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    Firn by Englhofer - peppermint candy - 1000 g

    €17,24 / 68,74 ₪


    €17,90 / 71,37 ₪
    Extra dark chocolate
    Palm oil free
    Gluten free
    Egg free

    Nestlé Nesquik | Cocoa-containing beverage powder | UTZ Certified | Extra Chocolate | With vitamins | Storage Tin | By law without artificial flavors | 2 x 900g can

    €12,06 / 48,08 ₪

    CHOCOLATE: The glass of milk prepared with NESQUIK tastes deliciously chocolaty.
    STARTING THE DAY: As a delicious cocoa drink in the morning, NESQUIK cocoa-containing beverage powder also contains a mix of vitamins.
    NESTLE COCOA PLAN: Cocoa is certified by UTZ Certified as part of our Cocoa Plan.
    SOLUBLE: Thanks to optimal solubility, our cocoa beverage powder gives the milk a chocolaty taste, whether in warm or cold milk.
    RECLAIMABLE: resealable can for approx. 60 servings ,

    Pediatric drink taste chocolate

    €17,34 / 69,13 ₪
    4 pieces x 200 ml.

    VEGO - Fine hazelnut chocolate spread (crunchy) - ORGANIC. VEGAN. (200 g)

    €7,70 / 30,70 ₪

    Vegan hazelnut spread made from high quality ingredients with crunchy hazelnut
    vegan, gluten free, fair trade, organic and 100% palm oil free
    The glass can also be used as a drinking glass after consumption

    Venchi SUPREMA Bianca - White Chocolate, Piedmont Hazelnut & Olive Oil Spread (300g)

    €17,90 / 71,37 ₪

    Gluten free
    Egg free
    Italian chocolatier

    Venchi SUPREMA Nocciola - Chocolate, Piedmont hazelnut & olive oil spread (300g)

    €17,90 / 71,37 ₪

    300g glass
    New recipe of spreadable hazelnut cocoa cream with hazelnuts only *, milk chocolate and olive oil.
    A classic with a new original and unique recipe using olive oil, a noble ingredient for a particularly fine taste experience.

    Walden Farms Pancake Syrup 355 ml

    €12,98 / 51,75 ₪

    This product is no substitute for a balanced and varied diet as well as a healthy lifestyle.

    Chocolate Granola Bars No extra sugar

    €0,89 / 3,55 ₪
    No extra sugar

    Chocolate Banana Granola Bars

    €0,89 / 3,55 ₪

    Fruit bars

    €0,99 / 3,95 ₪
    150 g 5 bars


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