzle, carpet nozzle, carton

    Brush roller Dyson

    €23,37 / 92,89 ₪
    DC58 DC59 DC61 DC62 V6 Carbon Fibre

    Dirt Devil DD 767-2

    €199,00 / 790,97 ₪
    24V Li-ion battery for up to 35 minutes running time Innovative direct Helix technology - Max Power thanks to optimized airflow, in any position is the pacifier Easy to modify from handle for handheld vacuum provides the 360 ​​° use - you to clean your home from the floor to ceiling Smart control - Allows for constant check of the battery level and the setting of different cleansing modes Includes parquet brush and pet hair brush ideal for pet owner

    Dirt Devil Blade DD777-1

    €229,00 / 910,21 ₪
    32 V Li-Ion battery for up to 45 minutes running time Innovative direct Helix technology – Max Power thanks to optimized airflow, in any position is the pacifier Easy to modify from handle-for handheld vacuum provides the 360 ° use – you to clean your home from the floor to ceiling Smart control – Control – Allows for constant check of the Akkustandes and the setting of different cleaningsmodi Switchable motorised Turbo Brush

    Dirt Devil DD 698

    €115,99 / 461,03 ₪
    21.6V Li-Ion battery Motor-driven turbobuster for particularly good cleaning results on carpet Dust container volume 0.4 L Easy and simple handling also by hand-operated hand-held vacuum cleaner Great range also over head

    Dirt Devil Infinity 5039

    €130,99 / 520,65 ₪
    Multi cyclonic technology – Power: 800 W – Energy efficiency class A, effective hard floors a – Wirksamkeit carpets/carpets C – Quality filtration the air a – Annual consumption 27 kWh/annum – 78 dB – Washable filter capacity – 1.5 litres; Hyper Accessoirisé: brushes up hard floors and carpeted floors, parquet, Turbo Brush Tool – Crevice tool and brush has Basin On The Pipe – Automatic Cable Reel

    Dirt Devil suction hose 5510020 for Infinity Rebel 51/51 HF / 55 HF / 55 HFC, MC 53, MC 1

    €27,85 / 110,70 ₪

    Manufacturer: Dirt Devil Original Manufacturer Part Number: 5510020
    Color: gray
    incl. Handle and connection
    suitable for vacuum cleaners Dirt Devil Infinity Rebel 51 (DD 5510), Infinity Rebel 53HF (DD 5551) and Black Label MC1 (M 3250)

    Vacuum and steam cleaners

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