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    Animonda Gran Carno Dog Feeding mix 2

    €8,99 / 33,45 ₪
    6 x 800g
    Вес: 5,20 pdfproductcatalog.weight.kgs
    itemshippingcost: €31,50 / 117,21 ₪
    weightnoextracharge 6,00 pdfproductcatalog.weight.kgs
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    Jack's dog snack Twist 'n' Roll

    €5,89 / 21,92 ₪
    Jack's dog snack Twist 'n' Roll 3x3x12,5cm for small dogs

    Bosch Goodies

    €9,48 / 35,27 ₪
    Savings package Bosch Goodies 3 x 450 g

    ALESTO nut-fruit mix

    €2,90 / 10,79 ₪
    from walnut kernels, whole almonds, sultanas and dried, sweetened cranberries. 200g.

    MORPHY RICHARDS 131000 Redefine

    €144,99 / 539,48 ₪
    The Redefine Water Heater is designed to simplify everyday tasks. The appliance boils only the water that is actually needed, in the required temperature - which saves not only water, but also energy and time. Hot water has never been more precise to dose. The device has a warm-up and discharge capacity of 150 ml to 1.5 l, which can be increased in 20 ml increments. Due to the selectable temperatures of 85 ° C, 95 ° C and 100 ° C, the hot water dispenser is extremely versatile: it is suitable for the preparation of a wide range of teas, snacks and instant coffee as well as a kitchen helper and measuring instrument for cooking and baking. The frontally removable water tank holds 3 liters and can be easily refilled. The Brita filter integrated in the tank ensures pure, lime-free water. The illuminated digital display clearly shows all selected functions and settings, the operation is intuitive. Furthermore, the Redefine hot water heater has an automatic standby function, polyphonic beeps, as well as an automatic output function up to a dispensing amount of 600 ml. The extendable drip tray with stainless steel cover and float holds 600ml, if something goes wrong.

    bosch biscuit lamb & rice

    €16,59 / 61,73 ₪
    5 Kg