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    בוש HEZ327000

    €98.99 / 396.28 ₪
    ceramic brick with wooden slide HxWxD: 2.5 x 33.0 x 37.5 cm

    בוש רולר לצבע עבור מכשיר PPR250

    €15.99 / 64.01 ₪

    ארגז כלי עבודה בוש

    €69.85 / 279.62 ₪

    Innovative Transport system for the Craft
    For Mounting in L-Boxx 102
    3 Piece Insetboxxen-Set A3 / H3 /CD3 incl. Cover pads
    00% compatible with Bosch blue Boxx
    Dimensions 46 x 37.6 x 30 cm

    3.9 x 25 ברגים למברגת גבס של בוש

    €123.76 / 495.44 ₪

    Size: 3.9 x 25 mm coarse thread Surface: black, phosphated
    Drive: PH2
    Norm: DIN

    כיריים גז בוש PRA3A6D70

    €494.26 / 1978.62 ₪

    מסיר אבנית למכונות אוטומטיות בוש

    €10.56 / 42.27 ₪
    500 מ״ל מספר מודל 00311680

    ערכת ניקוי לאינדוקציה בוש /סימנס

    €22.89 / 91.63 ₪
    consists of: 1x 250 ml glass ceramic cleaner 1x metal scraper and 1x cleaning cloth

    Bosch 0242245576 Spark Plug

    €9.24 / 36.99 ₪
    Quality that sets standards: spark plugs from Bosch
    - high performance and reliability
    - optimally matched to the requirements of the respective engine 0.8 x 1 x 3.3 cm

    סוללה נטענת של בוש PBA 18V

    €45.00 / 180.14 ₪

    Bosch DIY replacement battery - always ready for use thanks to lithium-ion technology
    Battery is only compatible with the DIY quick charger AL 1830 CV (Article No.:1 600 A00 5B3)
    Longer battery life thanks to 2.5 Ah battery capacity
    No memory effect with frequent partial discharge: battery always provides the original amount of energy available; The battery is protected against overloading, overheating and deep discharge thanks to Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP). Scope of delivery: Replacement battery PBA 18 Volt

    מברג Bosch

    €19.99 / 80.02 ₪

    The 43-piece S2-modified steel screwdriver bits are exceptionally hard and are compatible with Bosch and other power tools.

    Bosch 2607017195 Drill Bit and Screwdriver

    €36.60 / 146.52 ₪
    Bosch 91 pcs. Drill Bit and Bit Set V-Line Box (wood, stone and metal, accessories for drilling and screwing tools)

    בטריה בוש

    €193.97 / 776.50 ₪
    18 Volt 5.0Ah li-ion CoolPack Battery Maximum run time - 25% more run time (compared to Bosch 4.0 Ah) Cold weather operation - battery will work down to -4F Robust housing which can survive a 3 metre drop Long life due to CoolPack technology

    Bosch 34 pcs. X-Line Classic Drill and Screwdriver Set [Energy Class A]

    €16.98 / 67.97 ₪
    The 34-piece screwdriver and drill set X-Line Classic from Bosch - suitable for versatile applications in wood, stone and metal For all drills in manual and stationary use - with practical Bosch X-Line case for clear arrangement of the contents 5x metal drill Ø 2-5 mm (for metal, Plexiglas and hard plastics), 1x stone drill Ø 5-8 mm (for masonry, lime, natural and artificial stone), 5x wood drill Ø 4-8 mm (for hardwood, softwood and plastic ) 13x screwdriver bits length 25 mm (3x Phillips, 3x Pozidriv, 3x slot, 4x Torx), 3x socket wrench, 1x adapter for socket wrench, 1x universal holder, 1x countersunk Dimension (lxwxh): 172 x 46 x 164 mm

    Bosch 644221 Tumble Dryer Door Handle, White

    €8.79 / 35.19 ₪

    מכשיר לניקוי מרפסות /פטיו Bosch Aquasurf 280

    €38.99 / 156.08 ₪

    Aquasurf 280 terrace cleaner - quick and efficient cleaning with your Bosch high-pressure cleaners
    280 mm cleaning head, ideal for cleaning large patios and driveways
    Scope of delivery: AquaSurf 280 cleaner, connector to the AQT device lance, two sets of nozzles, operating instructions, box

    Bosch AXT 25 TC

    €384.00 / 1537.23 ₪
    The Quiet Shredder AXT 2550 TC is a versatile multi-purpose shredder. 2500 Watt Bosch Motor with Turbine Cutting System 45mm Diameter Feed Capacity 41rpm Cutting Speed Blue Angel Environmental Mark for Low Noise 53 Litre Collection Box

    Bosch תבנית לתנור

    €33.99 / 136.07 ₪
    מידות 46.5 x 37.5 x 2.9 ס"מ

    אביזר קונדיטוריה למיקסר Bosch

    €22.99 / 92.03 ₪
    וו גיטרה עם קצה סיליקון מתאים לכל הדמי Bosch מסוג MUM57xxx יחידה 1

    BOSCH BEL554MS0 מיקרוגל

    €316.99 / 1268.97 ₪
    BOSCH BEL554MS0 microwave (900 watts) Dimensions (W / H / D) / Weight: 594 mm x 382 mm x 388 mm / 19 kg Power levels: Power levels Microwave: 90 W, 180 W, 360 W, 600 W, 900 W. Power levels Grill with microwaves 90 W, 180 W, 360 W can be combined. Defrosting function: Yes Grill type: Quartz grill Safety features: Safety shutdown, Door contact switch, Cooling fan Special features: Suitable for 60 cm wide tall cabinets. Observe dimensions and installation instructions for this device in accordance with the technical drawing. Comfort: memory function (1 memory space); LED interior lighting; Microwave and grill can be used individually and in combination. LED display, electronic clock. Color: Black