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    ערכת כלים של חברת Knipex sdo 002009V01

    €43.99 / 174.85 ₪

    Tools in plastic deep-drawn part with transparent cover
    Attractive sales packaging with self-perforation
    Dimensions (W x H x D): 170 x 370 x 40 mm
    Pliers with polished heads- Handles covered with non-slip plastic or with two-colored multi-component covers

    Knipex 13 02 160 Wiring pliers

    €26.99 / 107.28 ₪

    Pliers for gripping, bending, cutting, stripping and crimping wires and single wires during wiring work
    Cutting soft, medium hard and hard wire
    With precision stripping holes and crimping device for wire end ferrules
    Precision cutting in addition induction hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 60 HRC
    Vanadin electrical steel, forged, oil-hardened; Handles with multi-component covers

    KNIPEX 95 12 165 Cable shears for Cu and Al cables

    €24.99 / 99.33 ₪

    Cable shears for cutting single-, multi-stranded and finely stranded Cu and Al cables - not suitable for steel wire or hard-drawn copper conductors
    Cuts smooth, clean and without squeezing thanks to hardened precision-ground blades
    Comfortable through multi-component grips; easy cut with one-hand operation; Pinch protection prevents crush injuries
    Adjustable, self-locking screw joint for backlash-free operation
    Forged from special tool steel in special grade; oil-hardened


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