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    €11.78 / 46.79 ₪

    The Pattex One for All Universal Adhesive is extremely elastic and transparent, making it particularly well-suited for visible gluing and transparent materials - for universal use.
    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as a grout. in the bath / temperature resistant from -30 ° C to + 80 ° C
    Thanks to a repositionability of approx. 15 minutes there is sufficient time for any corrections when applying the adhesive
    The One for All adhesive is insensitive to water as well UV radiation and provides a durable, robust quality. Scope of supply: 1 x 310g Pattex Universal mounting adhesive transparent / combination of assembly adhesive and joint sealant, suitable for gluing and sealing r

    Pattex P1BC2 Multi Power Glue

    €11.80 / 46.87 ₪

    Extremely elastic / shockresistant Solvent-free Glass clear transparencyWaterproof
    Adhesive surfaces must be stable, dry, grease-free and dust-freeAdhering surfaces may be protected by foils or adhesive tapes

    Pattex PCL4C Kraft Glue Classic, 125 g

    €9.09 / 36.11 ₪

    Ideal for use in rooms. Can be used with a variety of materials except PE, PP and imitation leather. Also suitable for laminates. High temperature
    storage at room temperature. Avoid temperatures below + 5 o C and above + 50 o C.


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