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    DR-M 35 SOIL RAKE מגרפה לגינה

    €18.99 / 75.43 ₪

    Clear large beds and paths easily
    Maximum stability due to particularly high material strength
    Made in Germany "Our quality is up to any challenge

    LU-2K FLOWER TROWEL מגרפה לגינה

    €14.99 / 59.54 ₪

    Planting and transplanting even in heavy soils
    The comfort zone on the handle prevents blisters on the fingers
    Made in Germany "Our quality is up to any challenge"

    מסור POWER CUT SAW PRO 370 multi-star

    €33.99 / 135.01 ₪

    Ergonomically shaped handle
    Curved saw blade for effortless, effective sawing
    Made in Germany "Our quality is up to any challenge"

    מכסחת דשא אלחוטית WOLF-Garten - 72V

    €462.76 / 1838.08 ₪

    Central cutting height adjustment 6-fold: 2, 5–7, 5 cm
    3-in-1 function: cutting, collecting and mulching
    Smart Index: shows the remaining time of the mower with the currently installed battery
    Battery and quick charger included
    Grass catcher: 40 l / level indicator / spar with quick release device

    מגרפה לגינה מולטי סטטר 35X30X10 ס"מ של חברת Wolf-Garten דגם 35650

    €23.59 / 93.70 ₪
    WOLF-Garten 71AAA035650 Pendulum Verticutter Multi-Star UG-M 3 "NEW2018, Red, 35x30x10 cm

    רשת לניקוי בריכה

    €23.95 / 95.13 ₪

    Capture fish or liberate pond from leaves and dirt
    The flexible plastic hanger protects fish and pond liner
    Recommended stem: All multi-star aluminum and vario stems


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