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LEGO City Police 60139 - Mobile Operations Center, construction toys

€34.83 / 125.16 ₪
374 parts - For boys and girls between 6 and 12 years

Lego City Police Air Station 60210

€61.64 / 221.50 ₪
Contains six Lego City minifigures: two aviator, two policemen, and two crooks.
Contains a three-story police station with a tower, a rocket backpack warehouse, an office, a rotating radar on the roof, an attached tool store, and a prison cell with a bed and tear-in wall
Contains a detachable nose police plane toy with a bottom flap for the coated fabric parachute, a toy rocket backpack with fold-out wings, a toy police motorcycle, and the toy escape car.
As an accessory Includes a coffee maker and cup, a PC monitor, two surveillance monitors, three pairs of handcuffs, two radios, three open face helmets, a police hat, and a security camera.
Turn the radar on the police station to monitor air traffic

Lego City police escape by parachute 60208

€27.32 / 98.17 ₪
Contains four Lego City minifigures: two policemen and two robbers.
Includes a super-fast minibus-opened cockpit cockpit and an extendable hook to catch the parachute parachute, a police motorcycle, and the escape buggy Robbers
Accessories include a pilot helmet with visor to open and oxygen mask, handcuffs, two backpacks and two money bags