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    Australian tea tree oil

    €1,95 / 7,71 ₪
    30 ml For millennia, tea tree oil has been used by Aboriginal Australian as an important essential oil. But only in the last century did scientists begin to explore the versatile oil with its broad scope. The healthy plus tea tree oil is a 100% pure natural essential oil. It is obtained by gentle steam distillation from the leaves of the tea tree of Australian plantation cultivation.

    Darjeeling Schwarzer Tee

    €2,95 / 11,66 ₪
    200g The healthy plus Black tea Darjeeling is the finest black tea from India. Only the finest plucking of a season from the district of Darjeeling in northern India can be considered for this noble tea variety.

    Plaster for children, 0.5 m

    €0,65 / 2,57 ₪
    0.5 x 6 cm

    Plaster for children,20 ST

    €0,45 / 1,78 ₪

    DAS gesunde PLUS

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