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    Bayer Seresto

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    Bayer Bolfo collar for dogs

    €13,40 / 53,79 ₪
    The waterproof vermin collar protects dogs from infestation by ticks and fleas. The powder-based active ingredient used in it lets fleas and lice come out of their loopholes, exposing them to the insecticide. It is continuously released from the band and is distributed through the skin fat all over the body. Fleas and ticks that try to nest on the dog are thus safely killed. The vermin collar is effective against fleas for about 5 months and against ticks for about 10 weeks. With its 65 cm length it fits almost every dog, because it can be shortened as desired and has an adjustable automatic closure. Also works against other parasites such as mites, hair lice and lice

    Bayer Seresto collar for dogs

    €30,63 / 122,95 ₪
    application For dogs field of use skin complaint against fleas, against hair pieces, against ticks

    Bayer Seresto

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