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    תנור משולב מיקרו Gaggenau BM 454 110

    €3399.00 / 13439.99 ₪
    series Gaggenau 400 series power microwave power 1,000 watts Grill power 2,000 watts power levels 6 combined operation Yes Hot air temperature 40 - 250 ° C Features & Functions domestic equipments display controls Knobs, sensor keys doorstop right function Defrost function, grill function, electronic control, automatic programs, circulating air function, hot air function security childlock material Interior material stainless steel Mass weight oven 36 liters niche width 60 cm Manufacturer Gaggenau product type Combi microwave, built-in microwave, microwave grill comment color Glass design type mountable operating voltage 220 - 240 VV power frequency 50 - 60 Hz network security 10 A colour silver

    כיריים אינדוקציה Gaggenau CI292101

    €2359.00 / 9327.72 ₪
    2 flex induction cooking surfaces 19x23 cm (2200 W, with 3700 W booster), interconnected 38x23 cm (3300 W, with 3700 W booster). 2 flex induction cooking surfaces 19x23 cm (2200 W, with 3700 W booster), interconnected 38x23 cm (3300 W, with 3700 W booster). 1 induction cooking zone ø 21 cm (2200 W, with 3700 W booster) with automatic connection on ø 26 cm (2600 W, with 3700 W booster) and on ø 32 cm (3300 W, with 3700 W booster).

    מכונת קפה Gaggenau CM 450 111

    €3578.00 / 14147.77 ₪
    Width 60 cm Operation above (middle) Included in the device price 1 x mounting screws 1 x measuring spoon 1 x milk container isolated 1 x test strip for water hardness determination 1 x connecting hose to milk nozzle 1 x milk riser function 12 types of drinks Handleless door TFT touch display Aroma brewing technology Self-cleaning after each purchase Preparation of all drinks at the touch of a button Electronic level control for milk, water and coffee beans Personalization functions Separate coffee powder drawer seven light scenarios types of beverages Ristretto / 2 x Ristretto Espresso / 2 x espresso Espresso macchiato / 2 x espresso macchiato Coffee / 2 x coffee Americano / 2 x Americano Milk coffee / 2 x milk coffee Latte macchiato / 2 x latte macchiato Cappuccino / 2 x cappuccino Flat White / 2 x Flat White Milk foam / 2 x milk foam Warm milk / 2 x warm milk Hot water / 2 x hot water service Automatic door opening Operation by rotary knob and TFT touch display Plain text display in 25 languages Personalization function, storage possibility of 8 individualized drinks 3-stage beverage size setting, volume customizable to cup size 8-level coffee strength setting from very mild to extra strong 3-stage coffee temperature setting 10-stage hot water temperature setting 4-stage adjustment of the coffee-milk ratio Infinite freeness setting Height-adjustable coffee spout 7-15 cm Easy access to water, milk and bean containers behind the door cleaning Fully automatic wash program when switching on and off Automatic steam cleaning of the milk system after each beverage reference Automatic cleaning and descaling program Emptying program to prepare the device for vacation or transportation When changing the type of bean, the emptying function serves to remove residues from the previous variety from the system Removable brewing unit Coffee grounds container and drip tray dishwasher safe Beverage outlet dishwasher safe

    מכונת קפה Gaggenau CM 470-111

    €4053.95 / 16029.72 ₪
    coffee specialties Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Hot Milk, Flat White, Ristretto, Espresso Macchiato, Milk Coffee Cups per brewing process 2 comfort features 2-cup function, hot water function, removable milk container, removable bean container, adjustable coffee spout, water tank removable, one touch function suitable for Coffee powder, coffee beans settings Grind level adjustable, coffee strength adjustable, coffee temperature adjustable, user profiles, milk quantity adjustable, water temperature adjustable cup height 7-15 cm controls knobs Performance & Consumption pump pressure 19 bar power 1,600 watts Filling water tank 2.4 l Care & Maintenance care function automatic cleaning program, automatic descaling program, automatic rinse program, removable brewing unit, water filter change indicator, dishwasher-safe parts domestic equipments milk container 0.5 liters display touchscreen milk system Milk frothing system, thermo-milk container safety device Child safety, water protection system grinder Ceramic grinder, disc grinder Technical specifications colour stainless steel cable length 170 cm Mass weight width 60 cm product type Built-in espresso machine series Gaggenau 400 series Manufacturer Gaggenau

    כיריים אינדוקציה משולב קולט אדים CV282110 גגנאו

    €2299.00 / 9090.48 ₪ €3289.00 / 13005.03 ₪
    Cooking zones
    2 flex induction hobs 19x23 cm (2200 W, with booster 3700 W), interconnected 38x23 cm (3300 W, with booster 3700 W).
    2 flex induction hobs 19x23 cm (2200 W, with booster 3700 W), interconnected 38x23 cm (3300 W, with booster 3700 W).
    Performance ventilation system
    Power and noise, level 3 / intensive: air power according to EN 61591. Sound power level according to EN 60704-3. Odor reduction in circulating air according to EN 61591.
    Exhaust air: 540/690 m³ / h. 69/75 dB (A) re 1 pW.
    Forced air: 505/620 m³ / h. 71/75 dB (A) re 1 pW.
    Odor reduction in circulating air 89%.
    Twist pad operation with removable magnetic toggle.
    User-friendly operation thanks to the two-color display (white / orange).
    Marking the cooking zones and cooking surfaces.
    Electronic control in 17 power levels.
    Control of the ventilation system with 3 electronically controlled power levels and 1 intensive level.
    Flex function for rectangular cooktops.
    Automatic pan detection when the hob is switched on.
    Professional cook function.
    Cooking sensor function (when using the CA 060 300 cooking sensor).
    Frying sensor function.
    Booster function pots.
    Booster function for pans.
    Keep warm function.
    Automatic sensor-controlled performance adjustment of the ventilation system.
    Automatic switching on of the ventilation system when using a cooking zone.
    Interval ventilation, 6 min.
    Sensor-controlled overrun.
    Grease filter and recirculation filter saturation display.
    Removable grease filter unit, dishwasher safe.
    Enamelled ventilation system cover, dishwasher safe.
    Blower technology with highly efficient, brushless DC motor (BLDC).
    Fluidically optimized interior for efficient airflow.
    Automatic cooking time up to 99 minutes.
    Minute minder.
    Memory function.
    Options menu.
    Energy management.
    Consumption data
    Energy efficiency class A on a scale of efficiency classes from A +++ to D.
    Fan efficiency class A.
    Noise min. 61 dB / max. 69 dB normal level.

    כיריים אינדוקציה משטח אחד Gaggenau CX480

    €2412.85 / 9540.65 ₪
    משטח בישול גדול. בישול על משטח גדול ללא גבולות, ניתן להשתמש בכל הגדלים והפורמטים של כלי בישול. משטח בישול בודד בגודל 2800 ס"מ מרובע. שימוש מקביל של מקס. 4 כלי בישול על הכיריים. סה"כ עומס לחיבור 7.2 קילוואט. צג מגע TFT צבעוני ידידותי למשתמש עם הוראות הפעלה.

    מקרר בנוי RB492304 של חברת Gaggenau

    €9556.00 / 37785.38 ₪

    מקרר Gaggenau RY 492-304

    €10748.00 / 42498.67 ₪
    Manufacturer: GAGGENAU Model: RY492304 Cooling / freezing: Energy efficiency class: A ++ on a scale from A +++ (highest efficiency) to D (lowest efficiency) Cooling: Energy efficiency class SBS: not specified on a scale from A +++ (highest efficiency) to G (lowest efficiency) Freezing: energy efficiency class SBS: none Indicated on a scale from A +++ (highest efficiency) to D (lowest efficiency) Cooling / freezing: annual energy consumption (Aec): 346,00 kWh / year Cooling: annual energy consumption (Aec): not specified Freezing: annual energy consumption (Aec): not specified Total usable volume in l: 518 liters Net capacity of refrigerator compartment in l: 378 liters Net capacity Freezer compartment in l: 140 liters Star labeling Freezer compartment: 4 stars Separate compartment with different temperature: not specified Climate class: SN-T Cooling / freezing: Airborne noise (dB): 42.00 dB (A) re 1 pW Cooling section: Airborne noise (dB): not specified Freezer compartment: Airborne noise (dB): not specified Cooling / freezing: Built-in device : yes Cooling section: Built-in device: not specified Freezer compartment: Built-in device Device dimensions: 2125 x 908 x 608 mm (H x W x D) Installation dimensions: 2134 x 914 x 610 mm (H x W x D) Connected load: 0.574 kW Connection cable 3.0 m, pluggable water supply Inlet hose 2.0 m with 3/4 "end Water pressure range 2 to 8 bar

    תנור אידוי Gaggenau BS 454 110 right stop

    €3249.00 / 12846.87 ₪
    Hot air + 100 % humidity. Hot air + 80 % humidity. Hot air + 60 % humidity. Hot air + 30 % humidity. Hot air + 0 % humidity. Dough proofing. Defrosting. Regenerating. Low temperature cooking. Removable 1.3 litre water tank. Water level warning. Core temperature probe with automatic shut-off. Actual temperature display. Timer functions: cooking time, cooking time end, timer, stopwatch, long-term timer. Electronic boiling point detection. 60 W halogen light on the side. Hygienic stainless steel cooking interior. 4 tray levels.

    תנור גגנאו BO470112

    €4299.00 / 16998.68 ₪
    Operation above right stop Stainless steel backed full glass door Width 60 cm Handleless door / automatic door opening pyrolysis 17 heating methods with core temperature probe, rotisserie and brick function Automatic programs Core temperature probe with cooking time estimation TFT touch display Non-glare device with attached operating module Electronic temperature control from 30 ° C to 300 ° C 76 liters useful volume

    גגנאו RB 472 304 מקרר בנוי

    €9174.00 / 36274.91 ₪
    Total useful content 418 liters Energy efficiency class A ++ climate class SN, N, ST, T Height 213.4 cm Width 76.2 cm Depth 61 cm Number of doors 2 doors Door hinged right Material steel sheet Power supply 220-240V Cooling system: convection cooling, NoFrost Safety: device safety glass shelves Equipped with freezer drawers, with 0 degree zone, with interior lighting, with shelves, with freezer compartment, with LED lighting, with egg tray Functions with electronic temperature control, with automatic defrost in the cooling section refrigerator Cooling area 308 liters Freezer area 110 liters


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