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    Brother DKN55224 נייר דבק

    €14.90 / 60.01 ₪
    ribbon black/white 54 mm

    מכונת תפירה Brother XN-2500

    €179.00 / 720.96 ₪
    Done quickly and reliably all everyday sewing m ith the Brother XN-2500. For sewing of garments and home textiles, it is well equipped with 25 stitches, thanks to the stitch length regulator can be the basic stitches for more variations change at will. For four-step buttonholes is a feature available, useful accessories rounds off the features. Of course, that is sewing machine very easy to use. Selecting the stitches via a wheel, even the Brother XN-2500 is ready to sew. Even threading is quick. A LED light illuminates d ie working surface of the sewing machine without shadows and glare. Depending on the fabric, the working surface or be used after removing the accessory from the flat bed of the free arm. To open and closed materials can be processed perfectly. The puncture force is maintained at any speed. For sewing the thread is sewn by pressing backwards. For neat stitching thread tension is adjustable and the speed can be adjusted continuously via the foot control of Brother XN-2500. For more relief, the sewing machine with a Schnellspulsystem, and the change of the presser foot requires only one handle. the accessories required for domestic sewing is with the practical construction of the box in the extension table is always within easy reach. A practical carrying handle on the Brother XN-2500 is used to transport so that they can be used flexibly.

    מכונת תפירה Brother Xq3700

    €200.00 / 805.54 ₪ €219.00 / 882.07 ₪
    מכונה אמינה ויציבה, קלה לשימוש. תכונת השחלה אוטומטית פשוטה, אורך ורוחב תפר מתכוונן.


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