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HOT DEAL!!! 1+1 Lego Trolls 41255 Party in Pop City

€44.99 / 161.67 ₪ €59.99 / 215.57 ₪
Hot sale !!! Buy a Lego 41255 Party in Pop City and get another Lego of your choice as a gift . The sale is limited until stocks run out. Lego Trolls 41255 + LEGO 40411 - 12-in-1 Summer Fun . Party in Pop City 380 pcs Trolls World Tour 6+

Lego 70657 Ninjago City Harbor

€314.99 / 1131.92 ₪

Contains 13 LEGO NINJAGO Minifigures: Lloyd (in casual outfit), Garmadon, Mr. Puffer, Runje, Chan Kong-Sang, Runme, Runge, Dareth, Lil 'Nelson, Mystake, Chad and Betsy (with Baby Figure)
In the harbor there is a stone built water area, a boat house with a boat for a minifigure with hinged roof, oars and secret compartment for 2 NINJAGO trading cards, a feeder with working crane, removable barrels containing various elements, and a hinged cave
The Old World (on the ground floor) houses a grocery store with a tilting food display and rotating rotisserie, an alley and a sculptor's workshop with a buildable statue and other sculptural elements
Can be combined with the set "NINJAGO City" (70620) to experience countless ninja adventures
This cool toy is 37 cm high, 38 cm wide and 25 cm deep

Lego Architecture 21028 - New york city

€42.99 / 154.48 ₪ €49.99 / 179.64 ₪

LEGO City 60080 - Rocket Station

€249.95 / 898.20 ₪

Contains five minifigures with matching accessories: one scientist, two service technicians, and two astronauts.
Also included: a space shuttle, a mobile launch pad, a satellite, a countdown display, an antenna, and a service vehicle Space Shuttle is equipped with a removable external fuel tank, two removable booster rockets, hinged cargo hold doors and a fold-out loading arm
Accessories: two helmets, a cup and a wrench Mobile launch pad with cab and warning light

LEGO City 60147 - Fishing yacht, Creative toy

€65.98 / 237.10 ₪
Contains two angler minifigures The yacht has two outboard motors with rotating propellers, a covered steering console and a swivel chair for the angler A shark figure with openable mouth is also included The accessories include two lifejackets, a gray fish, two orange fish, a fishing tackle and a buoy to assemble This kit provides children ages 5 to 12 with an age-appropriate construction and gaming experience

LEGO City 60168 - Segelboot in Not

€59.98 / 215.54 ₪
Product weight 1,55 kg product dimensions 35.4 x 7 x 19.1 cm Manufacturer's recommended age: 5 - 12 years model number 60168 Weight up 1.55 kilograms learning objective Skill, creativity Languages) Russian manual, German, English, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish model 60168 Number of players 1 number of Parts 195 Assembly required Yes Batteries necessary No Batteries included No material plastic Material composition plastic Remote control included No target group boys

LEGO City 60216 Fire Department in the city

€82.45 / 296.28 ₪
Contains 7 LEGO City minifigures: 2 construction workers, 1 pilot and 4 firefighters.This creative kit also includes a three-story rooftop building, a separate construction site with construction fence, tool holder, a tilting light pole and a construction toilet with removable top and front and a freestanding crane with swivel arm and working winch and hook.

LEGO City 60218 Desert Racing Car

€12.99 / 46.68 ₪ €24.99 / 89.80 ₪
75 pcs age 5+

LEGO City 60234

€39.99 / 143.70 ₪

LEGO City Arctic Expedition Team 60191

€19.98 / 71.80 ₪
Contains 3 LEGO minifigures: an Arctic photographer, a snowmobile driver and a researcher, and a doggie husky.
Dock the trailer to the snowmobile and set off on a discovery tour.
Saw a chunk of ice out of the block of ice and discover the frozen insect.
The snowmobile is with trailer about 5 inches high, 12 inches long and 3 inches wide.
The block of ice is over 4 inches high, 4 inches wide and 3 inches deep.

LEGO City Passenger Train 60197

€117.99 / 424.00 ₪
Contains 4 LEGO minifigures: 2 passengers, one conductor and one conductor.
Contains a motorized locomotive with Bluetooth remote control (10 speed levels) and hinged tip, pantograph on the roof and engine cab with hinged window and control panel it includes a board café with removable roof and tables as well as a car with removable roof, seats and tables.

Lego City patrol car 60239

€13.99 / 50.27 ₪
The set includes a Lego Police Minifigure
The set also includes a Lego police car with removable roof, space for a minifigure inside the car and cool embellishments.
The set also contains two police -Pylons
The patrol car is 4 cm high, 12 cm long and 5 cm wide

LEGO City Police 60139 - Mobile Operations Center, construction toys

€34.83 / 125.16 ₪
374 parts - For boys and girls between 6 and 12 years

Lego City Police Air Station 60210

€61.64 / 221.50 ₪
Contains six Lego City minifigures: two aviator, two policemen, and two crooks.
Contains a three-story police station with a tower, a rocket backpack warehouse, an office, a rotating radar on the roof, an attached tool store, and a prison cell with a bed and tear-in wall
Contains a detachable nose police plane toy with a bottom flap for the coated fabric parachute, a toy rocket backpack with fold-out wings, a toy police motorcycle, and the toy escape car.
As an accessory Includes a coffee maker and cup, a PC monitor, two surveillance monitors, three pairs of handcuffs, two radios, three open face helmets, a police hat, and a security camera.
Turn the radar on the police station to monitor air traffic

Lego City police escape by parachute 60208

€27.32 / 98.17 ₪
Contains four Lego City minifigures: two policemen and two robbers.
Includes a super-fast minibus-opened cockpit cockpit and an extendable hook to catch the parachute parachute, a police motorcycle, and the escape buggy Robbers
Accessories include a pilot helmet with visor to open and oxygen mask, handcuffs, two backpacks and two money bags

LEGO City Space 60225 Mars Rover Research Vehicle (202 Pieces)

€24.88 / 89.41 ₪
This cool rover playset stimulates exciting space missions. Includes 2 LEGO City minifigures: an astronaut and a ground personnel technician. Inspired by NASA, this exciting children's LEGO building kit includes a rover with a detachable cockpit, a moving grab arm (new from June 2019), a tilting removable generator with solar panels and large terrain tires. Accessories include 2 geodes (new from June 2019), a Rover Pilot Helmet with Blue Visor, a Technician Helmet, Remote Control, a Laptop, Rock Drill and a Video Camera with Buildable Stand.

LEGO City Train 60198

€152.99 / 549.77 ₪
Contains 6 LEGO minifigures: 4 railway workers, a security guard and a crook
Contains a motorized locomotive with Bluetooth remote control (10 speed levels), rooftop pantograph and cab with control panel
There is also one Wooden wagon, a crane wagon with swivel and extendable outrigger and a container wagon. At the top of the two containers that can be loaded with pallets, there are lifting eyes for loading.
Contains a control center with ladder and signal lights, a complete railway line of 16 curved and 16 straight rail segments as well as a switch with lever, a money transporter with hinged doors and a functional forklift with hinged roll bar.
Accessories include a wrench, 12 gold bars and 4 bills as well as 2 buildable pallets, 3 tree trunks and a snow motorbike

LEGO City Train Tracks 60205

€18.52 / 66.55 ₪