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    יצרן: Grohe

    GROHE built-in box Grohtherm F 35031 for 3-fold UP valve trim set

    €210.97 / 819.34 ₪

    Grohe StarLight chrome finish- durable, high gloss and durable
    For combination with the flush-mounted Rapido E 35 501 000
    High-quality rosette with seal to the wall
    Manufacturer's warranty: 10 years for sales and shipping through Amazon. For sale and shipment by a third party, the information of the respective seller apply. 24 x 14.8 x 19.5 cm 2.44 Kg
    משקל: 2.80 ק"ג
    עלות משלוח לפריט: €24.00 / 93.21 ₪
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