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    Kenwood Cooking Chef Gourmet KCC9060S | Food processor with cooking function | Extra strong 1500 Watt motor power | Large 6,7 l mixing bowl | All-in-one kitchen gadgets with extensive accessories | Induction 20-180 ° C

    €919.00 / 3719.56 ₪

    UNIVERSAL APPLICABLE: Whether cooking or baking, the Cooking Chef is a real all-rounder. Mixing and kneading doughs or preparing a delicious dish directly on the integrated induction field - no problem
    UNBEATEN POSSIBILITIES: The Cooking Chef is expandable by more than 20 dishwasher-safe components. In addition to vegetable slicers, juicers, juicers and mixers are e.g. also a meat grinder, a pasta roll or a Schnitzelwerk available
    SPACE SAVING: stirring, kneading, cutting, mixing, juicing - for all these tasks, you only need one appliance in the kitchen in the future. With the large 6.7 liter stainless steel mixing bowl you can also prepare larger quantities at once.
    INSPIRATION AT COOKING: 24 pre-programmed programs help you to try new recipes. Also included is a cookbook with great recipe suggestions.
    INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Stainless steel stirrers, Flexi stirrer, cooking stirrer, steam sieve, ThermoResist glass blender, multi-shredder, kitchen scale, cookbook

    Kenwood KAX980ME Lasagna Pasta Cutting Attachment (Food Processor Accessories, Suitable for all Chef and kMix Food Processors, Stainless Steel)

    €71.49 / 289.35 ₪
    Pasta made by yourself: With the lasagna roller, the processing and rolling out of pasta dough becomes child's play Make fresh pasta plates in the desired thickness by adjusting the thickness with the adjustable knob The lasagna roller serves as the basis for the cutting inserts to produce the most popular pasta creations such as spaghetti or tagliolini The pasta attachment is particularly durable and ideally suited for large quantities thanks to durable stainless steel This food processor accessory is compatible with Kenwood Chef and kMix machines Connection: Low speed connection

    Kenwood KHH323 WH מעבד מזון

    €198.85 / 804.83 ₪
    The powerful 1000W motor can handle even heavy tasks – making meals for the whole family is a breeze.
    Additional stainless steel work discs and 3 cutting discs - perfect for cutting, grating and crushing.
    With the juicer and glass blender attachment, smoothies and fresh and healthy juices can be prepared quickly and easily.
    The meat grinder is used for making fresh hamburgers and homemade sausages.

    מעבד מזון KM282 Kenwood

    €164.00 / 663.77 ₪
    מאפיינים: הספק מרבי: 900 וואט יכולת ערבוב: 4.6 ליטר רמות תפקוד: 6 חומר פיר: מתכת מצב הפעלה: פעולת החשמל תכונות מיוחדות: מערכת תנועה פלנטרית לתוצאות מקצועיות, 3 מנעולים אביזר, הגנת עומס יתר, שומר התזה, תא אחסון כבל מתח כניסה: 230 וולט חומר מגורים: מתכת חומר קערה: נירוסטה רוחב: 240 מ"מ גובה: 285 מ"מ עומק: 315 מ"מ כסף מְסִירָה: מעבד מזון, וו גיטרה, וו לישה, וו הקצפה, קערת נירוסטה, מסחטת מיץ, סכין מתכת, 3 סוגים של דיסקיות חיתוך, בלנדר והוראות הפעלה

    טוסטר קופץ Kenwood KMix TTM020

    €49.95 / 202.17 ₪
    טוסטר גריל 3 מצבים 1800 ואט עם תרמוסטט מתכוונן. צבע אדום.

    מעבד מזון קנווד KM094

    €714.22 / 2890.73 ₪

    1,500 Watt
    Interlock safety system
    Induction hob - Adjustable cooking temperature of 20-140 ° C
    Adjustable timer of 5 seconds to 3 hours
    8 speed levels plus 3 stirring intervals
    Capacity: 6,7 l, Working volume: 6,4 l, Dough capacity: 5,0 kg, 1,5 kg flour plus ingredients, processed: 1-16 protein
    Included accessories: K-hook, professional Dough hook, professional balloon whisk, flexi-stirring element, cooking stirrer, steaming insert

    Kenwood KAX644ME Berry Press (Food Processor Accessories, Suitable for all Chef and kMix food processors)

    €84.99 / 343.99 ₪

    Accessories for sensible and robot kMix Kenwood
    To adapt to the different ingredients, it is possible to preserve the pulp and the various textures
    This accessory is completely dismantled, for a perfect cleaning
    For use with juicing, fruit juices, jellies and jams.

    Kenwood KM287 Prospero food processor, silver

    €217.00 / 878.29 ₪

    The extremely handy Kenwood Prospero provides all those who are looking for a reliable and uncomplicated food processor, a delightful introduction to the world of cooking and baking ^ Consisting of 3-piece patisserie set, juice centrifuge, meat grinder attachment, herbal and spice grinder made of glass, glass mixing attachment, multi-shredder with citrus juicer ^ housing consists of a high quality plastic and brushed stainless steel bowl with 4.3 liter capacity


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