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    מכונת אספרסו

    €74.94 / 302.91 ₪

    מקציף חלב

    €44.94 / 181.65 ₪
    מקציף חלב לקפה עם מערכת בידוד להחזקה נוחה. מקציף חלב קר וחם- מושלם לאייסקפה ומשקאות קפה חמים. שני צבעים לבחירה

    סכין אלקטרונית לחתוך EM3062 של חברת Clatronic

    €19.99 / 80.80 ₪

    Trigger button for blades - Special serrated double blades, stainless steel, dishwasher safe
    Low noise and low vibration
    Powerful 180 watt motor
    Safety switch
    Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, 180 W max.

    Clatronic TAM 3688 טוסטר רב פונקציונלי 5ב1

    €45.99 / 185.90 ₪

    ✔ GOURMET BREAKFAST OF COMFORTABLE ART - Whether rolls, toast or scrambled eggs - with the high-tech wonder TAM 3688 from Clatronic you get the perfect breakfast.
    ✔ 5IN1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL - The all-rounder in stainless steel housing offers many possibilities To make breakfast: crispy toast, delicious rolls, poached / boiled eggs, fried egg, omelette, scrambled eggs or steamed vegetables - the device will fulfill your every wish.
    ✔ TOP FEATURES - For easy storage, you can simply wind up the power cord. In addition, the TAM 3688 has rubberized feet for a secure stand and overheating protection. The non-stick hotplate is removable for easy and quick cleaning.
    ✔ INCLUDED - Included in the scope of delivery: spatula, bread roll attachment, measuring cup with egg-pusher.


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