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    סקוץ לניקוי חברת וילדה VILEDA

    €1.39 / 5.50 ₪
    3 יחידות

    סמרטוט לניקיון חברת וילדה VILEDA

    €1.99 / 7.87 ₪
    5 יחידות

    סט של 6 ראשים לנקיון מופ - VILEDA TURBO 2in1

    €39.96 / 158.01 ₪
    6 replacement heads for EasyWring & Clean Complete Set and Turbo Easy Wring & Clean Complete Set
    Triangular shape for optimal cleaning into every corner
    Unique combination of enormously absorbent microfibres and red Kraft fibers for optimum dirt absorption
    Suitable for all surfaces
    Washable up to 60 ° C

    דלי שטיפת רצפות

    €34.99 / 138.35 ₪

    UltraMat floor wiper with 3-part handle, 1 microfibre cover, 1 bucket with power slipper
    Power slingshot with foot pedal for easy wringing out without force
    Moisture can be determined individually
    Suitable for sensitive surfaces such as laminate and parquet
    Compatibility with UltraMat coverings
    Microfiber cover is washable at up to 60 ° C
    Time-saving and at the same time gentle on the hands and back

    וילדה מתקן מייבש כביסה 4 קומות

    €49.99 / 197.67 ₪

    Particularly flexible thanks to a special hinge: the tower can be used half-hinged or fully open
    Six independent grids suitable for both long laundry, as well as for a gentle, flat-lying drying of the laundry are suitable
    Complemented by a small parts holder for small laundry items, two hanger brackets and swiveling wheels for easy transport
    3-year warranty

    Vileda Turbo EasyWring & Clean complete set, mop and bucket with PowerSleep, standard

    €33.85 / 133.85 ₪
    Contents: 1 Turbo EasyWring & Clean mop with 3-part telescopic handle, 2in1 microfibre cover, 1 Easy Wring & Clean bucket with power swirl and spout opening.
    up to 130cm extendable, washable up to 60 ° C < br /> White microfibre for high cleaning performance, red kraft fibers for outstanding particle absorption.
    Unique triangular shape of the wiper plate for better access to corners.
    Bucket with power extractor for optimum determination of moisture - wringing out without bending over and wet hands ,

    Vileda Ultramat complete set, floor wiper and bucket with power press

    €21.99 / 86.95 ₪

    UltraMat floor wiper with 3-part handle, 1 microfibre cover, 1 bucket with PowerPresse
    Germany's number 1 for flat wipers
    Honeycomb PowerZone of the wiper plate ensures powerful contact with the floor
    Optimal humidity, also for parquet & laminate
    bucket with PowerPress makes wringing easier
    Time-saving and at the same time gentle on hands and back
    Microfibre cover washable up to 60 ° C; suitable for floor cleaning

    Vileda Ultramat Turbo complete set, floor wiper and bucket with power swirl

    €38.93 / 153.93 ₪

    Clean without hands, without bending down, without effort!
    Power-slipper with foot pedal for easy wringing out and easier insertion of the wiper
    2in1 microfiber cover for optimal dirt absorption and a streak-free wiping result, whereby the optimum humidity of the Ultramat cover can be determined individually depending on the floor surface
    With the help of the Powerzone even the most stubborn dirt and stains can be removed and thanks to the flexible joint the UltraMat also cleans easily in corners and under furniture
    dirt and water are simply put into the bucket flung, which guarantees a comfortable pouring out of dirty water

    Vileda Wischmat ActiveMax Complete Set - Ideal for thorough cleaning to every corner

    €26.89 / 106.33 ₪

    Complete set consisting of Wischmat Active Max wiper with 3-part handle and cover, Wischmat Combi cover and 7l universal bucket
    Ideal for thorough cleaning to every corner thanks to clever trapezoidal shape
    Optimal fiber Combination of the ActiveMax cover made of microfiber and cotton ensures thorough cleaning and high absorbency on all floors
    Thanks to its low water release, the ActiveMax wiping mat is particularly suitable for wood and parquet floors. Wischmat Combi cover with loop fibers is ideal for the thorough, damp cleaning of tiles and stone floors.
    Active Max cover: 50% polyester, 30% cotton, 20% polypropylene
    Wischmat Combi: 80% polyester, 15% viscose, 5% Polyamide
    Cover up to 60 degrees washable


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